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Simple Guide to Naturally Clear Skin

Updated on December 28, 2011
Get Clear Skin Naturally!
Get Clear Skin Naturally! | Source

Jay's simple guide to clear, smooth skin. It really works!

You have to continue to do this process. When you stop using it, your skin will probably break out again. This also works for that terribly aggravating disorder known as Keratosis. Just as long as you keep using it!

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This is a short Hub because the process is really easy. This has worked better for me than anything I have ever used. This process works for your face and everywhere else on your body!

Exfoliate your Skin.

Everyday, if possible. I had my best results while using a gentle, natural soap as a cleanser.

Lather your face with soap and really warm water, massage a gentle pumice stones across your face. I use circular motions to do this. Do not forget to exfoliate your nose too. Be careful that you do not exfoliate too much or you'll injure your skin.

Rinse with really warm water. NOT cold. You want your pores to remain open when you apply your oils.

In case of harsh breakouts or cystic acne, start slowly and only exfoliate in a manner that is comfortable to you. There is no need to take your hide off!

Use Pure Essential Oils.

Directly after the exfoliation, smear a bit of pure tea tree oil across your face. Avoid the eye area. Allow this to absorb into your skin for a minute, or two.

Rub pure lavender oil all over your face now. Again, avoid the eye area as the oil will burn them. Allow the oil to absorb for a couple of minutes.

Moisturize your Skin Naturally.

I then add a few drops of meadowfoam oil to my fingers and massage it into my skin and neck. Meadowfoam oil is a long-chain fatty acid oil that is awesome for moisturizing and when used as a massage oil.

That is it! Exfolaite daily and use these oils several times a week. It only takes a few drops each time so the cost is nearly nonexistent!


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    • IsadoraPandora profile image

      Jocelyn 6 years ago from Florida, PCB

      Thank you! It works really well. :-)

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 6 years ago from chennai

      Useful tips for everyone who yearn for a glowing skin and I am going to follow it.