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Skechers Shapeups. A better body without the effort?

Updated on February 11, 2012
There must be an easier way
There must be an easier way

Something underhand has been afoot at Skechers. Deep in the design room dungeon, cackling scientists have been playing around with EVA and have created a monster. Some say they have achieved the impossible. Some venture that their creation is the work of the devil. One thing is certain however, that toning and shaping up the back, abdomen, legs and butt has never been easier. Skechers Shapeups are not any old shoe, oh no. They have magical properties.

Skechers Shape Ups
Skechers Shape Ups

Getting A Shape Ups workout

They shape and tone sagging butts and flabby legs and help to fashion the most beautiful body imaginable, and all without ever having to set foot in a gymnasium. How is this possible? Surely something as mundane as EVA foam rubber cannot perfectly sculpt muscle all by its onesy, can it? It’s time for a closer look.

It all starts with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Skechers convert it to EVA being far easier to pronounce. Then it’s off to the marketing department for some cunning linguistic manipulation and it becomes the Kinetic Wedge. Thereafter it’s a pretty straight run to a firmer butt and a healthier you.

So does the Kinetic Wedge work or is it just another pseudo-scientific phenomenon like Pantene’s Bendy Stretchy Technology? Every invention needs a catchy name however there is a lot more to Shapeups than pure marketing speak. For a start you will stand taller with shape-ups; partly due to the 2-inch thick soles, but also due to the improved posture that they help to create.

Simulating the sensation and benefits of walking in soft sand, the kinetic wedge serves as a super soft shock absorber which all but eliminates any jarring from walking. Instead it gives you a much lighter step like you are walking on air. Back strain, muscle tension and joint problems are all eased when walking in these shoes and compared to normal they offer up to 30% more toning of the bottom and legs. All of these common complaints need not have sufferers abandoning an exercise regimen as they can continue to tone and work the body in a gentle and highly effective way with Skechers toning shoes.

Lifestyle Fitness

There used to be a time not so long ago, when the only way to shape up the legs was to get to the gym and start to sweat on the treadmill and the step machine. Nowadays, people are finding the time pressures of modern life make daily gym sessions difficult to fit in, let alone afford. These shoes offer the perfect solution and help to create a gymnasium exercise regimen which is easier on the joints but harder on the muscles.

Whilst other lifestyle fitness shoes target key areas of the legs and butt, Shape-ups offer a more universal exercise solution, helping the back and abdomen get in shape as well. There is also a range for men which other brands have all but abandoned to flab, or are found lacking choice. When it gets a little too hot for sneakers there are the Tone Ups sandals for the ladies who prefer a daintier shoe to see them through the summer and a range of boots for winter. Since trainers are not ideal for work, they have added more conservative styles with leather uppers,which are ore suitable for the office.. Not many competitors can beat Shape Ups for style and variety. Got wide feet? Not a problem, they can help you there too.

As a word of caution, these shoes change the way you walk which can feel a little uncomfortable and unnatural at first while your body adapts. Utilizing underused muscle groups will leave you feeling more tired than with normal shoes, indicating very quickly how effective they are. So as with any new exercise program, it is better off to start slowly and build up. After a couple of weeks exercising for 20 minutes a day, your feet and legs will have adapted to the new way of walking and you can wear them for longer sessions.

Kim Kardashian gets help from her Skechers Shape Ups
Kim Kardashian gets help from her Skechers Shape Ups

Summary of the benefits of Skechers Shape Ups

  • Help to build and tone the core muscle in the back, abdomen, butt, thighs and calves.
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Burn calories faster than by wearing normal shoes
  • Help you to lose weight and reduce cellulite
  • Promote a better posture
  • A dynamic rolling sole keeps the feet moving naturally, propelling you effortlessly into the next step.
  • Help to stimulate little used muscles in the legs for increased toning.
  • Wide range of styles and models for both men and women, including boots, work shoes, sandals and traditional sneakers.
  • Help relieve the pain from many muscle and joint conditions
  • Many podiatrists agree that the shoes provide excellent benefits.

The Original Shape Ups for walking
The Original Shape Ups for walking

Key design elements

  • Robust and flexible Nubuck leather uppers with a padded collar and tongue
  • Extra cushioning in the insole for maximum comfort
  • Fabric shoe lining to help wick away sweat
  • Polyurethane support system to give maximum stability
  • Dynamic Kinetic Wedge to absorb shocks and roll the foot forward into the next step.
  • Shoes are super light with a maximum 17 Oz weight per shoe

Whilst you will get the extra burn throughout your whole body, it stops well short of the pocket. Skechers Shape Ups are very reasonably priced; lower than many brands of sneaker on the market which do not promote a healthy walking gait. They will set you back around $110 if you are a woman, and it's more wedge for the men at around $120.

Get yourself a pair of Shape Ups and you’ll be one step closer to the legs you have always dreamed of. Sadly you’ll still have to clock up a few treadmill hours, however in the meantime you will be perfecting your posture, fighting fat, and cancelling out cellulite.

A New Breed of Toning Shoe

Skechers Resistance Runner - Toning shoes to turbo charge running and jogging
Skechers Resistance Runner - Toning shoes to turbo charge running and jogging

Skechers SRR Resistance Runner

Whilst Skechers Shape Ups are great for walking, if you want to go for a jog or a run the design really isn't suitable. To offer the 15 million or so US runners the chance to get the extra burn, there is the Skechers Resistance Runner.

Skechers Resistance Runner Benefits

  • Research demonstrates up to 13.2% more calories are burned per hour
  • Postural muscles show increased activity of up to 85%
  • Increases hip muscle activation by up to 71%
  • Increases back muscle activation by up to 85%
  • Calf muscle activation increased by up to 68%
  • Gets the body into the fat burning zone 11% faster than standard running shoes
  • Increases strength, stamina and endurance
  • Corrects both supination and pronation of the feet

Skechers Radius Trainer

Toning shoes for the gym, walking and jogging
Toning shoes for the gym, walking and jogging

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    • profile image

      Ann 5 years ago

      I bought a cheap pair of shape-ups and fell in love. I then returned to buy more and bought a pair of Skechers on sale. And, returned to buy another pair. I now have 2 pair of white and one pair of black shoes that I LOVE. WOW. I had spent hundreds of dollars at the foot doctor and still was having problems. Suddenly, my foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain disappeared! I was able to walk without pain. I had so often wondered what that would be like! My job requires a LOT of walking and lifting. I've lost 60 pounds and am in awe of NON-painful movements. I find myself wanting to giggle now as I walk. It's like walking on a soft squishy pillow. It's fun and fells great. I LOVE Skechers!!!

    • michifus profile image

      michifus 7 years ago

      Good stuff. Its great to hear feedback from others. Thanks for taking the time to read my hub.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California

      Nice Hub! I didn't know that these shoes were supposed to help work your body; I thought they were just for improving posture, etc. I know that my friends who are nurses love them because they're on their feet all day and they feel comfortable.