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Skin Care Facts Our Amazing and Wonderous Skin (Part 2)

Updated on May 11, 2013

The Good News and Bad News About Skin

In Part 1 Human Anatomy: Skin Care Facts Our Amazing and Wonderous Skin, we read how the different layers of our skin perform so many important functions. Our skin is our largest organ and it does so much more than just cover our bones, tan when we are in the sun. From keeping us waterproof, to regulating our body temperature, our skin does more for us than we probably think about. Proper skin care is vital to helping our skin take care of us.
Now, here is the not so nice part of skin. The skin gets dirty very easily. First we have the dead skin cells and then we have our sweat and oil glands, and the pollution from the environment. This combination creates a layer of trapped dirt on our skin. If we don’t wash and shower regularly, the this mixture create a foul odor that will envelope our entire body. Also, our skin works at its best when it is clean. The dirt on our body can impedeits functioning. Dirty skin can become damaged easier, because our natural anitbacterial production decreases and makes us more prone to illnesses and infections. Regular skin cleansing helps avoid infections and inflammations and to rid the skin of some microrganisms that live on our epidermis.

Nature's Design

Proper skin care involves regular good grooming habits, quality cosmetics and colognes to avoid skin allergies and proper clothing for the proper season. For example, when it is hot outside, weraing light clothing will help your body get rid of sweat more efficiently.  Our skin needs the right amount of water, sunshine, air and nutrients from a healthy diet,from vitamins, and minerals.

As it is, the skin has some bacteria that will never come off of our skin, no matter what skin care products we use. This is because the epidermis is designed to support its own ecosystem. Within this ecosystem lives micro organisms, bacteria, and yeasts.  Nature designed us this way, and a bacteriologist named Theodore Rosebury studied what lives on our skin, through extensive research. He believes  there are about fifty million micro organisms that coexist on our skin. And that oily skin, especially the face could have more than 500 million micro organisms per square inch.  They are so mini microscopic, they could fit inside a pea.  This bacteria is called normal microbial fauna. He found fewer bacteria in some regions of the skin where  sweat and tears washed away the microbes or made the environment less hospitable.

Skin Problems are Plentiful

Promoting healthy skin care is well worth our time by using exfoliants, and cleansers made with natural products. A regular regime of inspecting our skin is beneficial to prevent skin irritations from spreading and for catching skin cancer early. Daily applications of moisturizers and lotions help our skin maintain a level of hydration that will help it against the harsh environmental conditions we face every day.  Acne, Eczema, Psorasis, and other skin conditions need proper care to stop the skin from breaking out and breaking down. There are things that can help  skin tags, moles, and wart, and even skin discoloration.  Talk to your dermatologist to learn about the latest innovations that have been developed for these skin issues. Aging skin, sagging skin, and wrinkles are issues as we get older.  Botox, collagen treatments, and anti aging products are constantly being developed to combat the physical sign our skin shows from getting older.

Different Conditions Appear On Different Parts of Our Body

Although it might be disturbing to know the exterior of our body is home to teeny tiny organisms that are not part of our body, don’t spend your day on your skin care to try to scrub off the bacteria.  These are actually good bacteria, that create a balance in our own ecosystem, and help us maintain a healthy vibrant skin. Should this balance be upset or disrupted, other bad bacteria and infections may start to brew. This is what happens when we take antibiotics.  The antibiotics kill the good bacteria and the bad bacteria. Other bad bacteria that is immune to the antibiotics will grow and grow without the good bacteria keeping a check on them. This is how yeast overdevelops, because the good microbes are not present to keep things in balance. Over our entire body, we have different microbial cells based on an environment that is hospitable to them. For example, our forearm is very dry and some micro organisms need that type of environment.  Moist parts of our body would host other types of micro organisms, like the feet are able to harbor athletes foot fungus. Different bacteria can live in different skin conditions.  Remember, these cells are not harmful to us, in fact, they are helpful to our very existence.  Every type of species hosts micro organisms, it is the way of nature.

Skin Care is Good for Our Health

Our skin is also prone to allergies, acne, skin cancer and other problems, and our skin is subject to aging, wrinkles, and sagging, and discolorations, moles, warts, rashes, tattoos, ringworm, psoriasis, eczema, body piercings, skin bumps, fungus, dry skin, oily skin, freckles, skin tags, birthmarks, and scarring and a myriad of other afflictions that affect our skin. Some parts of our skin can heal itself, but deeper levels may need more skin care assistance. Scrapes, cuts, burns, and other injuries are just some of the assaults our skin takes constantly.  But our skin is especially good at repairing minor wounds.

Keeping our outer skin healthy is important for many reasons, including protecting our body from infections and preventing moisture from escaping. As soon as a newborn baby enters the outside world, they are exposed to these microbes. It is believed that even hair follicles, sweat and oil glands are hosts to their own type of micro organisms.

Pamper Yourself, You Deserve It

The skin, like all the parts of our body is amazing.  There is so much more to what our skin can do and how integral a part it plays with the rest of our body.  Treat your skin right. Proper skin care involves appreciating what your skin needs are.    Thank yourself for the wonders your skin can do. Pamper yourself a little with healthy lotions and skin rejuvenators, or even a spa treatment.  It will be good for you skin and good for your soul. Take good care of your skin, it works hard for you.


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    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 6 years ago

      Hi Smile,

      I am glad you enjoyed this hub.

    • profile image

      smile 6 years ago


    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 6 years ago

      Our bodies are amazing machines. But the role stress plays in our lives is not even fully considered by medical science. There is so much more we need to learn.

    • onceuponatime66 profile image

      Jackie Paulson 6 years ago from USA IL

      Ok so my skin won't heal wounds. I also think that Stress does play a role in skin conditions. The crazy thing is that I think I pin pointed when I started feeling all my stress which causes my acne, fungus, and candida. I do know that it took years to get my skin condition and it takes time to get healed. I pay 70.00 to a dermatologist to keep trying to cure me, to no avail. I am now looking into "spiritually rooted dis-eases." Thanks for the information as I kept it. I appreciate all the help and advice!

    • joinphp profile image

      joinphp 7 years ago from Tunisia

      Great hub.

      Effevtively: care your skin, care your health. I enjoyed reading. Thanks