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Some Odd Hair Color Ideas Which Will Make You Look Smart

Updated on August 23, 2012
Hair by Mark Leeson
Hair by Mark Leeson | Source

Generations of women have lounged through systematic changes in which their hair was worn. Every autumn or two comes up with its patent hair color ideas. Earlier, owing to little mercies and deficient brands, there would be numerous troubles, but hair color industry has since reinvented itself phenomenally. Now, you can not only theme out refreshing hair color ideas 2011 but also work on them.

Certain Phenomenal Cool Hair Color Ideas

One idea that will carve you into a fairy is to bleach your hair white and to adorn it with pure white attire. An enveloping orange wreathe or headband will add spectacular dash to your aspect. Another would be tilt somewhat towards Kim Kardarshian and streak your side partings into different colors and lots of gloss. Yet another would be let a crown of acid green complement sparkling silver or pear necklace. For those with an eye for color contrasts, hair color is something more than fun.

Taming Your Roots For Dark Hair Color

Sometimes, with those going for dark hair color ideas, roots become an issue and their damaged texture destroy your total look. You can either use gel or marker to hide out its effects. You may also hydrate your hair with special hair masks so that hair gets pervaded up to the roots. Thick locks are more attuned to dark hair color ideas and ring the bell with black, purple or stinking green. Just remember to keep your hair flowing and layered.

Refreshing Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Good thing about blonde hair color ideas is the subtlety these practice. You have to envision nude and sober colors; from chocolate brown to metallic grey to shaky orange. If you want to retain flamboyance, it will elicit the use of peroxides and pomade. Blonde hair looks stunning with side-swept bangs or curls and updos (Marilyn Monroe). You can opt for reverse Balayage where the root will have a darker content than upper light tones.

Hair by Mark Leeson
Hair by Mark Leeson | Source

How To Keep Hair Color Refreshing?

The first thing is mental equilibrium, wherein you have to adjust and abide by the nature and texture of your hair. If you have too much fuzz, opt for dark hair color as the frizzes will be largely hidden from view. Also, keep hair well-moistened and conditioned with color-protective and alcohol-free products. These will help enhance and maintain the tone. You will have to shampoo every other day and rinse well. Try to finger-curl instead of using irons all the time. Utilize streaks and gloss for metallic shine. Stay away from too much heat or Sun and don’t perm often. Apply color only after bleaching for near-permanent effects. Demi-permanent and semi-permanent hair color ideas are a nice option for a refreshing and lasting tinge.

One Of The Smartest Hair Color Ideas 2011

If you have a clear and florid ski complexion, you can use potent satiny blue color on your locks lining up to your shoulder. This color, much like red, catches untold attention and gels well with said complexion. You are guaranteed to stand tall by utilizing one of the smartest hair color ideas.


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