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Sleeping with make-up on

Updated on May 13, 2011

Why Sleep with the makeup on?

Who and why would want to be sleeping withmakeup on? Well, many of us for many reasons. But is it healthy for the skin? Is it going to generate some negative effects over time? What kind ofmakeup is safe to sleep with on your face? How to rescue your skin after a night out and some hours of sleep with your face still wearing that makeup.

Mistakes in daily care of your complexion

What you shouldn't do if you want a clear, healthy complexion

To care for your physical appearance you don't need just cosmetic products. There are mistakes that you can do without even knowing it. Did you know that sleep is important for a healthy and good looking complexion ? It is important how, in what position you sleep, or that when you wash your face the water temperature is also important? Some small details can have a huge effect on the look of your complexion.

  • Sleeping with makeup on your face is not considered healthy! Regenerative processes in the skin are more intense at night and so it is essential that the skin is cleaned up before going to sleep. Otherwise, various adverse effects may occur such as blemishes, acne, excess sebum, a matte finish or dry skin.
  • To get more sleep on one side of the face than on the other. During sleep it is impossible to control which side of the face you sleep on, but you can at least take care not to sleep too often on the same side, pointing out to avoid wrinkles. Also, choose a softer pillow, that is made of a smooth fabric.
  • Washing with hot water. Cleaning the skin of various residues that gather during the day, after exposure to many factors, it is a good thing, but if you use hot water you will do more harm than good. This is because water has a temperature high enough to cause broken capillaries on the face.Capillary walls are very thin and elastic and therefore they are so sensitive to temperature. It is best to use warm water or even cold water that will revitalize the tissues.
  • Rubbing the skin around your eyes
  • The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the face and most sensitive, especially as it has sebaceous glands. Therefore, the more you rub the skin over the area, the skin stretches even more. So you should avoid rubbing your eyes after you wake up and not press too hard when you're cleansing your complexion.
  • Using too much face cream Wanting to make things as good as possible, you might use too much face cream. In this case, the skin can not absorb all the product, as skin cells will not be able to breathe properly and the result will be clog pores.

Reasons for sleeping with makeup on

It's not healthy but you need to do it sometimes

Don't make it a habit if you want a healthy complexion and want to avoi acnee and wrinkles. Although Lady Gaga claims she always sleeps withmakeup on because she has good genes, I don't think she's honest and even if the good genes will support you a while things will look worse over time.I have good genes but after a few nights of sleep withmakeup on my face, my complexion doesn't look as healthy as usually.

So, if you don't have good genes like Lady Gaga, and you have some imperfections on your skin you don't want your boyfriend to see, or you've spent a night out and at five o'clock in the morning after some drinks and a lot of smoke you just want to throw yourself on that comfortable bed, you need to rescue your face when you wake up, I'll give you some tips below.

Rescue your face skin with these tips

A night out, a few hours of sleep with the makeup on, here's what you should do

  • Hydration galore

    Using a heavy moisturizing cream, as it has the potential to attenuate wrinkles and gives the skin some light and thus the face will regain its freshness and vigor. It is advisable to choose a product rich in vitamins C and E.Skin will recover in minutes, without appearing to have made %u200B%u200Ban effort lately.
  • Use some lemon juice

    The lemon juice should be applied with a cotton disc after you wash you face with some warm or cold water. Clean your face with the lemon juice, but don't rub it too hard as its acids may irritate the skin. After a few minutes clean again with cold water.
  • Shea butter mask

    Use some shea butter as a natural mask. You can mix it with some clay powder, water, and olive oil to make a nutritive mask that will hydrate the skin and make it glow. Let it stand on your face for at least five minutes then wash.
  • Face cream and air

    Put on some face cream after you've cleanse your face and go for a walk. Drink an orange juice and plenty of water.

Mineral Makeup is safe for sleeping with it on your face

It's not cheap but it's a great aid when you want to sleep with your makeup on

Mineral Makeup contains enough active and beneficial ingredients that work during the night. Whether you wake up very early and apply it in the evening, whether you have to spend a whole night and you want to look perfect, mineral makeup will stay where it belongs, taking care of your skin


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