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Shower At Night Vs Shower In The Morning

Updated on April 17, 2008

To Shower Now, Or To Shower Later? - That Is The Question...

Is it better to shower at night or in the morning? Personally, I do both, but which is the best way to go? Let's have a look see...

Showering In The Morning

Alright, we wake up half asleep, grumpy, still tired... coffee doesn't seem to be working, so we jump in the shower and ta da! Problem solved. But when you think about it, you were gonna wake up eventually anyway and now you're all clean, ready for the day ahead, only to get smell an hour after your shower! Is showering in the morning really worth the effort? You may be surprised to hear this but shower doesn't actually wake you up, it will actually relax your body and prepare it for sleep. I use to shower in the mornings when I was still at school but that has all changed now. I do still shower in the mornings on occasion, especially if I am due to go to work soon after - don't wanna smell, do we?

Showering At Night

Well, I try to shower at night now-a-days. I do this because I know I'm not going to get all hot and sweaty (well, on my average night - lol) until the next day at work so there is no real risk there. This means I will remain clean until work the next day and I won't have to get up earlier in the morning to make sure I'm showered and ready to go. I prefer it that way, but I'm not what you would call a 'morning person' so go figure. And, as I said before, a shower doesn't wake you up, it will just relax your body and prepare you for sleep. This is a good thing for insomnia sufferers.

The Verdict

Anyway, I think that depending on what you are doing, what day of the week is it and what the weather is like will determine the best time to have a shower. Maybe you don't shower in the morning or at night (but I do hope you shower in the afternoon instead). No real point in worrying about when you shower so to speak. Everybody has their own preference, we are all individuals.

But in my opinion, showering at night is the best way to go. So next time you are deciding whether to have a shower at night or in the morning, think, "Do I really wanna waste my time in the morning having a shower when I'm only gonna get all smelly an hour later?"

Please don't hesitate to share your opinions! :-)


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    • profile image

      Steven 8 months ago

      Giselle said it best. To me, it only makes sense to shower in the morning rather than at night. The purpose of a shower is to get clean. Giselle said everything that I was already thinking. But I'll add one more thing. If a person has an accident (wet dream or whatever) throughout the night, then your night shower was useless. It's always best to start the day by cleaning yourself up. Start the day with a clean body, and clean clothes. Besides, it helps wake me up. Though, like I said, the real purpose is to get clean. Showering at night seems like a waste to me.

    • profile image

      regina 22 months ago

      I'm disgusted by what I'm reading. Is there some law against showering in the morning and night? I can't imagine rolling out of bed in the morning and getting dressed without a shower first. AND I can't imagine crawling into bed at night without a shower!

    • profile image

      Hunter 3 years ago

      As old this form is, I'll still say my schedule. I take showers in the morning. All though, before bed I wash my face and my hair. I also give my feet a "wash" if they really stink (rare). In the morning, I take a shower because it wakes me up, and makes me feel fresh. I wash my hair at night (and face) to avoid acne, and your hair is where most of the stink and dirt is from (in my opinion).

    • profile image

      Tom 4 years ago

      From a Medical perspective, a dermatologist perspective:

      My wife and I are on two different sides; I am on the morning side and she is on the evening. Of course I am a morning person and she is a night owl.

    • profile image

      Mylindaminka 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Acrommire 4 years ago

      My spouse and i utilized to find on top of lifestyle however of late I've truly accumulated any level of resistance.

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      I like taking my showers at night because it makes me sleep a lot better. It cleans out my pores and makes my skin breath. If I take one in the morning, then i'll go to bed with all that sweat and dirt clogging my pores, which keeps me from having a good sleep because my skin can't breath.

    • profile image

      xprofilejobs 5 years ago



    • profile image

      ... 5 years ago

      I take a bath in the morning, but I like it better at night because all the dirt is washed away, and it's not about whether no one cares if you're dirty when you're sleeping or something like that, it's all about you being clean :D and I don't usually sweat at night because the AC is on every night... but if you don't have AC or it's just really hot or you're exercising every morning , then it's much better to take a bath in the morning... My mother always tell me to not take a bath at night because it will be the source of back pain or whatsoever, and she just get all mad when I shower at night so I shower in the morning... and that's why I'm always late at school... :D

    • profile image

      Gill 5 years ago

      You guys go to sleep dirty, OMG, DISGUSTING. You said you sweat a lot when you sleep. Of course, it's because you go to sleep greasy and dirty.

      Normal people shower in the night before sleep, because they don't like to sleep in their own dirt, also after exercise, after heavy work, always when a sweat a lot...

