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Slim Wallet:What You Need to Know

Updated on November 28, 2016

Tired of carrying bulky wallets? Want to change that beat up wallet? Or maybe you just want something nice for yourself this holiday? Why not invest in a slim wallet?

Bills should go inside the wallet.
Bills should go inside the wallet.

What Is A Slim Wallet?

Slim wallet or the minimalist wallet is the next big thing for men (and women) when it comes to wallet.The minimalist wallet is thin, small and lightweight but still allows to fit what is regularly put in a traditional wallet. It is designed to carry the basic necessities that is usually carried such as credit cards, small amount of cash and ID’s for work. It is designed to fit into the back pocket as well as the front pocket without the bulky feeling.

It also offers style, comfort, and easy access that most men would definitely want in a wallet. There are a lot of wallets today that are made up of leather, cloth, plastic,vinyl, and even paper which leads us to the next question.

What is the best material for a wallet?

Leather is still the best material when it comes to wallets. Leather materials are waterproof and offer that elegant and sleek look. This kind of material also offers durability so you can use it for a long time no matter how hard you use it. When choosing a wallet, invest in something that you can use for years to come like the one from Pure Sir’s collections which you can acquire online through the link below.

Turn your thick wallet into a slim one.
Turn your thick wallet into a slim one.

Why Slim Wallet?

Indeed, why choose a slim wallet when you can get a regular wallet where you can put everything you need? But then again, slim wallet also offers the same. So why get a regular wallet, when you can get a slimmer, thinner, lighter, and sleeker version, right?

As previously mentioned, a slim wallet is designed to carry the basic necessities such as credit cards, a bit of cash, and ID’s. Some slim wallets offer ample storage for such a small size. Some comes equipped with an ID window for easy identification, money clip to store bills with ease, 3 or more credit card slots, and inner pouches to store up to 10 cards or cash.

Wrap a slim wallet for a gift this Christmas.
Wrap a slim wallet for a gift this Christmas.

Pure Sir’s slim wallet also comes with the latest RFID blocking technology to keep you safe from malicious identity and banking information theft. With the added feature to slim wallet, this wallet is every man’s essential item for any occasion. Whether, a night out on the town, traveling around the world, or relaxing with friends, you will be at ease knowing that the most important and personal information stays secured.

A regular wallet can get uncomfortable and annoying especially when traveling. It is bulky, heavy, and not stylish at all. A slim wallet on the other hand, has a sleek design that makes it the quintessential travel wallet for every man. It’s easy to slip into your back pocket or front pocket and carry it with you wherever you go.

With all this information in mind, why not ditch that bulky wallet you’ve always had, and switch to the sleeker, slimmer version – the slim wallet or minimalist wallet. Read more about Pure Sir’s slim wallet being sold in Amazon through our link above. Also, watch the video below for more information.


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