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Stylish Summer Stockings For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

The summer is coming, and you lovers of lingerie should be gearing up for a new line of sexy summer stockings! Summer is a great time to wear light breezy stockings, and its a great time for getting away with sheer stockings right in public!

There is some bad news however, especially for those of you with a true affinity and love for stockings – this year's fashions seem to be trending towards ripped and torn stockings. (I'm reminded of the Derelicte range from the movie Zoolander. If that reference didn't make sense, watch Zoolander at your earliest convenience. You'll be glad you did and you'll totally get what I'm going on about.)

What else? Why, whatever else you like of course. Finding your own personal stocking style is just as important as following trends mindlessly (especially if those trends encourage you to rend perfectly good stockings and tights for no reason at all.)

Just for men, nude natural sheer stockings are always in. Wear them out jogging, to the park, the office, or out on a dinner date. You might be the only one who knows you have them on, and that's a naughty little secret you can keep to yourself.

Lace stockings are a new addition to the Spring 2009 line up. This particular example reminds me more of a knitted tea cosy, but I am sure that more desirable types of lace stockings are available on the market.

Aside from desecrated ripped stockings, and very much on the other end of the scale, seamed stockings continue to be big in 2009. Seamed stockings just ooze sex appeal in a conservative librarian kind of way, and make for a very dramatic appearance. Those of you with a penchant for heels will enjoy matching a nice pair of leather pumps with seamed stockings, I'm sure.

Bold, bright colors also continue their recent run of success, hearkening back to the 80's , when we all had a good time and hair was universally fabulous. If you have a favorite color (or several) you're sure to be able to find stockings in it. Hot pinks, deep blues, wild greens, anything goes as the hosiery industry continues to celebrate legs.

Patterns? Yes, patterns are still in, though they may start looking a little 'omg, soooo 2008' any day now. If you find any light and breezy summer patterns, snap those stockings up quick to be the most stylish gal or guy around.


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