    • profile image

      Beth 5 years ago

      I have one thing to say...... I sleep NEEEKKKKIDDD!!!!! Lol

    • profile image

      Noah 5 years ago

      I don't know about you guys, but I take a shower each day, I don't care when I take it. As long as I'm clean...

    • profile image

      Kenzie 5 years ago

      I'm not sure if I should take morning or night showers. Morning showers definitly wake up. They get you started for the day. But night showers are also good because it gets all of the grease and sweat from the day off of you. But then you go to bed, wake up, and feel dirty again. It really depends on your own schedule though i guess :/

    • profile image

      Arjay 5 years ago

      I take a bath before going to work and before bedtime. It relaxes me so much.

    • profile image

      Anthony 5 years ago

      Why not just shower both in the morning and at night. And if you worried about a high water bill don't be. If you take a quick 5-10 minute shower then you will be all good. Especially if you live alone like me.

    • profile image

      Courtnet 5 years ago

      I shower in the afternoon... Is that weird?

    • profile image

      Charles 5 years ago

      I really think it really depends on the person. Everybody has different hair types,skin types, and schedules. Sometimes I take showers twice, sometimes i don't because i have a certain schedule or i want my hair to be a certain way. I favor taking a shower at night, then in the morning i can just quickly rinse off or wipe myself down with a wash cloth before getting dressed.

    • profile image

      Mark 5 years ago

      I too shower in the morning, my job is nit dirty and I loathe being a bed head all day, not to mention the grimey feeling when you get up. A shower in the morning vitalizes me and keeps me fresh all day, if I get really dirty then I will take a quick shower in the evening. I have only gone to work maybe 3 times in my 34 years at my present job without showering first, hated it. In all honesty though about 95 percent of the people I work with don't, girls trying to primp their (dirty hair), men and women throwing cologne or perfume on a stale body - Yech!

    • profile image

      Michelle 5 years ago

      Night shower of course! who will change bed sheets every day? but you will change your clothes every day! think about it... you will make yourself smell fresh for some stranger at the elevator or your co-worker, so you don't have to care about your love one sleeping with you every night? for 8 hours? seriously? if the people thinks you are smelly, they can walk away. what about the one you love and love you so much? they have to sleep in another bed?

      i don't understand why people will think it is gross if you take shower at night. if you sweat a lot, may be it is too hot when you sleep. get a quick wash off in the morning. if needed. at night, you won't catch as much dust or germ at the day time. when you sweat, those dust on the street will stick on your skin! ALL DAY AND NIGHT?

      your body need to rest, so as your skin! try to look around those people you know, mostly those people who take morning shower, their skin will get wrinkle earlier.... coz, their skin didn't get a chance to have a rest.......

      NIght Shower is much more better!!

    • profile image

      Clean Christine 5 years ago

      Showering in the morning makes far more sense to me. Arguments about sleeping in dirt and grime are a stupid. I wear clothes, they stop me picking up all this supposed filth, I also wash my hands so I'm always relatively clean.

      Telling me I'm getting my bed sheets dirty faster... So what? I'm going to shower in the morning! Plus I change my bedding every week anyway. I find putting on clean clothes and underwear after I've slept all night to be disgusting, yes you do sweat at night! Showering in the morning leaves you cleaner for longer during the day.

      As for getting intimate, most people would shower before that anyway, a morning person then showers again the next day.... Unless things get very messy ;) What do night time shower people do? Shower before and again after? Seems a bit clinical and doesn't really leave much scope romance!

    • profile image

      Lulu 5 years ago

      I shower in the morning and take a bath at night. I wash twice a day. I had no idea some people showered at night and didn't in the morning!

    • profile image

      DARDAR. XD 5 years ago

      Oh, fuck it, just do BOTH! If you shower in the morning you feel refreshed blahblah dead skincells whatnot, then after work or school you shower in the evening too! Then your bed will be clean of germs and dirt whatnot. OH MY GOD. Am I the only one sane? :)) Think people! :D

    • profile image

      Cas 5 years ago

      For those of you who say that a morning shower is useless because all it does is make you smell nice for others, could you take a moment to consider the people around you? Ever gotten in an elevator with a person who reeks? Not fun. It's common fucking courtesy. If you would subject other people to your dirt and stink without a second thought, then you really are disgusting.

