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Smartphone Updates - Watch Out!

Updated on April 14, 2012

GET to know your smartphone!

Just a quick tip for hub readers. Don't get caught out like I did on data because of updates!

Smartphones have become the norm but one of the features of smartphones is auto updates for the various apps you get by default or which you download.

For example, your email provider will usually have an email app for Android or Iphone which will automatically check your email inbox and alert you when new email comes through. Same with social networking sites that work in the background to keep you up to date. These go back and forth between the internet and your smartphone checking - how often may depend on the particular app.

An app containing maps of your country may also eat plenty of data when updated.

Various apps - too numerous to mention on your phone will automatically check for updates from their respective addresses. Of course it's good to be updated but not good if you go over your data allowance.

YOU CAN SWITCH off automatic updates. I suggest DO!

FIND OUT HOW ON YOUR PHONE - usually in settings - you will thank me!

If you don't you may end up, like me, unwittingly receiving a costly bill for going over you DATA allowance.

No-one tells you about the astronomical rates once you go over!

The ISP (internet service provider - Verizon, AT & T, Vodaphone or whatever in your country (check!)...) may have an app which logs your data and sends you an alert when you go over your limit. GET IT if they provide this service but NOT NECESSARILY by DEFAULT - you might have to explicitly ask for it.

Of course there is the other option of downloading an app which can LIMIT your data usage (see video).

The other way is to up your allowance which is usually quite inexpensive compared to going over!

I thought I was safe with 2GB (gigabytes) per month - but the way things are going and especially if you are viewing plenty of videos, pics and GIFS (animated pics) and other data hungry apps your allowance will be eaten up in NO time. I used to always have this BEAST under WRAPS so I thought because I averaged well under 1GB but it gets out of control very quickly when AUTOMATIC updates are operating in the background of your phone.

Lastly, learn to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hostspot - this is a great little feature of smartphones because you can sit at your wi-fi enabled laptop and recieve the internet straight off your smartphone.

I have an Android. There is an app (see Tom's video) which allows you to put a limit on your data. I have no affiliation whatsoever with Tom's video simply found it to be a good simple explanation.


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    • profile image
      Author 5 years ago

      I'm always glad I've been of help to such wonderful people as yourself drbj - when I was first introduced to GB and Megabytes and Kilobytes I had no idea - getting to know what the relevance of these are in terms of our data allowances and downloads will prevent nasty surpises to the hip pocket! Thanks for the pop up drbj!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

      What a timely suggestion, psychicdog. I have been updating my many smartphone apps constantly with little thought or regard for additonal charges. Who knew? Now I do - thanks to you!