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Some tips for purchasing Eco-friendly clothing

Updated on March 9, 2013

The environment is changing alarmingly and we the people of the earth are responsible for such changes. In recent few years this topic had been discussing everywhere in the world. So there creates mass awareness among the people of the world and for this reason everybody tries to keep their own individual effort to the environment by taking some simple changes in life now a day. Sometimes it is quite tough to sacrifice many things which is not good for the environment such as carbon footprint, favorite foods, leisure or fashion.

There are many types of clothing lines on the market and it is really tough to find out the clothing line which is environmentally sound, inexpensive and have a fine look.

Which we may call Eco-friendly clothing?

Eco-friendly clothing is a new idea in the fashion industry. All raw materials and accessories which are needed to produce Eco-friendly clothing are sustainable for all. Many clothing brands produce these types of products in order to reduce environmental pollution during producing some things. Bamboo, silk, hemp, soy wool etc are some common raw materials for producing Eco-friendly clothing.

You can follow those tips given below for purchasing Eco-friendly clothing to acquire Eco-friendly wardrobe which will save your valuable time and money:

Quick search

When someone wants to buy Eco-friendly clothing from a shop or online a quick search may help to give the customer a clear idea about the brands which produce and offer Eco-friendly clothing to the customers. Sometimes people may think that Eco-friendly clothing is available only some certain Eco brands. But it is quite possible to find out Eco-friendly fashion pieces from other brands too because many other brands also may produce Eco-friendly clothing if the market demand for Eco-friendly clothing is very high. So you have to make a quick search before purchasing Eco-friendly clothing.

Check levels

Reading levels are very important thing in purchasing Eco-friendly clothing. Many brands may offer Eco-friendly clothing without having transparent advertisement so before purchasing anyone should check the level which will inform if the product is sustainable or not. You may check the fabrics of a product to avoid synthetic type materials like polyester instead of bamboo, hemp etc.

Recycled clothing

There is another way to find out environmentally sound clothing is taking some older and used cloths and transform them into new wear by altering into something modern. Though those cloths will not made of Eco friendly raw materials it will make a role in keeping environment sound because recycling of these products ensures that many wastes produced by old clothing will reduce. If there are any types of defects like a small tear or stain in the cloth you may cover it.


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    • BNadyn profile image

      Bernadyn 4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

      Good information, I believe in trying to find ways in our lifestyle to support a more eco-friendly way to live. It is important for our environment and so clothes is one of the ways we can try to do that. I shop a lot at consignment stores and thrift stores to recycle old clothing. I alter clothes I buy second-hand or my own clothes that are out of date and try to make it new and fresh again. Helpful article!