    • profile image

      zacharyjacques 5 years ago

      i think that taking a shower in night is better because it keeps you going in the night and even more if you like to stay up all night :)

    • profile image

      Anne9 5 years ago

      My boyfriend won't let me on his bed if i did not have a night shower. Personally i'm used to taking a shower in the morning. I kinda understand coz he work as a carpenter. I work in the office with the air on the whole day jump in to my car with the air on as well. Yes i believe its personal preferences on what time you want to take a shower. I just think my bf is being fuzzy. Even of im sick and don't feel like showering he will not let me sleep on his bed. He said that's more reason for me to take a shower coz i have germs all over my body.

    • profile image

      Olecountryrose 5 years ago

      I hope that you people who shower at night wash your pubics in the morning; and what if you have a bowel movement in the morning. You gotta wash there too. I have been known to take a shower at night AND in the morning. Won't hurt you and if you use a mild soap

    • profile image

      Please 5 years ago

      I find showering at night and in the morning is the best way to go, at night i have the luxury of taking a bath or long shower while in the morning i take a quick shower. This is important to have a clean look, i can spot a person who hasn't showered in the morning a mile away , usually the slight BO smell gives them away along with the sleepy face. Then I take a shower at night to feel clean and be intimate with my girlfriend. The morning shower benefits not only myself but my co-workers while the night shower benefits me and my girlfriend as we both go to sleep clean and fresh. To those bashing morning or night shower i say you are both doing someone a disservice.

    • profile image

      Pink 5 years ago

      I shower at night. It's way better. When I shower in the morning, I have to get up earlier and it makes you tired because it relaxes your body. Don't you want your body to be relaxed at night so you can fall asleep better?

      Also, at the end of the day is when your dirty. Not in the morning when you're just starting your day.

    • profile image

      Jason 5 years ago

      These arguments are so invalid because everyone has a different schedule. If you shower regularly you should be clean regardless, unless of course your so self conscious that you must be clean at every waking moment to please others.

    • profile image

      JAMAL 5 years ago


    • profile image

      aw 5 years ago

      I feel like this is a personal preference. I normally shower at night, and am a teenager. But on Saturdays I shower in the morning before I go somewhere during the day. But when I am getting ready for school, I do wash my armpits and body some before putting deodorant on. But I don't smell regardless when I get up, and still smell nice. The only time I sweat is after I exercise. I don't sweat at all by just sleeping. And I think if you play a sport, it'd be gross to not shower before going to bed and sleep.

    • profile image

      that_one_guy 5 years ago

      Warm showers in the morning will make you sleepy, but cold showers? They will wake you up and are better for your health overall.

    • profile image

       me yay 5 years ago

      ALL YOU GUYS ARE GERMAPHOBICS!!!!!!!! What the heck, why would you even care when other people take their showers? You guys are all stalkers, geesh. I personally like night showers cuz if I dry my hair(my hair is straighter than straight) it is very weird and poofy and frizzy and tangles super easily, and sleeping with that gets a little scalp oil in it, making my hair shiny and straight and not so tangley. In the morning I have to go to school with bed head if I took a shower cuz to air dry I would have to get up at 2:30 cuz my hair is very long and thick and won't dry quickly. Night is better for me, maybe not you, cuz we all have different schedules and opinions, but you can keep that to yourself better that you think one or the other time of showering is gross or filthy or Gerry. LIKE I SAID YOU ARE ALL GERMOPHOBICS!!

    • profile image

      bouncy5 5 years ago

      Hello I appreciate all the comments on whether we should shower at night or in the morning.I am sastifed with all thee answers everybody gave.Let's get to another subject now.Thanks everyone for voicing their opinions on this.!

    • profile image

      Shower Fresh Ions 5 years ago

      PLEASE TRY SHOWERING IN THE MORNING. It will make your day 100% better. Here's why: showers release ions of good energy that infuse and cleanse your aura. Believe me, I went from being a night to a morning and the only reason I found this site is because I was searching for anyone else who found they can't go without a morning shower. It will actually make you feel so positive and energized yet calm. I am lazy and it's well worth the effort, please try it for at least a month. Once you get into the shower, you'll be okay, it's the getting in that you have to not procrastinate. And fifteen mins is all you need really. Also, you can smell those who don't shower and you feel like they're not living to their potential of exuding 'clean vibes' all day. Take another at night if you need but PLEASE, this could change the world. LOL, but strangely i'm actually serious about that.

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      I think showering at night is best because I come from track practice every day and I get sweaty.

    • profile image

      Clean 5 years ago

      Personally, I shower at night. My thick, curly hair won't even dry with a blowdryer. It needs at least 4 hours in the air.It's a little gross if your bed is dirty, but I suppose if you're the only one in it it doesn't matter. I need to say, both sides have some pretty ridiculous and pretty logical points. As long as you wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning and night, the choice is up to you.

