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How To Wear Maxi Dress

Updated on November 24, 2014
Maxi dress for the season
Maxi dress for the season

How to wear maxi dress

Maxi Hems can make you look astoundingly elegant or downwardly clownish if you are not able to carry them off appropriately. You can show a fab figure through them or appear to be shorter or chunkier, according to the way you decide on the hems. Below are some basic rules which you can follow to get the maximum benefits out of your maxi:

1) Select the style, which is well cut: If you have a smaller frame, you can go for the full - length dress that can suit your body type. If you have an hour glass shaped body, you can go for the maxis/gowns that emphasize your waistline. To get a perfect silhouette and to flaunt your trimmed tummy, you can also wrap a belt around your waist.

2) Choose for the right accessories: Go ahead and accessorize your look with appropriate armbands and bracelets. If your dress is a V-neck then you can put on a thick necklace made up of thin chains or small beads. Feel free to add your personal specifications to your maxi dress, to get the most customized glam touch of your own.

3) Go for casual heels like sandals or gladiators: Avoid boots or closed shoes at all costs. Maxis cover your body till your toes, so feel free to add some extra graceful height by putting on pumps, high-heeled sandals or wedges. 

An elegant Maxi dress
An elegant Maxi dress

4) Dress Color: For small framed body structure, you should go for the maxi hems in solid colors, particularly olive green, dark brown, deep purple, maroon or black. For taller figure, you can choose a variety of combinations from different pastels and prints.

5) Plus Sizes: For people with bulky body and broader frames, I'd suggest you to go for prints instead of plain colors. Choose for the maxi dresses accentuated with accessories like decorative patterns, beads and buttons. Apart from this, go for vertical design patterns instead of horizontal ones. Don't choose loose gowns to hide your body as it will make you look even bulkier. Just choose the right fit and the one that makes you feel most comfortable. 

With winters and festival season in the line, you cane easily follow the tips mentioned above and play around to get what suits you the most. So, go ahead, look your best and make those heads turn around at the elegant and beautiful you!


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    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 7 years ago

      Hey you are most welcome CMHypno. Do give a try and play around with your look. I am sure you'll get the one perfect for you!! :-)..Good luck!

    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      Being shortish and curvy I have always avoided maxi dresses, so thanks for the tips calicoaster