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Stop Frizzy, Dry, Damaged Hair By Using Milk

Updated on March 2, 2009

It is well known that milk a great nutrient for the body. Millions of campaigns dollars were donated to this well throughout my youth. But, have you ever imagined what milk can do for your hair; and not just, traditional Western American cow milk, but more vitamin enriched, natural, and protein fortified milks, such as Soy, Coconut, Goat and Rice milk? Well, look no further. If your hair is lacking body, moisture, resilience, shine, length, or gloss, milk might be just what it is missing.

What’s so great about milk? Milk contains a unique blend of natural fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals that have the ability to strengthen and fortify cells, and this includes hair cells.

Natural Remedies Using Milk

If at all possible, buy organic milk. If you have seen the happy cows come from California commercial, you will know what I mean. Many cows, unfortunately, are treated with hormones and chemicals, this affects the effectiveness of milk. You will also need to consider this when purchasing your own coconut milk, soy milk, or goat milk. Please look at the ingredients. I recently was repurchasing Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk only to find that it has several chemicals inside of it that can have damaging effects.

To create a milky hair treat at home, mix about 1/4 cup dry goat milk powder with enough water to make a paste, then gently massage the paste into your hair. Cover hair with a hot, damp towel and allow to remain on hair for about 30 minutes, changing the towel when it cools to keep the heat. Rinse and shampoo with a herbal shampoo, preferably one with milk. Beauty 4 Ashes UK’s Simply Golden Hair Milk System features a milk based shampoo that uses several milks, primarly goat milk, combined with humectant butters to focus on adding sleekness to the hair. This system is especially good for those with thicker or frizzier hair. It actually contains no chemicals and has an added conditioner and lightweight hair moisturizer to define curls. It can be found at their UK store at mybeauty4ashescom or their States store at discoverb4acom.

Evidence Supporting Milk For The Hair

In Euro Hair Expo, milk was featured as a secret ingredient that was to be used by spa aestheticians when making impromptu formulas on chemically treated, dry, or damaged hair. After the aestheticians had applied the mixtures featuring ¼ of fresh, organic milk to the models hair, the results were amazing against those using traditional synthetic salon formulas. Overall, hair treated with milk maintained shine for up to 3.5 hours longer than hair not given milk. The hair treated with milk also has up to 40% more tensile strength when applied to curly, afro and wavy hair.

Reviews of Products with Fresh Coconut or Goat Milk

I used to use a coconut shampoo many years ago and it made my hair the shiniest it has ever been. I had never tried fresh coconut milk, until now, and the results were amazing. I will be trying the Simply Golden Goat Milk Shampoo and it should do the same thing.

- Mila Charon

I apply a milk paste with a milk shampoo and conditioner once a week. It is good for Asian hair. It makes my hair, soft and manageable. It also good for my dandruff. This treatment will make your scalp healthy.

- Melanie Ortiz

I had tried to use coconut and goat milk for my hair many years. When I was in Israel, we even use to use Camel milk. It is hard to find Coconut Milk and Goat Milk in the States, but I find it so effective.... it makes the hair shiny, soft and smooth as well. Searching for Milk products now, with real milk!

- Tierna B

So, what are you waiting on? Do you have some milk? I mean, some milk for your hair, that is!


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