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Stop Washing Your Hair

Updated on January 21, 2015

Before you dismiss with "I know, I know, but it just feels so dirty!" Hear me out. We've all definitely been told that washing our hair everyday is bad. It strips your hair of oils that are necessary for keeping it in it's best natural state. Every other day feels doable, but before your natural oil reaches the tips, you're scrubbing it all off again. You don't see the benefits and you enjoy the feel and smell of freshly washed hair.
But the fly aways! The split ends! After you've dried you're gobbing in unnatural frizz controlling serums, gels and mousses, and blow drying your hair with chemical laden heat protection in order to make it presentable.
I have pretty much stopped washing my hair with shampoo. I might use shampoo if I've been someplace where I don't feel that my typical hair care just won't cut it. The funny thing is - it totally would! It's all mental when I feel I need to wash my hair.
So - how have i been able to go over two months without washing my hair with shampoo and not looking like a greasy fool - in fact, having the best hair texture I have ever had?
Two things: Patience and doTerra Essential Oils
Before I had even heard of doTerra I became dedicated to reducing my hair washing, possibly even nixing that part of my hair care all together.
I started slow - Every other day at first. When I noticed that I couldn't tell a difference between my freshly washed hair and my second day hair, I added another day between washings. It took me approximately 3 months to graduate to washing my hair once a week - and then I plateaued. (Also - cue conditioner washing) No matter what I did, when I hit Sunday I felt disgusting and in desperate need of scrubbing my scalp. All the shampoo I had "saved" by not washing during the week was suddenly dumped into my hair and I would vigorously and repeatedly wash my hair.
I had to take a second look at this practice and my hair was splitting like crazy and I wasn't about to give up now. I started to force myself to only wash the hair near my scalp. I would not pull the shampoo through my hair or gather it into the mound of suds on my hair. I also forced myself to only use the infamous quarter sized amount. This was hard. The rest of the week I could feel the oil gathering around my ponytail and it would stay right there, at the nape of my neck. No matter how much I brushed, the oil was not distributing from that spot.
And then I had a brilliant thought - an epiphany really ( what's life without a little drama, right? )
Fight oil with oil. Water and oil don't mix. How can I expect water and conditioner to move the oil down my hair properly? How could I expect oil to be moved from my scalp to my tips in order to reduce that greasy look?
I couldn't. And thus began my research and found that Lemongrass and Basil both are great at 1. Reducing the overall production of oil at the scalp and 2. Distributing oils that are already there.
And yes - I am fully aware that Basil smelling hair doesn't sound like something that will land you all the dates. Here's the good news, Lemongrass over powers the Basil, and the slight sharpness you get from the Basil just makes the Lemongrass smell even more like a Jolly Rancher so... win?
Also - especially in the beginning - you'll be using "dry shampoo" - read Cornstarch or Arrowroot powder with essential oils - to reduce the inevitable greasiness you're going to feel like is going on up there.
Let's get out with it - my current hair care protocol which has allowed me to go 2 months without a drop of shampoo touching my now luscious locks.To do:

  • Brush! Get those scalp oils down to the tips of your hair on a daily basis to reduce build-up of oils. I'll note that I am frequently one to throw my hair in a bun and call it a day. When I do this for two days in a row without brushing in between buns, oil will gather around the areas that your hair bends and around where you put the ponytail holder.
  • At night, especially in the beginning, rub doTerra Lemongrass and Basil essential oils in your hand and distribute from your scalp to tips.

Once a week OR Less:

  • Lemongrass, Basil, olive oil and your favorite conditioner for a "conditioning wash" ( Recipe below )
  • And <sigh> if you really feel like you need to, wash with shampoo </sigh> No more than once a week though, and only at your scalp.

As Needed:

  • All natural Dry Shampoo ( Recipe below )

Following the above protocol will allow you to gradually reduce your hair washing and significantly improve the health of your hair.
Now for the recipes.....
Conditioning Hair Wash!

  • - Olive Oil
  • - Your favorite conditioner ( preferably a natural one, but let's be honest we all have half used conditioners lying around that need to be used up )
  • - 20 drops of Lemongrass Oil ( I use doTerra Essential oils )
  • - 20 drops of Basil Oil ( I use doTerra Essential oils )

I started this off with a small glass bottle of Olive Oil that was slightly used up. I would say that there was approximately a quarter cup of Olive Oil in it still and I used this as the base for my wash.
I then squirted approximately 2 cups of conditioner into the bottle. Yes, squirted - I wasn't about make a mess of my kitchen by measuring and trying to pour into a tiny hole.
Put in the Lemongrass and Basil oils and fill the rest of the glass olive oil with water.
How to use:
Shake the bottle vigorously to ensure that the water and oil "combine". Apply to hair palm-ful by palm-ful starting from the tips up. Use a minimum amount on the scalp, but still ensure that the hair at the scalp is well-coated. Leave in hair for 3-5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. I also suggest getting a comb that works well on wet hair - and won't cause unnecessary damage to brush your conditioner mixture throughout your hair.
Dry Shampoo:

  • - Cornstarch ( if you have light hair )
  • - Arrowroot Powder ( If you have dark hair )
  • - Essential Oil of Choice ( My favorite? doTerra's Whisper Blend for Women, other good choices are Purify, Lemongrass, or Lavender )

Put your Cornstarch or Arrowroot powder into a container with a lid. If you're using a citrus based oil, stick with a glass container.
Add your essential oil(s) drop by drop and mix thoroughly between each drop to reduce clumping. Stop when the powder has reached your desired level of scent and before the essential oils start to make a paste. In 2 tablespoons of powder, I usually add 3-5 drops of oil.
How to use:
With a makeup brush, apply to scalp and oily areas of your hair. For me this includes my bangs and the aforementioned area that my ponytail tends to lay. Allow to absorb for a few minutes - I might leave it on for 1 or 2 and then brush through thoroughly and shake any excess out.

Leave your Anti-Hair Washing experiences in the comment section and let me hear your thoughts!
I'd also love to hear your own personal tips and tricks!

Concerned about the price of essential oils?

20 Drops of Lemongrass$0.80

20 Drops of Basil$1.60

5 Drops of Whisper$1.45

Things I can stop wasting my money on:
Color Glazes - My natural reds, blondes and browns are shining through!
Frizz Control Serums - My own natural oils are a perfect frizz control
Smoothing Creams - No more fly aways
Split End Care - Barely an issue ( you're never going to run away from split ends entirely )
Gels and Mousses - my hair is practically malleable - without assistance, my hair is able to stay in the style I keep it at
Heat Protection - 1. I don't blow dry or heat style my hair, especially since starting this process. 2. I don't need to, I can put my hair in spiral curlers before bed and wake up the next day with bouncing curls. Also - the natural wave of my hair is augmented and I don't need to style as aggressively as I used to.
Shampoo ( Dandruff Shampoo even! ) - My scalp loves the treatment it's getting and doesn't cry snowflakes on my black clothes anymore. The natural oils allowed to stayh near the scalp keep it hydrated and happy.


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