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Flip Flops

Updated on July 8, 2018

They Come In Lots Of Colors And Styles

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My Favorite Shoe

I live in the South where it gets very hot during the months of May, June, July, August and even September. The perfect shoe for the hot weather is the flip flop. In numerous colors, varied styles, and with lots of comfort, the flip flop wins the shoe award for me.

A couple of years ago, I began having an issue with a sore foot. After seeing a doctor, it was determined that I have a pinched nerve that sits in a joint near the second and third toe. It throbbed continuously and was a real nuisance to contend with. After some treatment with alcohol shots, the pain was gone, but it feels like there is no more padding on the bottom of my foot. I require shoes after many years of enjoying cool, bare feet in the house.

With slight padding in my shoe, I have no pain and can walk for long distances without any discomfort. With the heat, tennis shoes are not appealing except in the gym. I like my feet to be cool. The flip flop meets that need.

Flip flops are not what they used to be. No longer designed just for the beach, they come in numerous colors and styles to complement almost any attire. I can't wear them to work or church, but I can wear them the rest of the day. Slipping into a pair of flip flops as I cook, run errands or relax is heaven on earth.

Flip flops are not just for women. Men have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Their selections are more subdued in color and consistent in style, more manly. My husband loves to wear his flip flops in the summer almost as much as I do.

I put my winter shoes into storage the other day and pulled out the summer shoes. I was amazed at the number of flip flops that I have accumulated. Some are dressy and others boast springy colors to match my summer outfits.

There are some flip flops that have no support or cushion on the bottom. They are extremely thin on the bottom, less than a quarter inch. I cannot wear these thin shoes. Most flip flops today have a substantial cushion on the bottom that provides the support and protection that I need.

I choose my flip flops in the grocery store, the shoe store and even stumble upon them in gift shops. I am always looking for a deal and a new cute style to accent my wardrobe. Have you discovered the joy of the flip flop? How many pairs do YOU have?

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