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Sneakers for women that love fashion

Updated on November 23, 2013

Sneakers are mainly for women who want to look cool, smart and at the same time trendy. If you have no business with looking good and smart, then sneakers for women may not be your best buy. But if you are conscious of your looks both in size and appearance, then “girl I tell ya’all, that you need a pair of this sneaker for women”

Types Of Sneakers For Women

Sneakers make it easy for one to run errands during the week end or after office hours. The women sneakers come in various colors, sizes and designs which means you having variety of choice. What I have found out is that most women are more comfortable wearing sneakers especially when going for shopping the summer time. As the summer holiday approaches many women would be scrambling over the latest design of women sneakers.

Due to my weight problem I love wearing my pair of sneakers every evening after I get back from work. What I do is just to take a walk by the water sides view the beauty of nature and then exercise my body a bit by taking faster walks. Though that may not be the reason why you want to buy your sneakers.

Women Sneakers can immediately bring out the curves in you when wearing a boot cut jeans pant. It quickly livens up the woman aspect of you giving you that smart, cool and sexy looks. Why I love women sneakers so much is that I am not the type that you would easily catch with a high heeled shoes, so I easily compliment my looks and dressing with unique and nice sneakers that are meant for women.

Slingback Women Sneakers

The women slingback sneaker looks so fashionable and trendy. It can go with a denim skirt, sports outfit and casual wear. It would be best during the summer season, to allow proper ventilation to the feet. It feels comfortable on the sole of the feet that when wearing it, you would feel more comfortable. It gives you easier access to make adjustment to your sneaker.


Mule sneakers for women

Women mule sneakers: The mule sneaker for women is one of the easiest women sneakers to wear. It comes in variety of colors and designs, with the easy to wear features those who are always on the run would want to consider this. It can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Though it has a similar look like the slip-on sneakers but it does actually feels comfortable on the heels and toes.


Velcro And Strap Sneaker

Women Velcro and strap sneakers: The Velcro and strap sneakers makes it easier for you to fasten your sneakers, and adjust it whenever you feel like without wasting much time. The straps can be fitted according to size of your feet and on how free you would want it to be on your feet.
The strap sneakers can be worn with any casual wear when going for shopping or taking a walk.
One thing about velcro sneakers is that it comes in trendy looks and style, that it can be worn even during a festival period, for festive celebration, like christmas, new year eve, valentine eve for easy movement.

Lace-up sneaker for women

Women lace-up sneaker: The lace-up sneakers is most suitable for sports and walking. The strap helps it to fit firmly on your fit thereby giving you proper balance to move without the fear of the sneaker loosing from your feet.


Slip-on Sneakers for women

Women Slip-on Sneakers:This is one of the best casual sneakers for women. All you do is to slip your feet on it and you are on the go without any hassles, though this may not be the best for sports as it has nothing to hold on to.

Red Women Sneakers

 One of the colors that I don’t joke with is my red colored sneakers, be it spotted with red, stripped with red as long as there is a touch of red I would always fall for it. The reason being that red colored sneakers for women makes you look hot even during the cold season, and it can go with any color of your dressing. It can be worn during the Halloween as foot costume or during your valentines eve shopping to signify the spirit of love. The color generally attracts love and luck, so be sure to celebrate love around the corner when wearing a red sneaker.


Wedge Women Sneakers

Wedge sneaker is another fashion statement to have come to stay. From the looks you can see that the wedge sneaker is a bit high, thereby giving one a proper posture while walking, jogging or taking a walk.

Women Black Sneakers

Black sneakers for women: The black sneakers is for women who may not want their outfit to look too shoutie. The black women sneakers would also be suitable for khakis, long jeans pants, and three-quarter jeans pants. Black sneakers don’t easily gets dirty, hence it can be used during the wet season and dusty season when the weather may be a little bit hazy.


Women Green Sneakers

Green sneakers for women: Green is funky and sharp, its not common seeing a lady with a green sneakers, but I tell you this color is one of my best color when it comes to casual wears. The green color makes your outfit looks more matured and gorgeous, the admiration you would get from your friends and on-lookers would be a moral booster. In fact a green sneaker has a long way to go as far as women fashion is concerned due to the effect it has on the wearer. Green is known for living thing and vegetation and it’s widely believed that wearing a green colored outfit would increase your life span by at least 8years of your normal life.


Women Brown Sneakers

 Brown sneakers for women: The brown sneakers come in sporty shades, fun shades and trendy shades that you can make your selections from if you’re the sports loving type. It can go alongside with khakis, demin and cords. It’s a never dull color which can be worn at  any time of the year for all your indoors and outdoors activities.

Women Pink Sneakers

Pink sneakers for women: The pink colored sneaker is a more youthful color. It brings out the youthfulness in you. It makes you look younger and smashing. I would recommend this for those who love to appear smashing.


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