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How to Strengthen and Grow Fine Hair (and Increase Scalp Health!)

Updated on January 26, 2017

What Actually Works!

I've spent some time as an Educator in the hair cosmeceuticals industry and learned some great tricks and products that do actually work to help grow healthier hair. I needed them badly! I was taught these in my training and I learned from experienced hair professionals I traveled around to meet. If you're here reading this, chances are that you're experiencing some sudden or all too familiar, hair and scalp issues. I hear you! My hair is and has always been the kind that's more air than hair and my selection of hair extensions is pretty impressive, (clip in, tape in, wire hung angel styles, English, Indian, Remi, cheap, short, mid length, long, in a variety of colors), and all of them way too thick textured to look real next to my hair. So I know the struggles. I've spent a couple years applying the lessons I learned in the industry and I now share what gets the best ACTUAL results, with you.

I'm going to dive straight in to what I've learned that actually works for me! I will link to actual products I use, below - and I do not work for any of the brands or affiliates.

In The Shower

  • Use ONLY cool or cold water on your head, in the shower. COOL or COLD! I know, so hard! Hot water is fine for your body, but if you're serious about having the best hair you can, you need to know, hot water is drying and contributes to sebum issues and clogging your follicle pores. (Clogged follicle pores mean, low growth rate and thinner follicles. Boo!) Before you shoot the messenger, there's an upside to using cold water: shiney hair! Trust.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that is FREE OF SULPHATES & PARABENS - This is a non-negotiable, sorry. They'll proudly announce it on the package so don't stress too much about how you'll know. Bonus hair and scalp health for you if you also choose free of Sodium Chloride. I admit these products cost a little more than what you may be used to. Especially for some guys. My guy would use a bar of soap if it had the word "Sham" on it. (Yes, I do know bar-shampoos exist. More power to you if you like them!)

My chosen shampoo specializes in keeping and revitalizing the hair we have. My natural daily hair loss was down to a third or less of the normal amount, within a few washes. I have been a loyal user for years and don't see that changing. My Conditioner is the same brand and specializes in micro-stimulation of the scalp, through a peptide penetration system, (the most effective kind), to grow hair longer... That may or may not be your goal, so use a conditioner that you like, as long as it's free of the nasty stuff.

Easy New Habits

Wouldn't it be amazing if basic hygiene were enough? A good quality shampoo and condition every couple of days, and then wake up with your dream hair after 2 weeks of patience?! Yesss! For those of us who tried that and failed to get all we wanted from it, here are my other products and tricks that work.

  • Do you have a widow's peak at your hairline? Can't seem to grow out the hairline like the rest of your head? This may be genetic but if you've also got a lot of shorter baby hairs there - you'll probably find that you're resting on it at night in your sleep and damaging the fresh hair growth that's trying to come through. Side-sleepers, protect your hair at night by wedging your pillow to support your neck and cheeks but not reach the hairline. It's an adjustment but my baby hair is finally growing out!
  • You also need a silk pillowcase. You know this. Here's one, I have several, but any kind will work as long as it's 100% silk. Regular pillowcases damage your hair and skin and contribute to wrinkles. Silk allows your skin and hair to travel over it, without getting tugged.
  • What do we want? An optimal scalp for growing the best hair we can! Enter, Rene Furterer Paris Complex 5, it's oil to clean your follicle pores. (Boo, hiss, oil?? My fine hair is oily enough!) Do what works, Folks. It's quality stuff and the price reflects that, so if you're frugal, try to mix your own, just make sure you include the lemon oil, eucalyptus oil and castor oil! You will gently rub this into your scalp once a week and sleep with it. You will probably get a headache from the strong scent if you don't go straight to sleep. But the product works so well to unclog your pores so your hair follicle can grow in thicker and stronger and longer. Boo yeah!
  • Do any of us really get all the nutrients we really need from our diet alone? You've read about supplements such as Vivscal and I tried it for a good year or more. I wouldn't buy it again, having given it a chance. Rather, find a great raw multi-vitamin or pre-natal vitamin. You want raw, so its as unprocessed and effective as possible! Think of raw as the difference between fresh vegetables and boiled. Here's the one I use. I love it! I can take it with or without food and it's so effective that even taking it once a day instead of 3 times, I still get great benefits. If you want to add biotin and collagen supplements too, it won't hurt. This collagen is almost undetectable to taste, and I sometimes add it to smoothies.
  • Bonus everything: CoQ10 - the supplement our family doctor says is the key to life in all our cells. If you can afford a raw version, do!

Widow's peaks and hairlines often can't grow in because we sleep on them
Widow's peaks and hairlines often can't grow in because we sleep on them

Get To It!

Hint: stress WILL affect your hair loss & growth and your weight by releasing the cortisol hormone, so please, keep calm and carry on, even if you are having a bad hair day. Hopefully you also know to be gentle to your hair in general.

These are all important steps to me, I wouldn't skip any of them. I hope it's been helpful to learn what tricks I've gotten from actual hands-on experts combined with scientists' knowledge.

Let me know what secrets you've discovered or learned, to optimize your hair health!

Bald Is Still Beautiful

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    • Martine Andersen profile image

      Martine Andersen 8 months ago from Norway

      Great! I will check it out, thank you.

    • AquaRise profile image

      Amy Younger 8 months ago from Los Angeles / Australia

      Hi Martine! Yes I can recommend shampoos! My absolute favorite for effectiveness is the DS Laboratories shampoo and conditioner that I link to in my story above! I will always use it. Most brands now are making a version without parabens and sulfates so it should be pretty easy. A good one that has a more accessible pricepoint but does not necessarily stop normal healthy hair loss or stimulate growth, is Briogeo brand. Try their Ginseng and Biotin version. Verb Volumising Shampoo is even more affordable if you can find it in your country. If you have curly hair there are specific brands for you, like, DivaCurl and they will generally be free of the bad stuff. They're called "no-poo" brands. Hope this helps!

    • Martine Andersen profile image

      Martine Andersen 8 months ago from Norway

      Can you recommend some shampoos without parabens?