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Smooth, Pimple-Free Face Home Regimen

Updated on May 4, 2020
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I used to be a chronic pimple sufferer myself, but have found some ways that worked wonders for me in eliminating pimples. Now, I'm sharing.

What's really causing your pimples?

There are many culprits as to why you have those annoying zits on your face, chest or back. You can blame it on dust, allergy, all the oily and fatty food products you gobbled up or you can chalk that up on genetics.That being so unspecific, there are a number of ways you can do to get those zits under control, if not eliminate them completely.

It is vital to understand what's really causing your pimples. You may have noticed that buying over-the-counter medications or facial creams that claim to eliminate your skin problems may not solve your dilemma at all. Perhaps, you are not addressing the causes of your pimples. Thus, no matter how much product you use, they keep coming back, if not become worse.

What I Did and What You Can Do to Treat your Pimples Effectively

Treating pimples is no joke. After all, it took me many years to finally be free of them!

When I had my share of shameful zits on my face, I tried many products to help treat them. There were those that did nothing on my skin, but a lot of damage to my wallet. Some gave me a little hope as they diminished the pimples slightly but when I stopped using the product because I was concerned about the cost, they came back again. It was frustrating!

Then the era of the Internet changed my life. It made it easier to do some digging.I did some research about pimples. I found out that what I have been doing was trying to just mask the problem as I put more face cream on affected areas. I simply believed in products that were advertised on TV that did nothing, and sometimes worsened my condition. Then, I thought that perhaps if i found the root cause of all this, I could finally be ridding myself of the symptoms (pimples). So, of course, I started with the simplest thing there is.

I got more hygienic as there are pimple-causing germs, of course. I started to wash face more thoroughly, making sure no soap residue was left when I rinsed my face.I avoided scrubbing face harshly and used only my hands when soaping. I was more careful about the products I used on my face and used soaps that were gentle and with less perfume and chemicals. I made sure that I also never slept without cleaning my face. From there, I have noticed that whenever I forgot to wash my face before I went to bed, a new pimple surfaced the next day. By just doing that, my pimples did not worsen. Another thing worth trying is including Hyrdogen Peroxide as part of your washing regimen. What I do is to put about 10 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in about a glass of water and use the diluted formula as my last rinse after washing my face. That's also very effective especially if dust or germs are the ones causing your pimples as this product kills bacteria. If you're afraid to do that, you can also try using honey as a home remedy. Honey worked wonders for me too. I learned that honey also acts as antibacterial. It has to be pure, raw honey though or else it would not work. After cleansing face, I rinsed with slightly warm water to open my skin's pores, toweled it dry and used my finger to dab honey on my face. I let it sit there for 10 minutes, then rinsed it. In fact, I highly recommend this honey treatment. It's easy and from experience, my pimples did not just disappear, it gave me rosy cheeks too!

I also cut out the dairy. Research suggests that dairy may be what's triggering acne and pimples. This was not very easy because I love cheese, milk and cream on my coffee, not to mention the creamy butter on my hot bread for breakfast. I love the island dressing on my salad and the spread on my sandwiches. But that all had to go! I, however, did not say total elimination, but sure, my consumption on dairy did have a huge chunk cut out, and about a quarter left. But hey, if you can cut them out of your diet totally, that would even be more impressive! So, try to be more mindful about what you eat. Try to eat less fried food, avoid anything oily (and that includes fatty meat) and let go of the cream on your tea or coffee, the chocolate bars and cakes and pastries.

Sugars can also be a culprit. Studies have shown that high levels of sugar in the blood (high glycemic index) can cause your hormones to act up and cause inflammation that affects the skin. In other words, sugar is an inflammatory food. So you should keep added sugars off your diet too! This is really a huge struggle for me because I am a sweet tooth. I love my sodas, cakes and other sugary treats. However, every time I use less if not no sugar at all on my coffee, I notice a huge difference in my skin's condition. The chest and back pimples would go away in a matter of two days and my skin would look less wrinkly and dehydrated. Indeed, I would say that avoiding excessive sugar intake would definitely improve your skin and pimples. You can try to avoid 3-in-1 instant coffee sachets or other products if you are fond of them. Having them is hard for you to control your sugar intake. Nowadays, I notice that every time I drink 3-in-1 coffee sachets, my pimples would surface and I would get some on my chest and back too. Also bear in mind that sugars come in many forms. They aren't just present in sweets. It could be that bland bread or rice you are eating that eventually gets converted to glucose in your body. Remember your chemistry class - carbohydrates turns into glucose (sugar) in your body. While our body needs glucose, too much of everything can be bad for our body too! Now, I know that sugar addiction may be very challenging, but keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water instead of eating sweets or eating fiber or protein instead of bread or ice cream may help as substitutes. Good luck!

Hormonal acne can also be blamed for all those unwanted growth on your skin. I would have to say thought that I am lucky and have not had hormones as the cause of my pimples. However, in my research, I have learned that the levels of testosterone, estrogen and cortisol (stress hormone) can go out of whack and therefore, trigger acne. Do you notice that when you are stressed, your skin may be more prone to break out? Then, that could be your cortisol hormone in the works. Women in their child-bearing or menopausal years may also have fluctuations in their hormones and induce the production of oil in the pores leading to break outs. So, what can you do? Get those hormones in control if you can. Don't stress too much if that's what you have been up to these days and if that doesn't help, maybe it is time to go see a dermatologist to get your hormones under control. It may not just be a classic case of traditional pimples, but one requiring serious medical attention.

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