    • profile image

      Kayla 5 years ago

      hi i'm 13 and not to bash on any of you guys but how can u seriously bathe once a day? that's absurd if u ask me. especially if i'm going out on the weekends or even school i HAVE to bathe BOTH day and night. it wouldn't feel right.reason for showering at night get all the bacteria off from that day. and bathing in the morning is also good. i don't understand how ppl can say bathing in the morning is not right. u ppl do need to realize that u perspire in the night more than you do in a day (unless u do activities that make you sweat) i don't know one person that doesn't bathe morning and night. and for those girls who say it will mess up your hair, fine i agree but just get a damn shower cap or something use your brains. i don't know how children but i'm more surprised at the adults who are debating over this when u should bathe twice a day that's what everybody says and don't use that excuse of wasting water you don't have to bathe long and simple for the ones talking about showers making you go sleep for night bathe with warm to hot water in the morning warm to cold water me personally i love hot water and can bathe morning and night. and stop saying that your lazy or don't have time what's wrong with waking a extra 10-15 mins you just making excuses. sorry this is so long but i just gotta set some of you straight you guy

    • profile image

      Miguel 5 years ago

      I notice if I'm tired and skip my shower and go to bed, I fall asleep. If I shower at night, I'll end up staying up late. And I always shower at night. Morning showers actually do help me. I feel refreshed. It takes a lot longer for me to feel awake without a morning shower and plus, I don't think everyone spends an entire hour in the shower. 10 minutes in the shower seems to refresh me enough to turn into a morning person.

    • profile image

      Natania Robala 5 years ago

      Hahaha, I agree with you. I don't like morning shower, I still do though once in awhile when I'm not feeling well, but most of the time I like to take shower at night. You makes me smile when you said, if don't take shower in the morning or night, at least take in the afternoon instead, lol because I know someone wh only shower twice a week.

    • profile image

      hay ho 5 years ago

      what a popular thread this is. 3 years and still going strong. i shower in the evening, my hair sticks up after a shower so a nights sleep helps it flatten down

    • profile image

      BoOpYLOp 5 years ago

      As a Woman i like to be clean and smell great all day & night. But i honestly rather shower at night , just to wash the filth from my day off before i lay in bed. By filth i mean, dust, dirt, enviornmental toxins , germs & so on. Think about it... Laying in your nice cozy bed and having your sheets soak up all that gross junk. Blahh!! But i like to clean and refreshed when at work the next day so i also shower in the morning... Just because my hair looks a hot tangled mess if i don't. If i didn't have this problem i'd sleep in later & just stick to my nightly shower which i think makes the most sense. Night showers are the way to go.

    • profile image

      Morning 5 years ago

      Personally, I take a shower in the morning. I have depression, and one of the difficulties I have had in my worst moments is that I would not bathe at all, because it didn't seem worth it.

      I now do yoga or a long walk in the early hours, and having a shower afterwards not only feels wonderful after the workout, but it does wonders for my mind - it is a reaffirmation that I am taking care of myself, and if done first thing in the morning, I know that I have prepared myself for a positive day. And at night, I'm not that dirty anyhow. I change into bed clothes anyway.

      Sometimes I will have a bath in the evening with lavender oil in the water after a hard day, but I make sure not to fill the tub to the top so that I can save as much water as possible.

      Showering in the morning helps me feel so much better, so I vote for morning showers.

    • profile image

      Jayjay 5 years ago

      Night time is better. During the day you sweat and you stink. Our poor vaginas and dicks cant take it. Your refreshed at night after a long day. But by all means take a shower mid day if you want.

    • profile image

      Peta 5 years ago

      I used to shower at night because it was easier then in the morning, but things changed and I began to get adult acne and then was forced to shower in the morning. My face was excessively oily and I would look and feel totally disgusting only after about 5 to 8 hours after having a shower! I was 22/23 at the time and now I am 34. It is only now that the acne and oil is subsiding. Still too oily though and so still showering in the mornings. I think it's a personal preference anyway and what your needs are. Even the time when I didn't have acne and oil and was showering at night by the end of the day my hair would be quite oily and yucky looking. So the morning shower suits me better these days and on some occasions I would have another shower later on, usually if there was something on to go to. As for sweating well it used to be a bit of a problem for me and it was always the right side that ran like a tap, but thankfully that seems to have sorted itself out, just need the acne thing to go completely, have had enough of it! And I can say this, not washing your face does not cause acne. Yes it can make you feel clean but only for a short time as I have experienced. Anyway I say shower when you feel it is right to do so.

