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Summer Dresses for 2011

Updated on August 16, 2012

Summer time is the best time to show off that great new fashion. Summer is fun and there will be a lot of fun activities where you would want to use your favorite summer dresses. Summer dresses 2011 is not just about style and color but it is about making you look gorgeous. They make sure that when summer comes, you are looking your best, whether you are out there in the sun or enjoying your time indoors.

Summer dresses 2011 trends include:

Maxi Dresses – The maxi summer dresses 2011 will always be popular choices for women because regardless of what your body type is, you will look good in maxi dresses. The summer maxi dresses come in lightweight fabric that makes them perfect in keeping you cool during the hot days even if it covers up almost everything. There are sheer maxi dresses that are great for cover-ups but the usual solid maxis are still popular with new fabric designs and colors that are reflective of the fun that summer brings. These are dresses that you can use every day all throughout summer so you can buy a few dresses to last you all throughout summer.

White summer dress – The trend for summer dresses 2011 and all other years before that is the white summer dress. This is one trend that will never be unfashionable and in fact is a classic during summer time. Whatever style it may be, whether it is a loose and flowing design or a form fitting one, whether it is a shimmering and sequined one for night use, the white dress is perfect for summer. White summer dresses 2011 see the incorporation of the seventies look of lace and crochet. These dresses look dainty and feminine. It will look flattering on any figure regardless of size and body type. Even plus sized women who are supposed to go the way of dark dresses in order to look slimmer will look extraordinarily great, especially when the style is flattering.

Color trends for summer dresses – The colors for summer dresses 2011 include the family of pink in various tones like salmon, watermelon, fuchsia or neon pink. This color is particularly loved for its feminine and soft look. The bright yellow family is present in all summers. In 2011, orange, chartreuse, daffodil, mustard and lemon are great energy-boosters during the summer season. The family of blue shows itself in the lively hues of aquamarine, cerulean, indigo, sapphire and azure which evokes images of the tranquility of the sea. Earth tones are here to stay, whatever the season is. Earth colors like russet, ochre, umber, gold, camel and sienna add a vintage look to your summer dresses.

Summer time is really about feeling good. It is about looking great and being happy about what you are wearing. There are just so many options for summer dresses 2011 that will help you accomplish this. For this year and any other year, the thing to remember when you are buying your dresses is that it should complement you and your lifestyle.


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