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Strong Claw Clips For Hair

Updated on April 2, 2013

When I was younger, I used my mother's old clips for my hair. They came in different shapes, colors & sizes. They all held up well and were strong. I was using the same clip for over 6 years that she had given me, until it finally broke. I have tried drug store hair clips, salon hair clips and more but none of them managed to hold up my long hair. They would either keep falling out or break in a matter of days. Products aren't what they use to be!

Hair Products Then

Thirty plus years ago, hair clips, combs & even styling tools were way different then they are today. They were designed to last! Combs for example, never lost their teeth or stems. They held up for years and years. A simple washing every now and then kept them like new! Styling tools like straighteners, crimpers & curling irons were made fabulously. The best tools I have used were from the 70's & 80's. The hot-rollers actually worked! I have poker straight hair that doesn't like to curl and own several curling irons ranging from $10 to $100 and none of them get the job done. I remember using an old hot-roller set from my mom that always curled my hair. My first crimper was one that was 30+ years old, a conair model, and it worked like new. I have only found one other crimper that works by Hot-Tools and it has since been discontinued. As for the hair clips... There is a HUGE difference! The old ones were made of strong thick plastic and tough metal springs. They made them for every hair length, thickness and style. I guess back then, big hair was in and the products needed to hold up to the style.

Hair Products Now

Now a days, it is hard to find a styling tool, comb or even clips that hold up. The brands seemed to have cheapend over the years and it is very obvious it one of my use-to-be favorite brands, Conair. I noticed this particularly in their curling irons and crimpers. They feel cheaply made & don't last very longer. One drop & they are likely trash. The combs are another item that simply is not what it use to be. I go through combs & brushed so often anymore. Its hard to find a good solid brush or comb & most of the ones worth buying are $10 and up! Which in my opinion is way to overly priced. Now the clips... They are just awful. I have tried many brands and none of them last. They feel and look cheap, well, I guess that is because they are! The plastic used is way thinner & lighter then because & the metal in the springs is as well. Much of what I find, aside from small clips not designed for up-hair styles, simply do not work. The springs are either too weak or the plastic itself cracks in a matter of days. Claw clips are particularly hard to find for long or thick hair. You need the outer shell to be thick but more importantly, the springs to be strong. If the springs aren't strong, the claw will simply fall out.


I have done the research, searched all over the web, even checked forums & found very little information. I looked into Amazon, online hair products shops, & even Sally's and found nothing! The clips recommended were no longer made or were way too expensive. I came across a hair forum where a woman with long hair, like me, was having trouble finding strong hair claw clips. One woman recommended ebay. It took me a while of searching & checking reviews but I found some clips that are strong, handmade and stunning! They come in all kinds of colors and the size of them is just like my old favorite clip!

Clip Info & Store Info

  • Store Name : Capella's Collection
  • Claw Clips Size : 4" x 2.2" (Large Size)
  • Payment : Only accepts Paypal
  • Shipping : $3 or less per clip but combines items to save you money
  • Note that - Some clips do offer free shipping!
  • All items ship within 24 hours of receiving payment (trust me, my clips got here fast!)

Review of the Claw Clips

Upon looking through the clips, I noticed the majority of them had gold teeth. While that doesn't seem to bother most women, it bothers me! I wear silver and own nothing gold. I have simply never been a fan of it. While looking through the store, I came across two that didn't have gold teeth, but their teeth was the same color as the outer shell. I purchased two of her claw clips, a dark smokey purple (item #190808076849) & a beautiful smokey green (item #190807724399). They price was very responsible. The purple smokey one was $3.75 and the other was $5.99. Shipping for both items was only $4.98 and they came surprisingly fast! I have used both clips a number of times and have had them for almost a month. Both clips are just as strong as the first day! I am able to clip my hair up in buns again! My hair is average thickness but down to my lower back and because I style it thicker, I need a strong clip to hold up all the hair. These clips get the job done! I recommend them to anyone trying to find a good claw clip that will keep their hair up all day & last them many years!

The clips are amazing. They are responsibly priced, the shipping is low & I think they are well worth investing in a few of them. They come in a wide variety of patterns & colors. Below are the clips I purchased & I love them!

Olive Green Smoke
Olive Green Smoke
Grey Smoke Pattern (Purple tone)
Grey Smoke Pattern (Purple tone)


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