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25 Steel Toe Winter Boots Reviewed - Safety Toe Boots with Goretex

Updated on April 13, 2011

Selling Safety Toe Work Boots

At one point I managed one of the premiere Safety Supply and PPE wholesale warehouses in the Northeast. In the process I became intimately aware of the details that make up the construction of steel toe winter boots and safety shoes in general. I worked on site at nuclear plants, manufacturers and quarries providing fittings and demonstrations for busy workers.

The markup on Steel Toe Boots is quite high, the majority of our models broke the $100 mark and a full size winter boot could easily reach the $200 level. Surprisingly, a great many of our boots were ordered online. Most long time workers in industries that require steel toe and safety footwear will find a model they trust and continue to reorder it when their boot has taken its last beating. They don't require a new fitting or even desire to waste the time looking at new unproven models.

Those that work on their feet know the importance of taking care of them. Discomfort from poor fitting boots can lead to further issues and even mistakes caused by the distraction.

In this article we will look over the options provided by the major manufacturers in Steel Toe Winter Boots, Safety shoes that are both thermal and waterproof for outside work will be highlighted.

Best Brands for Steel Toe Winter Boots

Some of our top purchasers for outdoor steel toe winter boots were Sanitation Workers, Electrical Linesman and Quarry Workers each industry had very specific guidelines and standards for what would best fit their daily safety needs.

Our top brands were, Wolverine, Rocky, Timberland, Georgia , Sketchers,Hytest and Converse.

Other brands of quality do exist but the ones above proved most reliable for our workers.

Steel Toe Boots for Sanitation

Our contracts with Sanitation companies usually existed to provide subsidized safety shoes to each employee, Insurance and common sense required certain specific features from the boot.

Since Sanitation workers, work in all conditions a thermal and waterproof rating should be looked for on the boot. If you find a boot that is perfect but not waterproof, waterproofing your own boots is an easy process that often helps speed break in time.

A Non-slip tread is also highly suggestible the Goodyear brand actually makes fantastic soles for non-slip waterproof winter boots and can be found on many leading brands.

Black Boots with non-staining repellent material is also wise when working in the sanitation field.

Workers I came in contact with had two different philosophies, some loved the highlighted models below, models with requires safety toe, waterproof, black and stain repellent, not all were concerned about thermal or thinsulate options. These boots are usually a bit on the high end , around $160-$200 range. Online they are less but still on the range, alternately they would would buy doubles of a favored boot, beat it to hell and have a replacement available. A standard Timberland or Wolverine were usually favored for comfort, lightness and a less steel toe appearance.

Steel Toe Winter Boots for Loggers

Admittedly, we didn't have specific contracts in the Logging industry in my region. But Loggers did come into our retail location and logger style boots were popular with some steelworkers so I did have hands on experience with models and customer concerns.

Winter Steel Toe Logging Boots usually were either a classic 12' work boot with safety toe, or a modern 12' steel toe with a chainguard and steel toe. Some Loggers just liked to keep what they trusted, I guess. I would go with the chainguard chainsaw style!

Most keep a walk around and a chainsaw guard boot.

Timberland Winter Steel Toe Boot

Timberland and Wolverine were probably equal in popularity,comfort and style. Most importantly, they are also top quality. Most Timberland Steel Toes are able to be worn straight out of work and still look acceptable.

The Timberland Pro series is probably the lightest and most comfort driven brands available for winter steel toe boots.

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 _ Seal _ \-~

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     `-_   -   ` -- ~   ,','
      `-              ,','
       \,--.    ____==-~
        \   \_-~\
 _ Seal _ \-~

Steel Toe Cowboy Boots

Steel Toe Winter Boots
Steel Toe Winter Boots


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