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Stunning Skin? Flawless Foundation

Updated on May 10, 2017

Stunning Skin? Flawless Foundation

The Ins and Outs of Finding & Applying “Flawless Foundation”

Foundation is a key ingredient in your makeup bag, but are you confident that you have the one that’s right for you? Foundation can either appear seamless or thick and unnatural. Choosing the right foundation makes the difference between fake or flawless skin. In order to make the right foundation choice, it’s essential to know the various types of foundation on the market, how to select the correct color for your skin tone, and of course, how to apply it properly.

Types of Foundation

Foundation comes in many forms. Each has benefits for different needs and skin types. It’s useful to be familiar with the various types available before selecting the one that’s right for you.

Liquid: Liquid foundation is the most popular choice as it is relatively lightweight and easy to apply. It offers medium coverage and is available in both oil and liquid based formulas. Liquid foundation works for all skin types. The oil formula is ideal for dry or mature skin and the water formula is best for oily skin.

Mineral: Mineral foundation is made of finely ground natural minerals and is growing in popularity. It offers light to heavy coverage as it can be applied thinly, or layered as a concealer. Because mineral foundation has SPF, and all natural ingredients, it is ideal for sensitive skin.

Cream: Cream foundation contains oil and is a thick and creamy texture. It’s available in a jar, tube, or stick and offers maximum coverage. It’s ideally used as a concealer or for people with very dry skin and/or those that suffer from rosacea and other facial rashes.

Powder: Powder foundation is a quick and easy option for women who prefer light makeup. It offers less coverage, but is a great way to even out skin tone or blend concealer or other foundation. Because of it’s matte finish, it’s also a great option for women with dry skin.

Spray: Spray foundation is available in an aerosol can. It is long lasting and offers a fresh and even finish. It’s ideal for women more experienced with makeup application and can be a more expensive choice.

Matching the Right Color

Finding the right color can make the difference between fake or natural looking makeup. One of the most common mistakes women can make when selecting foundation color, is failing to match the foundation to the neck and chest as well as the face. To test the color to ensure that the color blends naturally into the neck, the best way to select a foundation color is to test it on the jaw line. Your goal is to find a foundation color that blends effortlessly into your jaw line. Because everybody’s skin is different, it is possible that a makeup line doesn’t have the exact match to your skin. If this is the case, then try another line, or if you really love that particular brand, you can mix two different colors to get the shade you need. If in doubt, go to a makeup counter for assistance.

How to Apply Foundation

  1. Cleanse the Face: It’s ideal to start with a fresh, clean face so that the foundation can be applied evenly. Use lukewarm water and pat face dry.
  2. Moisturize or Prime the Face: Because foundation can be drying, it’s important to use a primer or moisturizer first. This helps the foundation to go on a smoother. Although primer is more expensive, it helps foundation last longer and prevents it from creasing in fine lines or wrinkles on the face. For more mature skin, primer is a must.
  3. Allow Primer/Moisturizer to Set: Wait a few minutes for skin to absorb the moisturizer or primer, then go ahead and remove any excess with a cotton ball or tissue so that foundation doesn’t slip and slide on the face.
  4. Apply Concealer: With a foundation brush, sponge, or fingertips, apply concealer to under the eyes and to any unwanted blemishes. Pat the concealer to blend in to the skin. (For dark circles or sunspots, a concealer with a yellow undertone is helpful whereas for red blemishes, a green undertone can be effective.)
  5. Apply Foundation: Use a foundation brush, fingertips, or sponge to apply dots of foundation to the forehead, cheeks, tip of the nose, and along the jaw line.
  6. Blend: Blend the dots together using a circular, light touch. Be sure to blend the foundation into the neck. The foundation brush is generally the most effective tool for a well-blended look.
  7. Set the Foundation: Use a translucent or tinted powder that is either pressed or loose to set the foundation. If you need more coverage a powder that matches your skin is ideal, but if the foundation does the trick, then a translucent powder will do. Pressed powders are less messy and easier to apply, but for the more experienced makeup user, a loose powder can be more effective.

Important Tips to Remember

1.Primer is a must for mature skin.

2.For oily skin use a water based formula. For dry skin, use an oil based formula.

3.Be sure to match the foundation color to your neck and chest as well as your face.

4.When applying or blending product always pat, never rub.

5.Be sure to clean out your brushes and sponges between applications.

6.Don’t want to do foundation on your whole face? You can apply foundation to problem areas such as under the eyes, around the nose, sunspots, and blemishes, then apply a powder all over to blend.

So the eye makeup and lipstick are more exciting to apply, but nothing says radiant more than glowing and flawless skin. Keeping this information in mind, you can find and apply the right foundation to create the perfect base to a beautiful face of makeup. Be sure to finish your look off with the right blush, lip gloss, and of course, mascara, and you’re ready for your close up.

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