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Sleeping Beauty

Updated on December 3, 2009

 After coming home from a big night out, the last thing you think about is getting out the cotton wool pads to wipe off all that make up. Unfortunately though, as you relax your skin doesn’t and by the next morning, it is screaming out for help.

We all have succumbed to the bad habit of skipping the nightly face wash routine at some point, not realising the damage that this is doing to our skin.

Sleeping with make-up on is a big blunder and causes havoc to your skin. Dryness, spots, and redness are the common symptoms of badly conditioned skin that gives you a dull complexion that clogs pores and can cause eye irritation and premature skin ageing.


 Make these products a part of your skincare regime before you hit the pillow to keep your skin looking fresh in the morning:


1. Oil of Olay Daily Facials:  These wipes are convenient, quick and hygienic and effective for removing daily bacteria. It cleanses and tones the skin leaving your skin feeling refreshed. For best results, simply wet the cloth and work into a lather and apply to the face and neck and rinse off with warm water.

Price: £4.99 from Boots and other leading drugstores


2.  Camomile Eye make- up remover and gel (The Body Shop):  The herbal ingredient which is known for its soothing and healing elements is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. The gentle formula helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Also use Camomile moisturising eye supplement to keep your eyes looking fresh.

Price: £6.00


3. Olay pro-v regenerating night cream: this is great for mature skin making it soft and smoothes away tiredness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles often caused by excess makeup.  Containing Vitamin E, apply to the face and neck after removing make up before going to sleep to relax your skin.

Price: £9.00


4. Revlon’s Absolute purifying Cleanser: this new product by Revlon is great to use first thing in the morning. The cleansing milk is full of soothing and purifying properties which nourishes your skin. The purifying milk clears all toxins and impurities, which build up bacteria causing premature ageing. Add this to your skincare regime, finishing off with Revlon’s Absolute toner and moisturising cream, leaving your skin fresh, soft and supple.

Price: £8.95


Most importantly, having a well balanced diet of fruit, fish and vegetables can work wonders for your skin as well as drinking plenty of water to help keep your skin moist and revitalised everyday.


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