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Manolo Blahnik heels

Updated on April 12, 2014

Blahnik's Stiletto Heels

Also known as Manuel Blahnik Rodriguez, Manolo Blahnik was born on the twenty-eighth of November, nineteen forty two.

He is the Spanish founder and designer of the high end, self-named shoe brand.

Born in Santa Cruz de La Palma in Spain, although his nationality is Spanish, Manolo Blahnik resides in London, the United Kingdom.

Having a father who was Czech and a mother who was Spanish, Blahnik was born and bred in Spain's Canary Islands.

He had graduated in the year nineteen sixty five from the Geneva University and took up Parisian art.

In the year nineteen sixty eight he relocated to London to become employed at Zapata, a boutique of fashion and on the side wrote for VogueItalia.

Having revealed his fashion portfolio and designs for sets to DianaVreeland, she mentioned that he ought to just stick to designing shoes.

In the year nineteen seventy-two, OssieClark made an invitation of Blahnik to create runway show footwear. With a two thousand pound loan, Blahnik purchased Zapata from the owner and established his own store.

In the seventies, when platform shoes were chunky and boots happened to be the footwear mainstream style of the times,

Blahnik focused his time on stiletto heels which until now, remain to be the mainstay of the brand. The shoes of Manolo Blahnik have become a rapid symbol purely of style that is classical from the twenty-first century.

The flagship store of Manolo Blahnik remains to this day in OldChurch Street in the London location of Chelsea.

The boutiques of Manolo Blahnik can be found in Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Dubai, Istanbul, Madrid, Athens, Dublin, Las Vegas, New York and London.

In the United States, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom carry his line and so does Bloomingdales, which is the store he created his first collection in America.

There is also a boutique of Manolo Blahnik in the Dubai Mall which has just recently opened.

The two thousand seven Commander of the BritishEmpire honorary title was awarded to Blahnik for his services to the fashion industry of Britain.

Awards that Manolo Blahnik has gotten from the British Fashion Council include the nineteen ninety and the nineteen ninety-nine Accessory Designer of the Year.

From the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which is an awarding body also known as CFDA, Blahnik has gotten special awards in the year '87, Accessory Designer of the Year in '90 and got an award for The Stiletto in '97.

In pop culture, the Angel TV show staff asked permission from Blahnik to utilize the name of his company onscreen.

The company then made provisions of footwear to the episode and asked that the characters wear the shoes even if these were not shown on camera.

Also, in the long running popular TV show called Sex and the City, Manolo Blahniks are an especially favored brand of shoes of Carrie Bradshaw the character. As a result, these are frequently mentioned.

In addition, the brand is referenced in more times than one when any kind of defect in footwear occurs in Duck Dodgers. These typically happen when the phrase 'cheap counterfeit Manolo Blahniks' is used.


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    • MummyDearest profile image

      Eileen 6 years ago from Kildare, Ireland

      ooo...I am drooling..but I have to admit that I will be a fan of Jimmy Choo because he is a fellow Malaysian and I am being bias. Perhaps you can write a hub about Jimmy Choo? Thanks for sharing! Voted up!