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Splat Hair Dye : Dying Your Hair with Splat Washables

Updated on June 22, 2012

Are you looking for some unique shades to color your hair that are fun and easy to do yourself at home? If you are just wanting to have a different look, show off a bit of rebellion, or make yourself look hot and sexy,Splat hair dye has what you are looking for. They have 16 different shades available.

  • Burnt Cherry
  • Luscious Rasberries
  • Cherry Pop
  • Screaming Scarlet
  • Red Coctail
  • Pink Fetish
  • Pink Fantasy
  • Fireballs
  • Kellys Blue
  • Blue Envy
  • Bodacious Blue
  • Purple Desire
  • Lusty Lavander
  • Sweet Ruby
  • Fighting Irish
  • Luscious Lemons

These are the permanent colors Splat carries but they also have washable hair colors too!

Splat Washables

Splat Washables are easy to apply to your hair. Each box contains a 1.5 oz. tube of color and a brush applicator. This hair dye washes out after just one shampoo. It is great for having a temporary change in your hair color. You can have streaks, dip your ends or have all over color. An awesome product for all the teens who want to dye their hair but their parents don't want them to have anything permanent done. It is so simple and fun, that you can have a different color everyday if you want. Splat Washables come in Hot 4 Pink, Purple Swag, Electric Blue, and Totally Red. They also carry a Glow line of colors; so your hair can glow in the dark. All Colors are available here!


  • You can comb and style your hair as usual.
  • There is no stiffness after applying hair color; your hair keeps its natural texture.
  • Their products are not tested on animals.

Splat Washables By The DIY DIVAS

DIY Hair Coloring

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