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Star Tattoo Meaning

Updated on October 9, 2013

Different Star Tattoo Meanings

What is the meaning behind a star tattoo? The answer to this question is not all that simple, because it really depends upon the type of star that is featured in the tattoo as well as how many points are contained in the star itself. However, if you read through this page we will talk about some of the most common star tattoo meanings as well as what stars with varied points mean.

It is said that a nautical star symbolizes some type of connection between sailors and the north star. This symbol was generally placed on the wrist of the sailor and was a symbol of the hope that they would always find their way home from every voyage out to sea. Starts were red and black (color of the compass rose on the majority of maps). That particular color combination could also symbolize that a sailor had successfully travelled the Pacific three times.

A different start tattoo meaning is that star tattoos also symbolize the hope of a person to become a better person and being able to navigate through life to find the path to becoming that better person. It could be a reminder that you have certain goals and dreams and that you need to aim for the stars in order to make your dreams and aspirations come true in life.

Wrist Star Tattoos

Of course, tattoos placed on the wrist of women had an alternate star tattoo meaning, before it was acceptable for people to have different sexual orientations. Lesbians often had a tattoo of a star on their wrist which was covered by a watch or a bracelet during the day but revealed when she went out to a gathering place where she could possibly find a love interest.

A star's points provide a different shape and a different star tattoo meaning

A star with four points is shown as a cross with sharp ends and was extremely popular with the native tribes in early America because this design was frequently depicted in a lot of their art, clothing, pottery, shields and tipis. The star with four points tattoo is worn by people who are said to be practical, down to earth and trustworthy. These people tend to have a will that can be mistaken for stubbornness and will follow a decision through to its conclusion, they have a tenacity of purpose.

The star with five points or pentagram is often considered an evil symbol but only if it is facing downward. In that case it mimics the shape of a ram's head or sign of the Devil. A pentagram that faces upward is a sign of balance and protection. The five points may be a symbol of the four elements - earth, wind, fire and water and the fifth point on top represents the Spirit residing over all of the elements.

The pentagram is often shown surrounded by a circle that encloses the star and tends to be a common symbol for the wiccan culture and the pagan culture. People who find themselves attracted to the design of the star with five points tend to be progressive, adventurous, versatile and are always looking for answers to those important life questions. The star with five points is also a symbol representing independence and freedom and five star tattoo wearers are said to have the ability to think out complex matters and make a quick analysis of them.

The star with six points can be drawn as an inverted triangle which overlaps an upward facing triangle or it can be created using a continuous line that creates six distinct points. With the two triangle example, the upright triangle is a representation of fire and the upside down triangle is a representation of water which symbolizes a unity of opposites. This symbol (the hexagram) is an ancient and powerful symbol used in the occult and in creating horoscopes through the zodiac. The symbol can be a reference to a demon footprint called a "trud" which is used to repel or attract a demon. The word "hex" is an other word for curse which is taken from the word hexagon. The star with six points tattoo can have a meaning of idealism and responsibility and can also be a reference to a symbol of Judaism.

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