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Kate Moss Silk Beaded Maxi Dress | Top Shop

Updated on September 20, 2010

Part of the Kate Moss range on Top Shop, behold the wonders of this silk beaded maxi dress. Upon the Top Shop website it is described as being heavily beaded and embellished – and it is. Much like Kate Moss herself. Haw Haw. But seriously, Maxi Dresses are still in this season, and this lovely vintage inspired silk number is seriously in the running for Queen of the Maxi dresses.

You may not always have occasion to wear this garment, but be not afraid, she will not wither away in the depths of your closet unloved and unworn. You'll find this dress holding court amongst other dresses in your wardrobe, sending some to gather roots and berries from underneath the shoe rack, and requisitioning others as support garments for when the fashion revolution comes.

Fashion anthropomorphism aside, the sheer amount of beading and detail on this dress makes it more than a mere garment. This dress is a narrative in its own right, a story that can be read all night long and still leave you yearning for more. When worn to glittering events with ribby women and chisel jawed men, this dress will make you the belle of the ball, a suave sophisticate who can laugh in five different languages.

The back of the dress attempts propriety with its high cut, but the sheer transparency of the fabric leaves only more beading and embroidery to trace their way across your toned shoulder blades, making this dress a feast for the all the senses. You'll be catching eyes from across the room with this number, whether you're facing people or looking in completely the opposite direction.

The many splendid folds at the base of the dress allow for comfortable walking, dancing, or even twirling about like a splendid Christmas ornament, if that is the sort of thing that takes your fancy, and it certainly should be.

Allegedly created for Top Shop by Kate Moss, this maxi dress is part of the larger Kate Moss range, designed with a delicate, ethereal beauty in mind. Wear these clothes and you have a chance to  recapture a sense of gentle, romantic femininity, the sort of femininity that is likely to see one swept off one's feet by a Prince Charming, or perhaps, if one prefers stolen away by a scary dragon who happens to have a lair full of beautiful jewels.

Dreams do come true. As do dresses. Dresses come true.


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