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Outrageous Perfume News Spring 2010

Updated on February 18, 2012

It seems the world of perfumes has gotten weirder this past year! So to commemorate that weirdness, here are some of the strangest headlines in perfume news. Read on to find out what perfume is performing badly, what perfume has been used for in China, and where we can expect to find perfumes in the future.

Perfume Fills Landfill (Photograph by Photographer Wang Jiuliang)
Perfume Fills Landfill (Photograph by Photographer Wang Jiuliang)

China Sprays Perfume into Landfill

As expansive landscapes slowly fill up with trash and as plastic waste coagulates in the oceans' large gyres, China is learning to deal with a special threat: landfill smells.

Ironically, while some places in the world are moving forward to achieve sustainable clean living and eliminate the burden of environmental issues, modern Beijing is plagued with a problem that most cities encountered in during the Middle Ages. Trash dumps around Beijing are growing, creating an odiferous ring around the city.

The trash management, or lack thereof, has become such an issue that urban Beijing residents are nightly accosted by the disgusting smells wafting from the landfills. How does Beijing's administration decide to combat the problem? Spray some perfume, apparently!  Hmm, sounds like a recipe for Eau de Trash!

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Prestige perfume sales were down, but not gift sets.
Prestige perfume sales were down, but not gift sets.

Perfume Sales Down

With the recession hitting hard, luxury beauty companies saw the world's economic troubles reflected in their sales. Certain sectors of the luxury industries, like perfumes, were hit even harder than the rest.

Perfume sales were down all across the board. NPD market research released a report that stated "in 2009, the total U.S. prestige beauty receded to $8.19 billion - a loss of 6% - compared to 2008. One segment that performed slightly better than the overall market was gift sets."

So what does all this mean? Turns out, people didn't want to splurge $50-100 on themselves, but they were willing to buy a gift for their friends. Maybe this is because perfume companies were releasing outrageous perfumes like gold-plated, diamond-encrusted special edition fragrances.

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Parsons School of Design hosts a Scent Symposium with Style
Parsons School of Design hosts a Scent Symposium with Style

Scent Symposium Explores Shocking Aromas

Black balloons filled with perfme dotted the ceiling at the Scent Symposium hosted by Parsons School of Design. The symposium gathered top perfumers and top designers to explore the possibilities of integrating scent into design. Sounds abstract? Well, it was.

Apparently perfumers lamented our lack of olfactory language, saying that we rely on colors, texture, emotions to describe smells, and that we need to further develop our olfactory knowledge. They complained that even Donna Karan couldn't verbalize her own DKNY perfumes. But were there any ideas on how to instill that olfactory wisdom we, the average consumer, so lack? Not a word from the smug, aromatically-inclined perfumers. Designers, on the other hand, discussed creating scents that corresponded to abstract ideas like a perfume for the techie environment in Apple stores, an aroma playlist that would be matched to your iPod playlist, or the smell of anti-gravity.

Wherever this is going, do you think you'd be interested in adding the layer of smell to all your experiences? Sounds fun, right?

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