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Staying Youthful in the Golden Years And Beyond

Updated on August 4, 2018

Staying Youthful In The Golden Years And Beyond

“Don’t You know that you yourselves are Gods temple and that Gods spirit live in you? If anyone destroy God’s temple, God will destroy him, for God temple is sacred, and you are temple.”

I Corinthians 3:16-17 (NIV)

A truly beautiful woman considers her physical body as the living temple of God. Bearing this in her mind, she takes very well of her physical body and she has mastered well the ways of preserving the beauty of this temple, These are some of the ways in order to maintain the well-being of your physical body.


You have to watch out for the food you are taking into your body. Are you taking too much cholesterol, sugar, salt, alcohol? You have to follow strictly a healthy diet plan. Learn to eat more fruits and vegetables. A doctor advices that you must take at least six serving of fruits and vegetables a day. Avoid junk foods and foods that have no nutritional values. Avoid too much salty and fatty foods for they have many ill effects to the body. Healthy foods build healthy body and a healthy body brings glory to God. With a healthy body you can very well carry out God’s purposes for your life.

A SMOKING Christian is an arsonist who is destroying God's temple. It is just slower and it is not a violation of the law. It is an accepted fact that cigarettes do cause harm to one’s health. Cigarette smoking leads to many chronic diseases. Millions have already died due to ailments caused by smoking cigarettes. There is one way to die young, and that is to be a chain smoker.

Taking alcohol drinks will never help you in your spiritual walk. Alcohol has done great damage to many lives and families. Alcohol does not only destroy health but destroy one's character and morals. Taking alcohol makes one person indecent in his/her behavior, loses control of his words and action. Drinking alcohol can destroy one’s testimony.

Dr. Howard Hendricks of Dallas Theological Seminary used to tell his students, “Overeating is the one acceptable sin in Evangelical Christian Circles. There is a need to practice moderation in eating. Overeating may lead to obesity which has been one of the causes of many ailments today. This is one discipline of the Christian life that requires commitment.

Have a regular exercise. Simple walking improves health and mental well-being. Try some walking for about 15 minutes a day. Try also do some aerobics, for it is a very good physical work out. You cannot really enjoy life to the fullest and have a long healthy life unless you agree to the concept of regular conditioning and exercise.

Studies reveal that getting at least thirty minutes of collective activity most days of the week such as walking up and down stairs can reduce death from all cases – heart attacks, stroke, cancer, etc. by 58 percent and has the potential of increasing your life span for up to six years according to jack Graham in his book.,“ARE YOU FIT FOR LIFE?”

Sarah, Abraham’s Wife was a very beautiful woman and her physical beauty was well-preserved. Even at the age of ninety years old, Sarah’s beauty still captivated king Abimelech and took her into his harem, Sarah must had lived a highly disciplined life and mastered well the arts of preserving her physical beauty. Sarah is an exemplary model when it comes to taking care of one’s physical body as the living temple of God.

Sarah’s age less beauty was born out of highly disciplined lifestyle. She is indeed a lovely icon of discipline and youthful beauty.

Recently I chanced to meet again our Pastor's mother. I am amazed that at her age mid eighties, she still looks strong and gorgeous, about twenty years younger than her actual age. She is still engaged in travelling as of this time. After a week, I chanced to meet again one of our counselors in our youth camps during the 1980s. I am also happy to see her still strong and healthy at 72 years of age and still active in doing ministry. She is not yet retiring and still active in ministering to old folks. I am really glad whenever I see older ladies in their seventies and eighties that are still going strong and very much enthusiastic about life. These ladies take away my fears of reaching the old age and even inspire me to love life, to age gracefully and live up to my maximum potential. The quality of our life in our old age depends upon how we take care of our body in the present. If we will comply strictly with what the Word of God admonishes about staying healthy, we will have a better quality of life in our old age.



By Jack Graham
Published by Light house Books Manila, Philippines


By Betty Honeywell
Published by OMF Literature Inc.
Mandaluyong City, MM 1989


(a) New International Version

(b) Good News Bible

(c) Good News Bible Translation
By American Bible Society

(d) King James Version


© 2017 Maria Cristina Aquino Santander


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      13 months ago

      Praise God for this article.


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