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Some 4 tricks to try so you can look like you slept for nine hours

Updated on January 21, 2012
Foundation to make you look awake.
Foundation to make you look awake.

How to fake your sleep

When you are still up at the very late hours of the night for example lets say at 3am or 2am it is rather hard for you to stay awake especially when you are at a important event for your job or simply in a party with friends or important people and you don't want to risk looking like a sleeping walker in front of other people then here are some solutions you should try. So you can look like you slept for nine hours when in reality you did not at all.

The parts of the face where you can apply make-up on to freshen your face.
The parts of the face where you can apply make-up on to freshen your face.
the essential of looking awake.
the essential of looking awake.

The facts

Sleeping is an important activity of the night that our bodies need in order to maintain good health it helps us replenish our self and our mind to stay in good shape it also helps with our appearance.

The benefits of sleeping

  • It helps you stay focus for the beginning of the day.
  • It helps you feel good.
  • Your body is well rested for another day of hard work.
  • It also helps your skin to stay clear believe it or not.

One thing you can do so you can seem like if you woke up is to use a morning mist it opens up your capillaries to get the blood flowing it is something that keeps you refreshed. But the upside of it is that if you really want for the mist to work in waking you up make sure to spray it all over your face and let the water stay in there for two whole minutes. Another thing you can do is to give yourself a massage using your own fingers from your hands from the pads of your fingers without using your nails. Going to the inner, lower eyelids by the temples continue down the temples, thru the cheeks down the neck keep on doing the same process three to five times. Doing this will make you feel better since when the eyes are puffy by pooled tears they help to create black circles.

Make use of the highlighter

A highlighter especially a shimmery one can be able to do miracles for your skin at any time of day more in the morning like at 7 am. when you barely woke up from your sleep and you have not eaten breakfast yet. The highlighter gives your face a sunny light and artificial light both in one which really helps your entire face look wide awake for the day. You can use some sheer cream formulas and apply it at the outer corner of the eyes and at the top of cheekbones. Another advice is for those of you who do not have a highlighter you can use a light eyeshadow as an alternative.

Be proud of a bold brush

Have you ever used a bright blush in the morning? if you have not then it is your chance to try it this time since it really does work wonders the brighter the better some of the colors that you can use on the apples of your cheeks are a peach and pinkish color they will give them that natural glow that will make you look good and alive at the same time.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Great tips that i can certainly use at times. Thank you for sharing..

    • poetvix profile image


      6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      Thanks for some useful tips. As a night owl, I can use them.


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