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Charming Camisole Bras For Men And Women

Updated on October 16, 2009

Sometimes a bra is not enough. You want more than a bra, but less than a full blown camisole. You want to experience the greatest amount of concentrated lingerie in the smallest space possible. You want to be banded about the chest, held firm by lingerie which both supports you and makes you look amazing. You though that it couldn't be done, but you hadn't met a camisole bra yet.

You might wonder why the camisole bra was ever invented. It might seem a little redundant. After all, if you want to wear a bra, wear a bra. If you want a camisole as well, then put one on over top. But you're forgetting something. Modern women don't have time to put on two separate layers of lingerie before they even start getting dressed. This isn't the 16th century. Women have jobs. Places to go. People to see. So, to save time and allow women to display the lace of their camisole under their little business shirts without actually having to wear a camisole, the camisole bra was invented.

Camisole bras therefore feature a pretty band of lace above the cups, carefully designed to be visible to the passer by on the street. It's naughty, but there's no telling women that they shouldn't flash their undergarments to the world, and there's certainly no telling men not to either.

Comfort Choice Soft Cup Cami Bra

Available in plus sizes, this saucy bra is fully adjustable, all the way too 'off on the floor.' The soft cup offer feminine shape, and provide the ambitious man who wears lingerie with something to fill. The brassiere comes in a wide range of colors, from the baby blue pictured, to classic red, and of course, beige.

Wacoal Center Stage Cami Bra

You can always trust Wacoal not to beat around the bush about their intent. This is a bra designed purely to show off your cleavage, and they don't care who knows it. Mesh back straps and soft black cups make way for a crescendo of lace at the strategically important location.

Maidenform Must Have

Maidenform also comes to the cami bra party with this little camisole bra perfectly suited to men with a little less in the chest area. You get all the lace and all the semi camisole action without having to worry about displaying lace to the world. It's the delicate choice for the discerning man.


This camisole bra has been profiled before, but in case you didn't read that article, here it is again in all its glory. Stunning designer lingerie at its finest, wouldn't you agree?



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    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      I just got two items like the Maidenform you featured. The store I bought from called them bralettes though. Stretchy, no hardware to show and give my growing girls something to aspire to.

    • profile image

      Cyndie_D 8 years ago

      Wonderful idea. Always glad when someone introduces me to a new form of lingerie, thanks.