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Steam-Punk Tattoos

Updated on June 30, 2013

Understanding Steam-Punk

First off what is Steampunk? You may of heard this term before once or twice, but what exactly is it?

Personally I myself was clueless as to what it really was at first but after some research and thanks to Google (never letting any question left unanswered!) I was able to fully grasp it.

Originally thought of as a literary genre, describing a sub genre of fantasy and science fiction featuring technological aspects in it. A mixture of the 19th century (steam powered) and the punk coming out of the rebellious features of it, such as the more futuristic details and designs you can find below. It shows the optimism of the future while still maintaining history and the past.

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Steam-Punk style has been the inspiration for numerous works art ranging from outfits to jewelry and even to tattoos.

Tattoos are one of the most popular ways of expressing yourself. While not everyone is a fan of inking their body, other's see it as a positive and artistic approach to showing the world who they are and what they like! If you want something original and not as mainstream as a flower or butterfly maybe consider some Steam-Punk.

Some Steam-Punk is more along the lines of just gears,bolts, and/or clocks.(Some similar to Biomechanical) Showing a more industrial and mechanical tattoo.

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Other Steam-Punk tattoos feature elements as the human heart, eyes, people, animals, or insects like shown below.

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All in all Steam-Punk is a freedom of expression going beyond just having a tattoo on your body. It can show immense detail or just be simple, either way it draws attention!


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