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Smokin' Red Accessories for Women

Updated on August 28, 2016

Red is a Powerful Color

Colors can carry strong emotions with them and red carries them boldly. Red hot is something that people will sometimes say to convey extreme anger or emotion, but it can also be used to describe someone who is looking extremely sexy or fashionable.

Choosing to wear red is a brave choice, especially for people who shy away from making a bold color statement in their day to day wear. Know that if you do select red, even in small doses, it is a color that grabs the attention of people.


Red Lips

Red Lips are so beautiful when done correctly. Sometimes, people blunder and apply their lipstick in a way that is clownish or garish.

When using a red lipstick, make sure that you prep your mouth. Brush your teeth before you apply your color. I always use a washcloth to remove any residue from lip balm or primer. If you use a lipstick primer, this is the time to apply it.

Use a lipliner that is as close to the same color as your lipstick as you can find. Using the liner, use small feathery strokes to create the perfect lip shape. When you are through, a lip brush applied to the lipstick and then your mouth is the best tool to make sure that the color is completely even and defined. After you are done with the color, carefully blot your lips. Apply a finishing powder over the top using a large brush. I have a brush designed for finishing powder that I only use on my mouth. You don't want lip color repeated on your eyes and face. When you are done, apply another layer of color. Reapply as necessary, but don't overdo it or let your lipstick remain on your teeth.


Red Shoes Show Off Your Feet

For the formal event, my friend wanted to wear a black gown, the same as everyone else, but she also wanted to show off a little bit. A pair of red shoes is the perfect idea to bring attention to the wearer by being a shock of color. If a solid red shoe is still too much red for you, consider a patterned shoe, or a shoe where red is an accent color.

Also make sure that if you are wearing an open toe shoe with a pedicure that you bring your shoes with you when you get you nails done so that the shades and tones of the reds used are in the same color family.


Red Coats Always Perfectly Fit the Weather

My eyes were drawn across the cold lawn that was covered in snow to the brunette wearing the long red coat. Everything else she wore was black,even her nail polish was nondescript, but the bright red coat simply grabbed your attention. Everyone was looking at her as she spoke on her phone. It was like we were looking at a movie star that morning.

When you wear a red coat, it is like you are telling everyone that you are not even remotely phased by the cold weather, because your coat and you are both so hot. Choose a red that looks good with your skin tone. The great thing about a red coat is that you can really change the look with well thought out accessories.

When we were in China, a woman walked slowly across the plaza. Her red coat was beautiful, what made it and her stand out was the yellow belt that closed it. The colors stood out and she was the form of grace and elegance.

Red coats don't need to be a solid red, either. Red and black combined can be found everywhere, as can red and white, red and blue, and patterns that include red in them. I saw a black coat with red poppies in England last year, it was so beautiful that I wanted one. Unfortunately, it was sold out. Red is a strong color and you should wear it to feel cheerful, powerful and confident.


Red Socks

Red Socks are discreet or screaming for attention, depending on what you wear them with. Worn under dress pants, a red sock can really grab attention. Breaking it up with a stripe or a dot is sometimes a more fun look. Worn with a skirt and pair of boots where the sock can peek out can be a very fun flash of color. I went to a party one year where a man wore a charcoal grey suit paired with a red pocket square and a pair of red socks, his watch also had a red face on it. He was the talk of the party for his beautiful clothing and accessories, but especially his socks, which had tiny devils embroidered on them.

If you choose to wear red socks, Don't be alarmed if the first time that you wear the socks your feet are pale red. Sometimes, the dyes that are used can bleed out onto our skin. If in doubt, wash your socks a couple of times in cold water before the first time that you wear them to make sure that your socks don't bleed color out on your, your shoes or your clothes. I will repeat this: Wash reds in cold water to ensure that the color stays vibrant for as long as possible. I do not dry red socks IN the dryer, but rather on top so that they are not exposed to the higher heat in the dryer. With a pair of mine that have lace, I line dry them by placing them over a towel rack in the bathroom. It prevents the lace from shrinking and ruining the beautiful sock that was purchased in Scotland.

If you find a pair of red socks that you really like, I would advise you to get another pair if you think that you will be wearing them a good deal because dye lots vary and you might not get the same color again.


Red Sneakers

Red sneakers are a lot of fun because of the whimsical statement that they make. I love a red tennis shoe worn with a white or black sock because the color combination is really striking.

Recently, there has been a trend of mismatching socks. If you do this, please try to come up with a theme for the mismatching, or else it can be confusing. I like the idea a lot. I saw a young lady who was wearing one white sneaker with a red sock, and the opposite on the opposite foot. It looked really good and she said that she got a lot of comments about the match. I told her that I liked the idea, and she told me that she bought different colors of Converse sneakers with her extra money from babysitting and that she currently had over 20 pairs. I think it is cool how she is making a different fashion statement. I would have never thought of mixing and matching my sneakers, but it was a very cool effect.

Don't Be Afraid of Red!

Red is a fun bold color, and wearing it can make you feel fun, bold, empowered or sassy! Get your red out and make your day memorable!

About Me

I love writing hubs, and this one about red really got me thinking about making more splashes in my colors for work.

I can't wait to hear from you about your red experiences!

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