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Spring clean your complexion: A review of Phytomer

Updated on February 26, 2017

All over the USA, temperatures are rising. People are emerging from their winter caves and taking off layers of clothing. What's the newest accessory on display? Your skin, of course! Winter winds and central heating may have brought on rashes, cracks, wrinkles and blisters. Spring weather melts surface sebum, perhaps leading to break outs. You need -- you want -- a new, refreshing and gentle routine. Phytomer is a French skincare brand that combines cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs with marine-based ingredients. I was happy to have the opportunity to try it!

City girls, you're going to wonder where CITYLIFE has been all your life! This "sorbet cream" for both face and the eye contour, soothes and protects against the ravages of pollution.This product has an unusual type of packaging to better protect the silky lotion-gel within: a tight foil seal keeps everything fresh for when you open it. A little plastic spatula is included, to keep your fingers' germs and oils from contaminating the product.

There are very few products on the market that are appropriate to use on the eyelid or that you'd even want to. Most creams are too heavy for that purpose: they seep into the eye, leaving oily or waxy films. Also, they're too rich to apply makeup over. CITYLIFE feels comforting and absorbs easily, with lots of slip. Your skin feels naturally hydrated, not greasy from product application.

CITYLIFE uses blue micro algae, red algae and three marine sugars to purify ("decongest") the complexion, as well as sodium-reduced seawater concentrate to address the dark spots that comes from sun exposure. The company has performed clinical trials that are quite impressive: with immediate to one month wait times for hydration, radiance, fewer dark circles/puffiness/dark spots.

SEAWEED SOAP is a far cry from soaps you buy at the drugstore! One of the line's classic products, this substantial, rounded cake incorporates red algae, palm kernel oil, glycerin and lithotamne -- coral plant strands -- in a 100% natural cleanser that not only moisturizes, but also gently exfoliates. Especially after a harsh weather season, your skin might be tender, but you still need to get rid of the dead cells that have accumulated under your sweaters and sweats! You'll be able to absorb more of your body creams and lotions, as well as have a more polished look. The fresh-smelling soap is rich and won't strip away your natural oils.

But what shall you cleanse your face with? SOUFFLE MARIN is a foaming cream that utilizes interesting and unusual sea ingredients to give an "oxygenated", fresh look while protecting against heavy metals and cigarette smoke. (How very French!) Armenia Maritima is a seaside plant found in the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. It's been known to survive on abandoned industrial sites. Brown algae extract is a marine sugar that offers the pollution protection. Oligomer is a proprietary seawater concentrate with 104 trace elements beneficial to the complexion.

You lather the product in your hand, then massage it on your face. It has a light, flower-beach scent. Some cleansing creams are too heavy and thick to work into your skin and rinse off, but that's not the case here. You feel refreshed, but not taut or stripped after washing.

Radiance Energizing Cream rejuvenates in a superior manner to other products claiming to brighten or energize. Instead of relying on a mild irritation of the surface to stimulate a glow, this rich, but not dense, cream employs hydration to improve your look.

Weaving algae, found in the waters of Brittany (France), helps stimulate the production of collagen and surface water retention. Sea-buckthorn pulp extract -- a source of the fatty acid Omega 7 -- helps cell metabolism. Vitamins B5, E and F moisturize and strengthen skin. It has an oceanic (they use the term "aquatic") scent from its natural components. They suggest using it once or twice a day, along with a serum if you choose. Though your moisture levels will be boosted, it's non-comedogenic.

5 stars for Phytomer


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