    • profile image

      Nikki Skies 5 years ago

      In my opinion, I think that bathing in both the morning when you get up and before you go to bed at night is the best way to go. Even if you like to sleep longer you don't have to take a 30 min long shower, 5 or 10 minutes is good enough. In the morning your are clean from the dirt, skin, and sweating that occurs during the night. And as for taking a shower in the night you would be able to cleanse yourself of all the dirt, skin, and sweat that you collected throughout the day. So no matter what you will always be dirty, you will always sweat, there is no stopping that. And depending on your body personally, you may sweat or collect dirt at certain times throughout the day not matter if you have taken a shower in the night or in the morning .

    • profile image

      Ambers BF 5 years ago

      Don't shower. Just rub ur skin with ur index finger hard and the dead skin will come off. U can save the dead skins u've rubbed off since it'll have a nice rough spaghetti like texture and save it in the jar over a year period of time. than if u ever get hungry u can munch on it with mayo and mustard sauce.

    • profile image

      Anuj Sharma 5 years ago

      Shower at night... sleep real tight... in the morning avoid the "getting ready" fight... xD

    • profile image

      Jeanette 5 years ago

      I personally take showers at night especially during winter because its bad for your health to take a shower then go out in the freezing cold. But during summer I take showers at night and in the morning because it gets super hot where I live. But overall I like taking showers at night instead its more faster and convinient for me that way.

    • profile image

      Dustin 5 years ago

      Cold Shower In The Morning, Boom Your Awake.

    • profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago

      I take long showers (Washing hair, body, shaving, etc.) at night for the sake of sleeping a little bit longer. However, I also rinse or just wash JUST my body in the morning (a quick 5 minute shower). I think that this combination is ideal.

    • profile image

      u must be kidding 5 years ago

      My bed is my own personal cloud. I would never get into my cloud dirty. Even if I come in late and plastered, I still take a shower.

      My wife wouldn't even climb into bed with me, much less touch me, if I went to bed nasty.

      Its a known fact, going to bed after a shower allows you to sleep better. Studies have been done people! Good sleep leads to better health.

      Dead skin cells? HAHAHA. Your skin is repairing itself 24/7. Keep your sheets clean, don't go to bed funky, apply some deoderant after your evening shower and get up fine. Usually no need for a morning shower. If I am sick and I sweat, or after a workout, then I will take a quick shower in the morning.

      Nothing wrong with a quick shower in the morn if needed.

      But going to bed all gross is just plain nasty!!

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      In the winter, it's best to shower at night because if you shower on a winter morning, then go outside in the cold, you're opening your pores, which could cause you to get sick. That's why they say you shouldn't walk in the cold with wet hair or wear wet clothes in the cold. Also, no matter the temperature outside, you should get dressed in the bathroom after getting out of the shower if your house is cozy. Stepping outside your bathroom (into your cozy home) while you're freshly wet out the shower is the same as well!! But if your don't have to go anywhere in the morning (when it's cold) then there's nothing wrong with showering in the morning

    • profile image

      Kevin 5 years ago

      I used to be a night time shower-er but as i grew up and got more aware of my looks i noticed my hair was super greasy and un maintanable in the morning and it looked awfull during the day along with greasy skin, so now i shower in the morning. I hate the feeling of sleeping in filth but its worth it in the morning when i go through the day looking good and smelling good and its made me more confident. I defenitly am a morning-shower person

    • profile image

      Ryan-DFW,TX 5 years ago

      I agree 100%; In fact i was debating this topic while i was wasted. Thanks to the internet for my concerns!

    • profile image

      Courtney 5 years ago

      I shower in the morning because of dry skin, I can only shower every second day and I prefer mornings because the shower really does wake me up and make me feel cleaner.

      But, I have to say... to the people that say evening showers are better because it rinses you of the days germs, think about this. You come home from school/work and make supper/eat and do all your other things, and then you shower and possibly go back out to the rest of your house to relax. Then you jump into bed. So, doesn't that mean you have the days germs on your pjs now? Because you brought the germs into your home when you came home and prepared dinner or relaxed with your family. When you shower in the morning you put on fresh clothes and change to go to bed, most of the germs from the day are on the clothes that you changed out of. Makes sense to me, but if you're that worried about germs just wipe down with a washcloth or baby wipe or something before bed or in the morning

    • profile image

      lolwut 5 years ago

      That Giselle chick must stink, What do you wipe your deoderant off before bed? Dumb women.

