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Sterling Silver--Wonderful Gifts for All Occasions

Updated on January 11, 2014

Sterling Silver Jewelry Sale

Amazon has a great sale going on now--with sterling silver jewelry discounted 70% just in time for Christmas.

Sterling silver jewelry is economical, yet beautiful and will be cherished for years to come.

Sterling silver jewelry is a beautiful and traditional gift to give for many occasions. Amazon's sale is on all sterling silver pieces, including marcasite silver jewelry, necklaces and pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings, and more.

Read on about the benefits of giving sterling silver to your loved one for special occasions. Sterling jewelry is a timeless way to express your love without breaking the bank, while giving a beautiful and valuable gift that will bring enjoyment for years to come.

Silver Ingot Photo by pomonabird
Silver Ingot Photo by pomonabird

Jewelry a Traditional Gift

During times of economic crisis, it's often hard to find economical jewelry to give as gifts on holidays and other special occasions.  Jewelry is perfect for many occasions, and there is jewelry that fits most people's budgets in this time when our salaries and incomes are suffering.  Have you ever thought of giving the gift of sterling silver jewelry?  You might consider sterling silver jewelry as a gift for your next special occasion.  Sterling silver jewelry has both lasting value and beauty. 

Sterling silver is a beautiful precious metal that is an alloy of silver (usually 92.5%) and 7.5 % of another metal, usually copper. Silver is combined with another metal since it is too soft to be used alone, increasing the strength and functionality of the end product. Silver jewelry is made into many different types of pieces--everything from pendants and necklaces to rings, bracelets and earrings. Jewelry made from sterling silver is very popular and easy to wear with most fashions due to it’s beauty and variety of design. These reasons make sterling silver jewelry the perfect gift for those who have to watch their budgets, but would still like to give a high quality gift for holidays and special occasions.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Buying Guide

Silver is used for many purposes the world over—everything from medicine and medical products to dishes, flatware and jewelry. There are different types of silver available, and one should be very careful and understand the terminology involved when making an investment in silver. Since sterling silver is an alloy, it must meet certain specifications in order to be considered true sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry, flatware, etc. must have a stamp that declares it is true sterling silver (92.5% silver plus 7.5% alloy). The stamp should say something like "925 Italy." The "925" signifies the item is sterling silver, and the country it came from.

If you are purchasing jewelry, sterling silver is the highest, and best grade. There are a couple of other grades of silver you may run across in your shopping: coin silver (90% silver) and silver plated. Silver plated means that there is a layer of silver that has been bonded with a base metal. Be sure to know what grade of silver you want and pay close attention to the descriptions offered by shops and jewelers. If you want sterling silver jewelry, then each piece should bear a stamp declaring such.

Many pieces of sterling silver jewelry are also combined with gem stones. Be sure to know that you're buying, how to discern quality gems, and know if you would like to have real gem stones or crystals, etc. Read all descriptions carefully, and/or ask your jeweler for guidance in purchasing silver pieces with gem stones.

How to Care for Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is very beautiful and shiny when you first buy it, but over time, due to oxidation and wear, the metal becomes dull and dark—tarnished. Tarnishing is a natural process. Keeping your silver jewelry in a special bag or box (made to prevent tarnishing) will help your jewelry to maintain that shiny and beautiful look. Also, storing your silver jewelry in a clean and dry place will help preserve it’s luster.

Cleaning sterling silver jewelry is very important. One cleaning method is to use a silver polishing cloth. These clothes will remove dirt and tarnish, while at the same time polishing your jewelry. Another option is to use a silver cleaner, but be sure to read the cleaner directions very carefully. If not done in the right way, silver cleaner can destroy your jewelry. You can also use warm, soapy water along with a soft bristle toothbrush to clean your silver. Be sure to only lightly scrub your jewelry, and then to rinse it immediately—making sure all soap residue is removed—then dry your silver jewelry with a soft cloth, or allow to air dry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry to Express Your Love

Sterling Silver jewelry is a wonderful, lovely way to show your love for holidays and special occasions. It is a great option for those who are want to stay within their budgets, and would like to give a high quality gift to their loved one. Be sure to know what to look for in a quality piece of jewelry and know how to properly care for your investment. With proper knowledge and care, your sterling silver gift will bring years of enjoyment to your loved ones.

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    • Successful Living profile image

      Sherry Vacik 7 years ago from Prague, Czech Republic

      @jewellry channel: Sterling silver is a wonderful gift for any occasion. Sterling silver jewelry retains it's beauty and will last for many years with proper care.

    • profile image

      jewellery channel 7 years ago

      sterling silver accessories indeed make great gifts for virtually all occasions...

    • Successful Living profile image

      Sherry Vacik 7 years ago from Prague, Czech Republic

      Thanks for your comment, even though you're not a jewelry girl :0) I like simple pieces and enjoy wearing jewelry for special occasions.

    • hospitalera profile image

      hospitalera 7 years ago

      I am not a jewelery girl myself, as you know, but these silver pieces really do look gorgeous! SY


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