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Sterling Silver Bracelets for Men

Updated on March 11, 2014

Men's Sterling Silver Bracelets Make Great Gifts for Him

It wasn't so long ago that men's jewelry had almost all but disappeared. Men could only wear a watch and a ring and anything more was considered unattractive. Well, that was then and this is now! Take a closer look at the men at Fashion Week anywhere in the world. You'll see quite a few wearing bracelets.

It's a rising trend and jewelers say that sales of sterling silver bracelets for men have taken off in the last two years! So, if you have a man in your life to whom you've already gifted a watch, tie or cuff links, consider getting him a sterling silver bracelet this year.

Make sure you get the real thing. Real sterling silver should have the "925" mark on it. Anything else, and it's probably just silver plated or some other metal.

Amazon has a great selection of men's sterling silver bracelets for you to choose from.

Sterling Silver Chain Bracelets for Men

What do the Figaro links, Byzantine links, cable links, curb links and bicycle chain links have in common? They all are types of links used to make chain link bracelets - the most common style of sterling silver bracelet worn by men.

You'll often find these in varying lengths to suit any wrist and sold as bracelets or chains, so you can get them both as a matching set. Some designs are more discreet and slender, but others are quite heavy and therefore more expensive. Some styles suit certain wrists better than others, while some designs are not suited for a man going to work.

Bike Chain Link Bracelet

The bicycle link design is often used in making recycled jewelry. However, you want to make sure that the metal alloy does not cause a skin rash. To be on the safe side, choose sterling silver. This design is popular with biking and outdoor enthusiasts.

Figaro Bracelet for Men

The Figaro link design features 2 to 3 small circular links alternating with a longer oval link. It is most often manufactured in Italy.

This Figaro bracelet is 5.5 mm thick and available in lengths from 7" to 30", depending on whether you want a bracelet or chain. It is completely nickel free.


Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet

The Byzantine jewelry design incorporates a rope-like weave with other textural designs and each link passes through four other links. It is made so that the piece is extra flexible.

This Bali silver bracelet in the Byzantine style is solid and and completely nickel free. The antique finish highlights the detail in the design.

Available from sizes 8" to 30" and is over 1/4" thick.

Men's Curb Link Bracelet

A curb or Cuban link bracelet is chunky and made of oval links that lie flat when worn on the wrist. It is considered to be a very masculine design even though it was popular with both men and women many decades ago.

This 6.5 mm thick piece is 9 inches long and features a lobster claw clasp.

Cable Link Bracelet

This simple design is also suitable for both men and women and is subtle and thin enough to be worn on any occasion and even to work.

This very affordable and discreet piece is 1/8" wide and available from 7" to 30" in length.

Sterling Silver ID Bracelets for Men

ID bracelets used to be worn by men and women as a way to express themselves as a couple. Now, this bracelet style is more favored by men and the nameplate of the bracelet can be customized with an engraved name or saying. A sterling silver one is also a stylish way for people with medical conditions to use as a medical alert bracelet, so it can be a practical and thoughtful gift.

This men's sterling silver 250 gauge chain ID bracelet with Figaro links can be custom engraved and features a lobster-claw lock clasp. The look is bold and the quality top notch.

Since this type of bracelet is excellent for that personal touch, get your guy's name engraved on the plate. In less than two weeks you'll have a customized Figaro linked bracelet to gift to your loved one!

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet for Men

Cuff bracelets are perfect if you want to gift a unique or thoughtful piece of jewelry. They usually have a pattern or a few inspirational words engraved on the outside of the open bangle-like bracelet. The metal is usually durable but flexible enough to fit almost any wrist.

This unisex cuff bracelet has the Serenity Prayer etched on it with the word "Courage" centered in bold on the top. It has a smooth finish and is lightweight and flexible to fit almost any wrist.


Skull Bracelet for Men

Meant for the ultimate bad boy or hard rock fan, a skull bracelet makes a bold and edgy statement.

Tiny sterling silver skulls thread an adjustable black wax cord 9 inches long. From far off, this unisex bracelet looks like it is made of textured beads, but close up, the intricate details are clearly visible.

History of Men's Bracelets

The bracelet wearing trend can be traced back to biblical times where they along with chains and rings were symbols of loyalty and support. They soon became a form of payment and tribute once their true value was realized and kings and wealthy men started wearing them in gold and silver in the bangle form.

In modern times, women's jewelry became very popular but men's jewelry fell out of favor. During the 1950s and 60s, men's ID bracelets with chain links suddenly became popular but again disappeared by the end of the 60s.

It's the 21st century now, and the Italians can be thanked for reviving the trend. Sterling silver, in particular, is gaining favor among the most fashionable. The styles range from modern, discreet and simple, to retro, to slightly outlandish!

What is Sterling Silver?

It is an alloy that contains a minimum of 92.5% of silver and the remaining 7.5% of another metal. In the case of sterling silver jewelry, the other metal is copper. Jewelry cannot be stamped as sterling or "925" unless this ratio is maintained.

Sterling silver is perfect for jewelry as it is malleable and flexible enough for creating intricate designs, while the copper in it makes it durable too.

How do you clean tarnished sterling silver?

It's easy and you don't need polish!

  1. Line a glass or aluminium tray with aluminium foil and place your jewelry in it.
  2. Add a good amount of baking soda and pour boiling water to just cover the pieces of jewelry completely.
  3. Watch it fizzle. When it stops, use a pair of tongs or fork to lift the pieces out.
  4. If they are not completely clean, repeat this with more baking soda baths.
  5. Once completely done, transfer the pieces to a plain boiling water bath to rinse any soda residue off.

How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Men's Jewelry

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