    • profile image

      Johnnn 5 years ago

      Well I like taking showers in the morning. If I do get smelly and sweaty throughout the day then I would take a shower at night also

    • profile image

      Layla 5 years ago

      I take a shower @ nite, its jus easier 4 me and its all dry in da mornin soooo ya

    • profile image

      whitney 5 years ago

      I take a shower at night,and in the morning,but at night i shampoo it,and blow dry it with the cool setting on my blow dryer

    • profile image

      Hamlet 5 years ago

      Great writing indeed..

      I read a similar post like this..also related with morning..U can check this..

    • profile image

      destiny 5 years ago

      i think showering in the morning is better because i go to school so i feel cleaner and ready for a hard working day at school

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      I don't shower at all lol

    • profile image

      amberbugggy 5 years ago

      omg this is the best debate I've ever seen but to solve the problem take a long cleansing shower at night and wash up in the morning ...that's what I do

    • profile image

      dj 5 years ago

      wow, you really feel good waking up and getting dressed and going out to work etc without a shower? horrible! how the hell can you say showering at night is better? you shower at night, then go to bed and sweat for 7-10 hours just laid there.

      for me, yes a shower at night can be nice, but i would still have to have a shower after i wake up. i shower EVERY morning. i could not cope going out without a shower, id feel sweaty, irritated and uncomfortable, not to mention what my face looks like if i don't shower after i wake up. puffy eyes, dark circles, and just horrible.

    • profile image

      Adam Jasso 5 years ago

      people are insane for not showering in the do you function without a shower all day?

    • profile image

      garry 5 years ago

      do most people not go to the loo for a dump in the morning as well as during the daytime ??

      if so ,there is a residue (no matter how well you wipe)of you dropped load left on your behind .if you shower in the morning that means you spent the day and night with the residue on your body or am i wrong

    • profile image

      Sydney 6 years ago

      I used to take showers in the morning, when I was in homeschool. Im a teen, so, I do a lot during the day. School, whatnot. I have to wake up really early, but I'm not high maintenance. But being a teen, I wont wake up too early anyways, so I take my showers at night, and blowdry my hair into the prep position for my style the night before. You wont need to change your bed sheets as often if you shower at night. I do my excersize at school, and I don't sweat a lot, if at all. I put on deoderant before I sleep, and when I wake up. Perfume, and everything. Then I get dressed in clean clothes, and go to school! I run around playing soccer and doing track anyways. Why waste valuable time in the morning to shower when you could be: a)Finishing last nights homeworks cuz you lagged. b) Touching up your makeup/hair/clothes and c) Practicing your signature for when you get famous! So..Yeah.

    • profile image

      erin 6 years ago

      -also I can't go to bed dirty, I'll get pimples and whatnot. I also just can't sleep if I feel dirty. and I'm not wasting water on two showers a day.

    • profile image

      erin 6 years ago

      This totally depends on the person!! It's a little offensive to me when people say showing at night is gross because that's what I do and it works perfectly for me. It gets me relaxed so I can sleep (which is very difficult for me). My bf on the other hand must shower in the mornings because his skin gets oily over night and his body temperature is scorching! I get oily when we sleep together, that's how oily he is. but for me, I don't have oily skin and I don't sweat, so I don't get nasty after a good night's sleep. some other people like my bf do though, so they shower later. but don't hate on people who take nightly showers just because you have a body that gets grody while you sleep.

    • profile image

      meg 6 years ago

      i shower in the morning, so i smell fresh and can feel clean all day. i hate showering at night because i don't really feel clean when i get up and my hair looks horrible. i don't get how people can stand showering at night.

    • profile image

      Brandon 6 years ago

      I shower in the morning because my hair gets all funny from sleeping so I have to get it wet in the morning to blow dry and re style. You NEED a shower in the morning if you think your cologne shower in the morning is fooling anyone, think again. Some people think they don't smell when they don't shower in the morning but you need to realize you are used to your odor, the people around you are not. What you may not smell your co-workers do!

      I can easily tell when people haven't showered in the morning, usually there hair is a mess or you can smell a hint of dirty hair maybe its just me but dirty/oily hair has a distinctive scent.

      My biggest pet peeve is you girls out there who shower but don't wash there hair every time because "its not good for there hair" sometimes going 2 or 3 showers without shampooing there hair. well its not good when your head smells like old man hair.

      I only shower at night if I got seriously dirty during the day (working on the motorcycles, sanding bondo/fiberglass) stuff like that but If i was in the office all day wearing clean attire, I shower in the morning because it is just cleaner.

    • profile image

      nicole 6 years ago

      I say night. If u sleep in a so called clean bed at night why wouldn't you wash before u get in it. That is just nasty. You been outside at work or where ever and u smell like outside. You got to bed with sweaty balls and a hot cat. Yuck!

