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Spicing Up The Little Black Dress

Updated on February 4, 2013

Helpful Hints From A Fashion Wannabe ;)

Okay, we’ve all got it. The ‘Little Black Dress.’ We can wear it anywhere. It’s so plain and versatile that, admit it, you’d be lost without it. But for those occasions when plain doesn’t cut it, and you’re watching your wallet (and the clock), here’s a few tips on spicing up that lifesaver.

Go bold.Nothing makes the eye more intrigued than a bold statement against a plain palette. Add a chunky cocktail ring. It’s a conversation starter, especially when on the hand holding your drink. Best thing about this? It could be anything! The more unique, the better! Even the colors can be brilliantly bright, or pretty pastels!

Play Up Your Curves. Girls, we all have them, no matter what size we are. That’s what makes us women beautiful exotic creatures. Why shouldn’t we flaunt them? So no matter where you’re curvy, there’s a way to balance it and play it up!

·Chest- Making sure your dress covers the ladies (we don’t want to look like a hoochy, girls), lightly dust some shimmer across your collar bone and on each breast. This accentuates the curvature of your chest when the light hits you. On the other hand, to balance out your chest and make it look smaller, if you have the same problem as me, dust some translucent powder over your chest to soak up any oil. You need your chest to have a matt finish. *Remember: Shiny is for curvy, while matt is for flat (Same as your face)*

·Waist- You’ve been blessed with a curvy middle and you want to accent it? Great! A thin belt should be your go-to accessory. The thin choice tricks the eye into believing your torso is longer and when placed correctly, pulls your waist tighter together, highlighting your favorite curves. *Tip: Make sure the belt isn’t tight. Even when you sit. It’s not very flattering if your belt digs into your skin, nor is it comfortable* As opposed to that, let’s say you feel your middle is too skinny and you want to thicken it up. (Eat a cheeseburger, that always seems to help in adding pounds *wink*) Use a thicker belt with a bright color or a noticeable pattern. The busy design or color adds visual bulk to your midsection, giving the illusion that you’re balanced out.

·Thighs- Ugh! I have the most unflattering thighs! So I know this one pretty well! My thighs are thicker and… not exactly toned, but it can be fixed! Wear darker tights or nylons. The darker shade is super sexy as well as slimming! Two wins in one! Also, if you want to bump up the sexiness, find the nylon/tights with the seam that runs up the back of the leg. Vertical lines are SUPER slimming. On the lucky side of this problem, if your thighs are too skinny, we’ll go back to the shine rule. Dust some shimmer in vertical lines down your thighs. Or if it’s cold out, wear nylons/tights the same color as your skin with a metallic threading in them. Some brands have this. You’ll have to look closely under the lights to determine if you found a brand with this added feature. Also, wear brightly colored shoes. It draws the eye lower down your body and past your thighs, balancing you out.

Step Into Sexy. We all know that a pair of KILLER heels can dominate the floor, but sometimes a flat can be just as hot! If you are wearing a simple outfit (Such as the dress, a cocktail ring, and tights/nylons), wear some booties. *These are my favorite shoe! They can be super sophisticated or downright HOT!* For those of you who don’t know what a bootie is, it’s a boot that stops just below or just above your ankle, some are an inch or two higher. If you’re short, make sure the booties have a heel/wedge, and they’re near the same color as your legs or nylons/tights. This trick lengthens your legs by making the colors blend together. If you’re taller or heels aren’t your thing, they do make flat booties. Also try to match the color of the booties to something else you’re wearing that’s higher up on your body, such as a necklace or the cocktail ring. The eye will try to connect the colors, causing your body to scrunch together. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a not so simple outfit (Dress, necklace, ring, and busy belt), then some simple flats or heels will work. Apply the same color ideas from the booties to these shoes.

Color Me Seasonal. Last one. Use the color palette outside as inspiration to tie your accessories together. In the spring, floral shades of pink and green can be used. In the summer, bright and bold colors such as plain blue or yellow work well. Autumn is full of warm crimsons and gold shades. Winter is cold like icy blue and neutral with earth tones.

Use any of these tips and you’ll look great without much effort or spending a bunch of money.

Stay classy, ladies! ;)

By Melanie Hartle


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    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 4 years ago from Southern Spain

      I enjoyed your hub as a black dress comes in very handy, Be nice to see a few photos with a dress + accessories together,