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Style Watch: Hot Accessory Trends

Updated on March 4, 2018

It is tough out there. As much as I would love to buy some new clothes, it just isn’t in the stars right now. That being said, every girl needs a fashion pick-me-up once in a while. Accessories are the best way to give your wardrobe and ego a much-needed boost. Don't miss these hot accessory ideas straight off the runway!

There's nothing like a new purse as a little gift to yourself!
There's nothing like a new purse as a little gift to yourself! | Source

Instead of concentrating on a single season’s worth of accessories, let’s cover all the bases. These hot trends will take you from winter through fall—any beyond. Some you have probably seen, and some are hot off the runway.

Just because most accessory trends originate from the world’s leading fashion houses, doesn’t mean they are out of reach for the average Jill. Many have already found there way to our favorite discount retailers.

Try incorporating one of these must-have accessory trends into your existing wardrobe. It is an inexpensive way to give an old outfit a new lease on life—and a lift to your spirits as well!

Croc Around the Clock

Although the genuine article is pricey, crocodile has become the “It” fashion reptile thanks to likes of Louis Vuitton, Valentino Fendi and Michael Kors. Luckily, budget trendsetters can recreate runway looks with accessories made from croc-embossed leather and faux leather.

Get into the faux reptile trend with handbags, shoes and a host of other accessories.
Get into the faux reptile trend with handbags, shoes and a host of other accessories. | Source

Be prepared to be bombarded with croc clutches, purses, watchbands, iPod cases, shoes and bangle bracelets--all at a store near you.

Belts Are Back

Belts are bigger and better than ever. The good news is, you can wear them any way you want and you’ll be in style.

Head to your closet and belt up your pants!
Head to your closet and belt up your pants! | Source

Whether you wear them high or low, a new belt will kick up that work or weekend outfit. Choose from wide leather, dainty silver filigree and belts with large cowboy buckles--they're are all fair game. Or, dig through your closet and see if you can repurpose some of those belts from seasons past.

Feminine Menswear

This trend doesn’t mean you have to get all duded up like Scott Disick. However, the menswear trend shows little signs of waning, so you may just want to give it a go—start small with a few fun accessories to ease into the look.

Step into a cute, clunky pair of brogues with skinny jeans or walking shorts and a blazer. Finish the look with an oversized watch. Another take on the trend is the envelope clutch in traditional menswear fabrics like gray flannel, houndstooth and pinstripe.

This menswear shoe for women has all the bells and whistles!
This menswear shoe for women has all the bells and whistles! | Source

From fedoras to pork pies and beanies to newsboys, menswear-inspired hats will top off a tailored suit or to add an unexpected touch to an otherwise girlie ensemble.

If you want to really make a fashion statement, combine these menswear accessories with a dainty floral dress. The juxtaposition between masculine and feminine is a sure attention getter.

Lacy Lady

Lace conjures up images of romantic days gone by, but it couldn’t be more today. Never fear, you won’t end up looking like a doily, if you maintain restraint by choosing a few well-chosen lace accessories.

Lace is the ace of accessories!
Lace is the ace of accessories! | Source

Cool lace is hot and it is being used as never before. Lace is not just for wraps and scarves, this openwork fabric is found gracing shoes, handbags, wrist belts and even earrings. Dress up a plain dress or T-shirt with a detachable lace collar. Can you say tres trendy?

Flapper Fantasy

You can channel your inner Daisy Buchanan by sneaking a flapper accessory into your fashion repertoire. Designers have already jumped on the 1920s bandwagon, and you can bet on flapper accessories flooding the market, hot on the heels of the release of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s revamped classic.

An adorable cloche looks good with just about everything. Wrap yourself up in a snuggly fur (preferably, faux fur) stole. Art Deco and Egyptian designs make for stunning brooches, earrings and bracelets.


Accent a low, draping neckline with a rope of tied pearls or faceted crystals to twirl while you’re dancing the Charleston. Purses of the day can still be found at vintage clothing stores, flea markets and antique malls. But there are plenty of modern adaptations to choose from as well.

Vintage shoes are a bit more difficult to come by, however, new designs featuring swingy fringe and T-bar styling will be popping up everywhere. A great place for inspiration is Remix Vintage Shoes in Los Angeles. They offer unused vintage shoes and have a selection of vintage reproduction shoes for sale on their website.

Don’t forget day and evening gloves. A pair of crocheted gloves are perfect for taking afternoon tea. Long, evening gloves in black, white and pastels will definitely look fabulous with a swingy flapper dress.

Go Tribal

The fashion houses of Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel introduced tribal-inspired jewelry accessories that are coveted among fashionistas worldwide. The look encompasses everything from Native American jewelry to African textile handbags to tribal thong and wedge sandals. Beading, natural fabrics, fringe and feathers feature prominently in tribal accessories.

Exotic prints and free trade products make this a popular trend.
Exotic prints and free trade products make this a popular trend. | Source

Consider a woven leather or fabric hobo handbag paired with a chunky, wooden beaded necklace. Rock an ethnic print scarf as impromptu headwear.

Up in Flames

Quite possibly, my favorite accessory trend is one of the quirkiest. It’s not something you’ll be wearing everyday. In fact, you may never wear it at all. But it is so much fun, I had to include it.

Make your wardrobe even hotter with flame accessories!
Make your wardrobe even hotter with flame accessories! | Source

Harken back to the late fifties. Cars were king. Behemoth steel and chrome chariots commanded the roads with their V-8 engines, streamlined shapes and futuristic, rocket-like tailfins. Teenagers cruised boulevards in souped up hot rods painstakingly adorned with brightly-colored flame designs.

The house of Prada capitalized on these iconic images. This imaginative collection features clothing and accessories rooted in the optimistic, post-war American love affair with the automobile.

The collection includes vintage-style sunglasses tinted in vibrant colors taken directly from hot rod art and the cars themselves, as well as clutches embellished with flame motifs. But the shoes...those heavenly creations, steal this show.

Miuccia Prada presents one of the most incredible collection of shoes I’ve seen in quite some time. This footwear is not for the faint of heart. But it is truly a joy to behold. Leather flames replace of traditional bows and dance off the backs of strappy stiletto sandals and pumps. Some styles even feature the red conical taillights characteristic of mid-century American cars.

More flames from Prada.
More flames from Prada. | Source

Look for creative takes on the flame accessory trend. One of note is from Elizabeth Monson as featured on her blog, moveslightly. Her beautiful nail art pays homage to this imaginative Prada collection.

Inspired by Prada Spring 2012 collection.
Inspired by Prada Spring 2012 collection. | Source

© 2012 lindacee

So, which Trend Is Your Fave?

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      lindacee 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks Polly! It was equally fun to research and write!

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      Great hub and eye appealing.