    • profile image

      Lauren 6 years ago

      I shower at night or in the morning. It just depends.

      If I want more time to straighten or do something with my hair in the morning I'll shower at night. I don't wake up early enough to shower and do my hair in the morning. So when I shower in the morning, I don't have time to dry it and I honestly have no idea what it looks like because I leave and never get a chance to see it. It usually looks weird and half-wavy.

      I don't think it's good or bad to do it either time. It's just preference.

      I don't feel gross or dirty in the morning because my hair can stand one night and still look clean and feel clean.

      And I don't smell in the morning if I don't shower so that's not a problem. I doubt anyone around me would tell the difference of when I showered.. So it doesn't matter to me either.

    • profile image

      tonystep 6 years ago

      Dust allergy, so i shower at night with very low water flow and rub down to remove as much dead skin as possible, then turn hot off, cold up high to reduce after-shower sweating. After a hot night, often a quick, cool refresher shower. On a quiet, cool day i may even skip a shower, but i have to be careful about being presentable during the day. If i smell, i shower.

    • profile image

      Hasmik 6 years ago

      I agree with you.. and thanks for an advice :D

    • profile image

      idk 6 years ago

      they're both good.... and u SHOULD do both:)

    • profile image

      Chloe 6 years ago

      I have an idea! Shower when you want to shower! I know...I'm a genius!

    • profile image

      Cydney 6 years ago

      When I take a shower at night I sleep a lot better. And if you're slow in the mornings like me all showers do are slow you down since it's nice and warm in there and you don't want to get out. Haha, it's funny how people are still debating over this two years later!

    • profile image

      sydthekid 6 years ago

      At night because it relaxes you for a good nights sleep!

    • profile image

      Murtaza 6 years ago

      I take a shower in the morning, everyday. I just tend to do that because when I don't take a shower in the morning I feel all dirty and my hair is greasy and it annoys me to death! I can't stand it! The only days I don't take a shower in the morning is if i have to go get a haircut.

    • profile image

      Serena 6 years ago

      I'm a night shower type of person. The warm water really is supposed to relax you and help you fall asleep which is why I shower at night because I have trouble sleeping. Also, a lot of people have said that showering in the morning is to make you feel fresh and clean throughout the day but what it really comes down to is smelling flowery for other people around you and then going to bed in your own filth. Using body sprays, deodorants and perfumes are to make you smell good throughout the day. I can't imagine showering in the morning, feel fresh and smell good for others, getting dirty and going to bed because "no ones there to see or smell". I don't sweat at night at all so for those of you who do, use deodorant, turn up the AC or lower the heat.

    • profile image

      tom 6 years ago

      I think as long as you are showering daily there is no wrong time. Everyone has different schedules in life. Hygiene is important.

    • profile image

      Maissaa 6 years ago

      I actually shower twice on most days. One about morning or mid morning and one at night.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Tell me about underarm sweating. i do shower twice a day, put on deodorants and i have even tried lemon to make sure i stay dry underneath my arms. But the consequence is always devastated by sweaty armpits that stink. How can i cope with this because it is really putting me low among people. i have also tried putting my diet under control but still i sweat like a pig. Give a clue someone.

    • profile image

      saraah 6 years ago

      i personally shower in the morning because my hair is naturally curly and if i shower at night it gets messy and un managable. also i like to start my day feeling fresh and clean.

    • profile image

      Fresh and Clean 6 years ago

      And by the way for all of you who are so concerned with your hair looking better after a night of sleep,have you ever heard of a SHOWER CAP?!!

    • profile image

      Fresh and Clean 6 years ago

      Personally, I think NOT showering in the morning is simply disgusting! How can one start off their day and face the world with the insurmountable germs that have accumulated throughout the night. People who engage in this practice are promoting poor hygiene and lack of human etiquette.

      I can understand the concept of night showering if it is done in conjunction with "normal" morning showering. But substituting a morning shower for a night shower is incomprehensible to me. Putting on deodorant in the morning , dressing in brand new and clean clothes, and possibly having after work plans or a worse yet a date without showering is truly offensive.

      I hope these people can really take a second look at themselves and reexamine their hygiene.

    • profile image

      Clara 6 years ago

      They make deodorant for night time so that you don't sweat and it helps your PH balance, so really there is no reason why you couldn't shower at night.

    • profile image

      YumYumFood97 6 years ago

      well i think that on winter u take a shower at night because you'll be clean when you are going to sleep and in the morning there is nothing but cold so u don't get sweaty just some dirt on you. on summer you take a shower every morning because you have been sleeping and the dead skin are building up in your body also the hot air makes you sweat... waking up all sweaty an smelly..take a shower afterwards..CLEAN! GLEAMING! go out to work/school with a nice smell and feel!

