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How To Stay Sexy All Summer Long (battling: summer dilemmas)

Updated on March 8, 2014
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Heat and Humidity can sometimes make you feel more hot mess than hottie. Tackling eight summer gripes here with the coolest pro tricks, guaranteed to keep you gorgeous from head to toe.



  • If you're scared to bare your bikini body or go makeup-free on the beach beause of skin discolorations, start using an antioxidant. "They protect the cell and prevent cell degeneration, "says Dr. Windie-Hayano. Some types helps prevent inflammation, which can trigger overproduction of melanin in your skin that causes darkening, take a supplement (glutathione, like MeTTahione,, P1,347 (around 20$) for 30 capsules, is an antioxidant), exfoliate, and target marks with a Vitamin C-rich product, like Estee-Lauder Idealist Iluminator. Be patient, it may take weeks before you see results

Smelly Pits

  • Sweat isn't your only foe in the war against stench. "Your underarms contain a mixture of bacteria, dead cells, and sweat. You have to fight all three to smell sweet" says Zoe Draelos, a Duke University dermatologist. Start by washing with an antibacterial soap, then sloughing dead skin with an exfoliator. Step out of the shower, towel-dry pits (leftover moisture breeds bacteria), and swipe or spritz on antiperspirant (Dove Whitening Spray, contains moisturizing cream and nourishing Vitamins E and F). If you perspire heavily choose one with a higher concentration of aluminum zirconium, such as Rexona Women Passion Body Responsive Stick, and apply it at night so it has enough time to plug sweat ducts

A Sweaty Bod

  • The right antiperspirant can keeps underarms in check,and it can also work wonder on your feet. "Aluminum stops sweat anywhere, soles included,'says Dr. Draelos. For the rest of your body, dust on powder to keep moisture away all day. When you're going to be outside all day, tote a packet of face wipes, which functions as a portable shower. And on date night toss a scented body mist (try Penshoppe's Tease Body Spray) in your purse. It's high water content keeps you cool, while fragrance molecules makes you smell insanely hot.


  • The first step to tame tresses is a trim. "Frayed ends are more vulnerable to frizzing up than freshly cut ones are, as humidity can enter a porous strand easily and swell the rest of the shaft" says celeb stylist Matt Fugate. Also don't skip conditioner. "It seals the cuticle, so hair can't absorb humidity." he adds. (Leave-ins, like Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Leave-On or serums like Dove Damage Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Serum are lightweight and work for all hair types.)

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Shaving Bumps

  • Nothing fugs up your legs and bikini line faster than bumps caused by friction from your razor. Hydrocortisone will zap them, but to prevent a rashy look altogether, stand in the shower for altogether, stand in the shower for at least three minutes to soften hairs before shaving. And make it habit to smooth on a shave gel or cream. Defuzz with a multi-blade razor (like Gilette Blue 3). The blades cut the hairs close and close in one gentle pass rather than several-skin-aggravating swipes.Finish with body powder to keep skin dry.

Melting Makeup

  • If you want your makeup to last, you need primer. "It soaks up sweat and oil - the main culprints of migrating makeup", says makeup artist Breet Freedman. (Try a primer /sun-screen combo, like ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF30). Then apply oil-free base and makeup. Powders and waterproofs formula last longer, and lip stain will survive the steaminess makeouts.

Dimply Skin

  • While there's no magic pill for lady lumps, firming creams that contain caffeine do work as a short-term fix. "Then speed up circulation and flush out the excess fluid that makes skin look bumpy," says Caitlin Coon, skin director at Exhale Spas. For the most dramatic results, buff dimply areas with a scrub (thick ones, like Asian Secrets Lulur with Green Tea and Vitamin E work best) for a minute, so the cellulite cream can penetrate deeper. Try Nivea My Effect Goodbye Cellulite Gel Cream.

Grimmy, Calluses Feet

  • Rough, hard skin traps dirt, making clean soles appear filthy The best way to buffr says podiatrist Suzanne Levine, is with a swipe of a facial exfoliant that contains glycolic acid, :"The skin on yout feet is 10 times thicker than the skin on your face," says Levine, so be sure do this onne or twice daily for a week. And every night before bed, apply a rich cream. Try usingL Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand & Heel Cream.).


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