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Skinny Jeans For Men Of All Types

Updated on November 12, 2010

Skinny Jeans For Men

All men are created equal ... Yeah right! Ya can't prove that by looking around the mall. Short, tall, thin ... and not so thin. There's so many body styles out there, but the predominant form is a bit more rounder than it was when I was a kid. But hey, I'm not here to poke fun ... I'm here to solve the problem!

So what, evolution hasn't given you the perfect body ... take a page from the women and become a master of camouflage! That's right, we're here to talk about skinny jeans ... and they aren't just for women anymore!

Liposuction ... tummy tucks ... hours at the gym ... and for what? To get the perfect body? Let's face it fellas, all we need is a good disguise to conceal that which isn't perfect and the jean makers of the world have heard our calling! Here's to Men's Lib!

Still with me? Good! Now, let's have a look at these things called ... skinny jeans.

What Are Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans have actually been around since the 1950s. All they amount to is jeans that are tapered down to the ankle to make your legs look thinner, which will make you look thinner. Pretty cool magic, right?

Available for $30 and up these jeans are found everywhere, with Levi being the main supplier. Of course, they're only for women, right? Are you kidding me! Look up 'mens skinny jeans' and you will find tons of sites selling them. This is a new revolution, and it's tailored (literally) to men!

So, if you think those ladies at the mall look pretty cure in those tight jeans, imagine what they will think of you when they see you wearing the same thing. Thin is in ... and looking thin is every bit as good as being thin. After all, have you ever seen Hollywood starlets without their makeup? The look pretty normal, right? But once they put on that makeup they become the stuff men's dreams are made of. As I said before, a clever disguise will always work its magic.

Won't Skinny Jeans Make Me Look Like A Metrosexual?

Look around you ... The metrosexual look is in! Today's women want a man that looks as good as they do, and they don't care what cheats we use to get to our goal. Why should they? After all, they have been cheating their good looks for years, so why should they blame us for playing the same game?

There's also a psychological effect to skinny jeans. By looking thinner we feel thinner, and this makes us feel better about ourselves. This improves our bravado, which makes us look more impressive to the other half.

Of course, some men might fear being cramped inside of skinny jeans, but many different types are made for many different body styles, allowing you to find the pair that will fit well, make you look slim, and allow you to step your stride in confidence.

And the best part ... she probably won't realize you are wearing them! Why? Men have this thing about playing fair. They work out to build a better body and never resort to gimmicks to look thinner ... at least that's what most women believe. That means they will never suspect our little secret, which makes it all the more easier to get away with!

Will Other Guys Laugh At Me For Wearing Skinny Jeans?

It's a concern ... and one that needs to be addressed. After all, male bravado is struck to the core when our fellow guy buddies laugh at us, right? Like the time your grandmother decided to wear bell bottoms for you as a kid ... after the hippie phase ended. Worn once and tossed back into the drawer ... never to be seen again. Will skinny jeans suffer the same fate?

Given how conscientious everyone is over their weight and appearance nowadays, skinny jeans won't go away any time soon. And for all you know, your buddies are already wearing them? Do you know of a male friend who recently lost a weight? Didn't see him at the gym, did you? And now you know his dirty little secret.

Are Slim Jeans Really For Men?

Unless you want to spend endless hours in the gym, then yes, they are for you. Remember, it's only cheating if you don't get caught and women aren't wise to men wearing skinny jeans yet - or if they are, they're enjoying the new look too much to say anything of it.

So, if you are searching for a new look that doesn't involve cutting out flesh or destroying yourself at the gym then skinny jeans are for you. Now, don't you feel better now that we have had this talk?

Do You Own A Pair Of Skinny Jeans

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    • profile image

      Anthony Orenstein 3 years ago

      I love my skinny jeans and they look really sexy on me. Everybody else thinks so, also.

    • kuttingxedge profile image

      S.P. Kelly 4 years ago from Just outside of international extradition agreements

      I agree Chris. Check out my article, its more of your opinion..

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      I never got into the whole skinny jean thing, they look kind of gay 90% of the time. I prefer slim fit jeans...

    • liamhubpages profile image

      liamhubpages 4 years ago

      Perfect hub, perfect jeans, although I adore leather even more!

    • kuttingxedge profile image

      S.P. Kelly 5 years ago from Just outside of international extradition agreements

      Great article man. Hey if you gotta wear em...Rock em proudly.

    • mysisters profile image

      mysisters 6 years ago

      Great Hub. I love skinny jeans! I just am not sure about skinny jeans for men...

    • profile image

      Mick 7 years ago

      Skinny is it. I wear 30x32 white or destroyed light blue Tripp, and go commando with jean jacket, shell necklace flip-flops. I feel sexy and have conversation from women and men checking me out. Gay and straight guys ask how I feel wearing them. It's a feel good time

    • profile image

      Human X 7 years ago

      You have to find the right KIND of skinny jean kids. It's not just the skin hugging ones that taper, but those that maintain shape throughout the leg. It gives your body a toned appearance. Bootcut and relaxed make you look small, like skin that's hanging from your body. Workplace dresscode? honestly? If you look better in a well chosen pair of skinny jeans than relaxed...who is to say that's wrong? But still...skinny jeans are not an excuse to not go to the gym. Become the complete package.

    • profile image

      Evan s 7 years ago

      i wear skinnie jeans almost every day and some people don't like it but i don't care what they say. they probably only say that bacause they couldn't rock a pair themselves

    • profile image

      xres55rummerxr 7 years ago

      What?! Majority wears them proudlY? Really?! How and 200 votes now so you really have a good sample for the poll. I am neither a skinny or baggy jeans kind of guy. I stick to regular fit jeans. I know that they may seem to be lame to the vast population but I guess it just seems more professional.

      Do you really think that years from now skinny jeans will be in the workplace dress code? Or could it be just another fad?

    • Info Bucket profile image

      Info Bucket 7 years ago from Kerala, India

      I like the skinnies and love to wear it.

    • profile image

      Giovanni 7 years ago

      Im 26/m & Oh man I love Skinnies,

      The Most comfortable Jeans Ever.

      Forget The Hype And Critics,

      Woman love it, Trust me Haha

    • profile image

      joeclev 7 years ago

      skinny jeans make me feel great. slim guy's out they i think u try wearing 1. is nice don't be scared 0k

    • profile image

      skinnyjeansNEVER 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Girljeans 7 years ago

      I think most of the skinny jeans for men are just to skinny and most of the time look ridiculous. So that is why i wear womens levis straight and boot cut . The stretch denim and short rise are perfect for an average guy and they are way more comfortable . And they look great with out looking like those silly skinny chicken leg jeans they sell for guys

    • FashionFame profile image

      FashionFame 7 years ago from California

      Skinny Jeans For Men is a great idea. Liked your hub.