    • profile image

      bouncy5 6 years ago

      ..I want to thank all of those for answering my question.I would like to ask another question?...I have a difficult time getting the showe head to rinse between my legs and under my behind,even though I bend over.Should i get a portable shower head to fit the nozzle on the bathtub to rinse off down there.I just rinse my facebook and rinse off the soap the best way I know how.Do anyone feel that they are not really all that clean sometimes when they shower or is it just me?

    • profile image

      alejandra 6 years ago

      well, technically you're still using, or wasting as you put it, by taking a shower regardless of taking a shower at night or in the morning. You still take the time to take a shower whether at night or day, time makes no difference in the morning or at night. if you take a shower at night, depending on your lifestyle, you'll sleep later; as opposed to taking a shower in the morning and having to wake up earlier,so therefore you are not wasting your time if showering in the morning.

    • profile image

      Patti 6 years ago

      Well if you have to be clean for a while, shower in the morning is the way to go, since you wont be really dirty again until the next morning. But if you just feel gross, take a night shower, since it'll keep you feeling clean enough until the next night.

    • profile image

      Gabby 6 years ago

      I'm a teenage girl

      What i do is i shower in the morning. However, at night, i rinse, like i won't wash my hair, but i'll use body wash. I take a full shower in the morning. Sometimes when i need to shave i'll take a full shower at night. I have straight, flat, black asian hair so if i shower at night my hair will be really shiny in the morning. Other people say they're jealous, but to me, it feels too oily :p

      My hair will also flip out and my bangs will just look crazy hah

      So my routine is kinda both morning and evening showers put together. You shouldn't wash your hair too much anyway because it'll break

      Soo hope i helped someone.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      On school days, I take a shower at night because I have to get up really early and don't want to waste time showering in the morning. Also, my brother usually gets there before me or I'm just too lazy to take a shower. On weekends, I shower in the morning because you're all fresh and start a day of freedom. I don't do much so it's not like I'm going to stink again. I don't shower in the afternoon because that's the time when I do a lot of activities that make me dirty and stuff.

    • profile image

      Jane 6 years ago

      Well it depends. For school days I take a shower at night so im relaxed and ready for some sleep after I do homework and supper. But over the summer if I'm not busy I take a shower in the morning or afternoon. So over all I like showering at night. Just cause It feels better.

    • profile image

      nanz 6 years ago

      Some of you r effing disgusting, take a shower at night AND in the morning u filthy creatures.

    • profile image

      depends 6 years ago

      I take a shower in the morning and usually a long bath followed by a quick shower/rinse off at night. My boyfriend works as a builder/carpenter so being outside, he rushes home from work each day and showers but also has to have a hot shower in the morning to wake up. We're both pretty quick about showering/bathing - you don't need more than 10 minutes even if you're shaving to get all scrubbed up and rinsed off.

      I do NOT wash my hair every day however I do condition it once a day and wash it every 2-3 days MAX. I am a stylist and know that over washing natural oils (from most hair) is the cause of most damage and over washing your skin because of acne is one of the worst things you can do. It usually makes the problem that much worse. Anyway, I'm of no help on the debate!

    • profile image

      jvaughn 6 years ago

      I used to be a morning showerer only but now i am taking showers both@ night and in the morning. My boyfriend is a germophobe and talked about me being so gross for getting in bed after being@ work, stores, public places. I never minded showering before bed if i was gettin in bed with him but when he wasn't around id go back to my own habit of getting in bed dirty- doesn't really bother me.

      Plus i would still take a shower in the morning to wake me up and feel fresh. I sleep for about 6-7 hours... not sure i could b fresh throughout an entire day. Besides i do have a sweat problem@ times so if i even tried to skip a bath it would b bad.

      So here recently ive started taking showers at night to wash away all the germs from the day and makeup from my face. Then in the morning i shower again and its more to wake me up and get rid of any funk ive aquired in night. Sumtimes i sweat and im not sure y. The upside to this is if im having a hard time getting up in the am i can tell myself i showered last night so i can skip and stay in bed a lil longer. Also helps if u wake up late.

      I sumtimes take 3 showers a day depending on my activities and like i said i am naturally a sweaty, funky person so just goin to work ill sweat and my armpits will smell gross if u get too close.

      So my new answer:shower in morning and before bed.

    • profile image

      Lexie 6 years ago

      Sorry I meant mattress