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Best Soft Sole Shoes For Toddlers

Updated on November 12, 2015
Take a cue from the horse.
Take a cue from the horse. | Source

Soft Soles Infant And Toddler Shoes - Just What Your Walking Baby Needs

Walking barefoot allows the muscles around your baby’s foot to acquire strength and to help your child master the balance needed to stand and walk. And, while allowing your baby to go barefoot is a great way to promote normal growth in your baby’s foot, there are times you may need to protect your baby’s foot from hard and rough surfaces when you go outdoors.

The park grass can sometimes have sharp bristles, and the park benches may have splinters. So, if you do have to have your infant or toddler baby in shoes, there are foot wears that are designed with the health of your baby’s foot in mind. These foot wears provide the protection your baby needs from hard and rough surfaces, while providing the health benefits of being barefoot.

So, the question is, "What should I look for when buying my baby's shoes?".

When it comes to choosing and buying your toddler baby's shoes, make no compromise for comfort, softness, support, and flexibility. These are key things to look for in any shoe worthy of your baby's foot.♥

So, Your Little Boy/Girl is Starting To Walking

Which would you choose for your walking, but waddling toddler?

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Soft, flexible shoes with ankle support.
Soft, flexible shoes with ankle support.

Comfortable, Flexible, Soft Baby's Shoe With Great Support

Lots of parents of infants and toddlers fall into the temptation of buying just any shoe for their infant and toddler babies. Most infant and toddler shoes out there, especially name brand shoes are not necessarily safe for your kids. So, when your little ones are starting to take those little, waddling steps, you really want to go easy on the shoes.

Toddlers needs to feel the earth below them as they learn to walk. But, if your toddler really have to have on some type of shoe, where there may be some potential for danger, here are a few things to look for when deciding what types of shoe to get your infant or toddlers:

Comfort – Shoes must be super comfortable. Your child’s precious little feet are fragile, so keep them comfortable.

Flexibility – Shoes must be very flexible. The bones and muscles around your baby’s foot are still growing. So, the shoes you pick should adapt with them.

Soft – Babies, infants and toddlers have very soft skin. So should their shoes, especially the sole. You wouldn't want to dress your baby up in shoes that feel rough to their skin. There are cheaper ways to give a pedicure. Not that your baby needs any!

Support – Shoes must provide the needed support to your baby’s ankles, arch, sole, and toes. It is important to get medium to wide width shoes with ample room for baby's toes, so as to prevent corn build-up and blisters that can result from wearing tight or narrow width shoes. Your baby’s growing ankle needs shoes that give that support without hindering its mobility. Please, no sling-back style for your infant or toddler babies, and NO HEELS! Limit that to your wardrobe. Sling-style and heels on your infant or toddler baby shoes are an accident waiting to happen.

Here are a few recommended infant and toddler shoe brand that fits these categories of comfortable, flexible, soft baby shoes with great support...

Little Blue Lamb Sqeaky Shoes

It's hard to believe, but this brand of infant and toddler shoes are actually handmade. They are handcrafted with natural soft leather, with each shoe pair detailed with two Velcro straps. The ankle also has elastic for a good snugly fitting.

The sole is equipped with non-slip rubber pads that helps keep your little one from slipping and falling. There's a squeak mechanism on each shoe pair that's sure to arouse your kids interest and encourage walking.

Robeez Kids Shoes

These shoes have soft and non-slip micro-suede soles. The sole helps your baby learns to walk. Robeez Kids shoes are made of the softest leathers that are not only comfortable, but flexible and durable. They are void of the irritating feeling you get when wearing shoe that is made of imitation leather.

Momo Baby Shoes

These are also made of soft sole. The shoe uppers are made from ventilated, soft premium grade leather. Premium grade leathers are breathable leather, they are also soft to the touch.

This makes it a perfect choice in the crafting of baby’s shoes as it helps keep your baby's foot cool and dry. Momo Baby Shoes have stays on - elastic ankle that ensures the shoe stays securely on your child’s foot.

See Kai Run Shoes

These shoe brand designs are another great find that are usually made of butter-soft breathable leather, which makes them perfect for your child's growing little feet.

See Kai Run shoes have flexible rubber soles which allows your baby's foot to flex in all the right places. And the Velcro closure on each shoe pair helps give a snugly fit, and makes it easy to put on and take off.

Handmade Kids Shoes on Etsy

There are thousands of handmade shoes on etsy market place that are suitable for your kids. Most are made out of soft, breathable fabrics and leather. Some are made of recycled leather materials.

The good thing about buying on the etsy marketplace is the ability to have the shoes custom made to your taste and preference. Sometimes, you might even find them to be cheaper than factory made. Plus, you'll be buying handmade, and helping a small business owner to stay in business.


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Author: Comfort Babatola - © 2013


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      The shoes you posted are so adorable. They didn't make them like this when my child was born. Great options for parents/children and so much more support for those growing feet.

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 5 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      @twoseven - Thanks for mentioning the See Kai Run shoe brand. Haven't heard of those. I'll make a mention of it up there.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Very well appreciated.

    • twoseven profile image

      twoseven 5 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Great hub! We loved the Robeez - I also like all the fun quirky designs they have. My son got some really cool alien ones as a present, and those are what he learned to walk in. We also really liked the ones from See Kai Run, which had even a little more sole support but were still nice and comfortable. I hadn't heard of the Momo ones, but I will have to check those out for the next one!