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Summer Tips For Gorgeous Glowing Skin & Shiny Hair Using Delicious Homemade Skin & Body Remedies

Updated on October 5, 2013

Protect Skin And Enhance Your Tan


Easy tips for gorgeous hair & skin

1. Wear a hat.

Protect your hair (and face) from damaging drying UV rays by wearing a hat. Applying a little UV protectant serum or coconut oil with it's natural SPF protection factor of around 4 to hair before covering it with a hat will condition and protect your locks.

2. Chlorine protection.

When your hair is dry, and comes into contact with water, the cuticles absorb or soak up the water it comes into immediately. If you want to protect your hair from absorbing chlorine, wet your hair in the shower before swimming so your cuticles are already water logged with water and thus dilutes any chemicals that try to penetrate your hair shaft. Also rub a little coconut oil or argan oil (or other serum) through your hair.

3. Use a paddle brush.

A brush like Goody's paddle brush will remove up to 30% more excess water from wet hair, then follow with tips below in the next paragraph. Towel dry but don't rub, just squeeze and scrunch or brush with serum.

4. Paper towel dry.

Paper towels soak up more water than terry towel. Use a few to squeeze out the moisture from your skin. Better still apply moisture serum or coconut oil to your wet hair (you only need a little) and cover your hair with a hat for an hour or so. If you have curly hair this will leave your hair soft silky and de-frizzed.

5. Coconutty delish.

Use coconut oil with your shaving cream (mix it 50/50). Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids for optimum moisturization and it is also antibacterial. Its helps you enjoy a smoother shave, protects against follicle pimples and ingrown hairs. Coconut absorbs into your skin quickly taking with it vitamins and minerals and hydration for soft silky smooth legs!

You can also use coconut as a mild sunscreen with a sun protection rating factor of around SPF4. It has been used for its antibacterial, skin softening, moisturizing and sun protection properties for thousands of years by our ancestors in tropical climates.

You can make body butters, and moisturizing serums using coconut oil mixed with other ingredients like almond oil and essential oils and even lip balms. Coconut oil is truly wonderful for your body.

6. Cut your own bangs.

You can use one of the many books on Amazon that show you how. Keeping them trimmed helps you look and feel good. Tidy bangs can make a big difference.

7. Coconutlicious lashes.

Use an old mascara wand washed thoroughly with warm soapy water and rinsed to remove the soap. Apply a little coconut oil to your lashes to protect them from UV damage and brittleness.

8. Soft tootsies.

Moisturize your feet the night before you go out with loads of moisturizer (or use one of the serum recipes in Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes) and wear socks to bed. Your feet will feel soft and lovely the next day. You can also make a salt scrub with honey, salt, brown sugar, a pinch of grated fresh ginger and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add a little tea tree, lavender and/or peppermint oil for a tingly scrub that leaves your feet feeling fresh and gorgeously smooth.

9. Condition your hair.

Use ½ a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil or argan oil mixed with your conditioner in the shower applied to your hair for a cheap effective conditioning treatment. You can also use neem and lavender oil with a little tea tree oil for eliminating dandruff and itchy scalp. These oils are also great for scalp or face acne when mixed with a cleanser, body wash or shampoo. (More recipes in Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes).

Try an avocado mask with a little honey for your hair. I know it sounds gluggy, but it is rich in protective antioxidants and essential fats to feed your hair. Another oil used in many conditioners is wheatgerm oil. It contains proteins that are very similar to those in hair and also in your skins natural sebum. Wheatgerm oil can be used half and half with honey for a very nourishing moisturizing conditioning treatment that closed cuticles giving your hair a smooth shiny appearance.

10. Spritz your flyaways.

Add a few drops of lavender and/ or rose oil to a cup of water in a spray bottle, better still use 1/2/ aloe vera juice or 100% rose hydrosol as a base and spray your hair once or twice during the day (and your face) for a quick hydrating moisture boost.

Summer Glow

Tips Part 2

11. Scrub the glow back.

Make an exfoliating body scrub for all over pampering using a tablespoon of brown sugar, a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, a tablespoon of honey and a little crushed fruit or yogurt for a yummy scrub. You can add ground oatmeal to boost it with extra moisture and soothing properties or try a few drops of essential oil (or vanilla essence) to make it smell divine. Essential oils can also help to regenerate cells and stimulate new cell/collagen growth. Adding other base oils can do different things for your skin. Adding fruit, especially pineapple or papaya helps exfoliate with papain and fruit acids.

Apply this scrub prior to having a shower leaving it on a minute or two to allow the acids to slough off dead skin cells. Your skin will be radiant and glowing. Apply your favorite moisturizer afterwards (again there are many homemade face mask recipes, lotions and moisturizers to make at home that are moisture rich and feel beautiful on your skin).

Fruit masks made of papaya, pineapple and honey make great natural exfoliating chemical peels. The fruit acids and enzymes i these fruits lift away dull skin and stimulate new cell growth. Add some brown sugar and a pinch of natural salt to make an exfoliating scrub.


So there are just a few tips for summer loveliness, You can make a whole range of home hair and body moisturizers, scrubs and all types of natural skin care treatments for all types of skin.

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    • stacytm profile image

      stacytm 4 years ago from London

      This is really good, I use coconut oil on my hair as a deep conditioner.