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Hair, Makeup, & Nails

Updated on February 4, 2016

Hey everyone! I'm starting this hub because I have a love for anything and everything hair and makeup! I collect makeup like there is no tomorrow, and I buy so many hair products that its not even funny!

So I figured why not do something online that is geared towards hair and makeup! And in the near future I am going to be enrolling in one of the local cosemtology programs here in Maryland. I haven't decided where I want to go but that will come with time!

All the writings that I have are mine, but have been previously published online somewhere! I go by the names of Mama Hawk or Victoria H. or even Stevesgrl on several websites!

I hope everyone finds something useful on my hubpage!

Thanks for visiting!


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Straightening your hair!

The easiest way to straighten your hair is by using a flat iron/hair straightener, which can be purchased at places such as Wal-mart, Target, Sally's Beauty Supply, or even online at places such as Ulta, Wal-Mart,&Target. They do not have to be expensive brands, but its best to have one that has ceramic plates. It's also important that you buy a heat protecting spray, to keep your hair from becoming damaged from the extreme heat.

So now on to the actual process of straightening your hair.

Step One
Wash and Condition your hair as you normally would, towel dry until its slightly damp.

Step Two
Put in your heat protecting spray or cream ( I use Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray). Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb, to distribute the heat protector thoughout your hair evenly.

Step Three
Allow your straightener to heat up for at least 2 minutes so you know its 100% ready to use!

Step Four

Section off your hair into at least 2 sections. You can do this by placing your thumbs at your temples (palm side up) run them around the crown of your head (above your ears) until your thumbs meet in the back of your head. All the hair that is above your thumbs is to be put up in a ponytail or a clip!

Step Five

Re-comb what hair you have that is not put up.

Step Six
Now its time to start the fun part. Take your comb and section out about a 1 inch piece of hair, place the comb at the roots and comb down far enough to where you can place the straightener behing the comb. Now start slowly combing your hair downward as you move the straightener with the comb, making sure you do not tangle any of your hair on the way down!

Step Seven
Once you have repeated step six until you have no hair left on the lower layer, you will then let down your top layer of hair, and repeat step six until you have finished your entire head of hair.

Step Eight
If you want you can now place things such as a shine serum, or anything to tame fly aways, and/or hair spray in your hair to keep your hair looking good!

**Please note that your hair may stay straight for a second day if you don't wash your hair on a daily basis! **
Step Nine
Enjoy your new look!

How to tweeze your eyebrows!

Step One

The best way to determine the points on your eyebrow is to compare your nose to the iris of your eye and from your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Take any eyeliner pencil and starting at your nose, point the pencil straight up and that will tell you where your eyebrows should begin. Make a mark with a white eyeliner pencil (this is easier to get off than dark colors). Then hold the eyeliner pencil from your nose to your iris. This will determine where your arch should be located. Mark your it with your white eyeliner pencil. Do the same from your nose to the end of your eye. That marks the end of the brow.

Step Two

Make sure your tweezers are sanatized properly (if not dip them in alcohol and then allow them to dry a few minutes before you put them near your eyes or else it will burn).

Step Three

Lightly pull your skin taut at the outer corner of your eye, so you can minimize the pain a little more. Make sure you pluck the hairs out towards the direction of growth, if they are growing from right to left pull to the left, and if they are growing from left to right pull to the right.

Step Four

Take an eyebrow brush and gently brush the hairs upwards until you reach the arch, then brush them following the marks you just made. You can use a little bit of hair gel to keep them in place!

Step Five

Time to start plucking your eyebrows! Be very careful to not over tweeze or you will look really odd. Only pluck above your eyebrow if you have very obvious strays, only pluck outside the lines in which you have created! Good Luck with your eyebrow adventure. This do actually make or break a look! So start out slow and you should get great results!

How to give yourself a manicure or pedicure at home

It's a new year and if your 2008 was anything like mine you are grateful to see that 2009 is already here! In this post I want all you moms to do something for yourselves. I know I don't have enough time in a day to focus on myself for more than 15-20 minutes (long enough to get a shower and get dressed). So its time to take time for ourselves. It's a new year and we deserve it!

Plus Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Some of these tips could come in handy for getting all primped and pretty for that special someone in your life!

Tools Need for Pedicures
Nail polish remover
Cotton balls
Toenail clippers and/or nail scissors
Nail file
Nail brush
Orange stick
Cuticle oil
Foot file
Foot Scrub
Foot Lotion
Base Coat
Clear Nail Polish
Colored Nail Polish

-Start by removing any nail polish using the cotton balls and nail polish remover.

-Trim nails with toenail clipper. The best shape for toe nails is straight across. This will help prevent painful hangnails. Smooth out edges with a nail file (remember to only file the nail in only one direction, or else you can crack your nails).
-Clean your toenails with the nail brush and soak for ten to fifteen minutes in the water, you can add some lemon slices for a great pick me up (they also can be used by rubbing them on your cuticles and your nails to soften the cuticle, strengthen the nail, and make them shiner and brighter)!
-Apply a foot scrub. Keep on for ten minutes. Rinse mask off with water and foot file to thoroughly ex-foliate calluses and other rough spots on the bottom of the feet(If you have a wal-mart/Super Wal-mart by you, they sell the foot shaped packages of masks, foot scrubs, leg stuff, etc, for less than $2.00 a piece, so you can invest in some of these and do this more often if you have time)!
-Wrap a little bit of cotton from a cotton ball around the edge of the orange stick. Apply cuticle oil and gently push cuticles back with an orange stick.
-Apply a base coat to the nail once the cuticle oil has absorbed into your cuticles.
-Pick out your favorite color and apply two coats.
- Allow the color to dry, apply a top coat or clear nail polish to prevent chipping and to help the polish last longer.
- Once your toenails have dried, apply a foot lotion to keep the rough patches away. Wear a pair of socks or spa booties to keep the moisture locked in and to get the ultimate benefits from a pedicure. If you really want to get soft feet after your pedicure, you can use a trick that I love!

My Trick

Invest in some Vaseline if you don't already have some, some plastic wrap, and an old pair of socks that you can get Vaseline all over.

Slather on the vaseline, all over your feet, wrap in plastic wrap, and place the socks on your feet to make your feet warm up more!

Let sit for about 30 minutes, and then wash your feet off in warm soapy water! You can do this either before or after your pedicure. I've even done this on my husbands feet, and he couldn't believe the difference!

(You could probably do this for your hands to if you really wanted too!)

Its essentially the same thing for a manicure except you as a female should not have too many calluses on your hands unless you have a really hands on job or just don't take care of your hands!


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