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Sunflower Oil for Skin and Hair

Updated on December 30, 2014

Sunflower seed oil is pale yellow, has very little fragrance, and has a light consistency. It is cold pressed from sunflower seeds. It is a naturally derived substance that is commonly used in skincare, hair, and makeup products. Sunflower oil is rich in vitamins and fatty acids. It easily absorbs into the skin, resulting in a noticeable increase in hydration.

Sunflower oil does not clog/block pores (it is non-comedogenic) and it contains more vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. It also contains impressively large amounts of vitamins A, C and D.

Sunflower Oil & Acne

Sunflower oil is exceptionally light and non-greasy. It absorbs into the skin without clogging or blocking pores. Its plethora of vitamins and fatty acids (specifically linoleic acid, which can be stripped from the skin easily by harsh acne-fighting soaps and cleansers) act as antioxidants and skin cell re-generators, tirelessly working to rid the skin of acne causing bacteria.

Sunflower Oil & Dry, Dehydrated Skin

Sunflower oil is a natural emollient. It improves skin's moisture retention and is especially good for individuals with dry, dehydrated, and/or sensitive skin. It creates a moisturizing protective coating that can help prevent infection and inflammation, especially in newborns with underdeveloped skin (it is good for diaper rash).

Sunflower Oil & Hair

Similar to the way it works on skin, sunflower oil is a light, moisturizing oil for the hair. It softens the hair and adds a delightful sheen to it. It also calms frizziness and makes hair easy to manage. Pure sunflower oil can be applied directly to the scalp and massaged throughout the hair as a natural conditioner.

Overall, sunflower seed oil is an excellent naturally derived plant ingredient. It can be used alone on skin and/or hair, or it can be combined with other natural ingredients to make a variety of lush conditioners, lotions, etc.

Sunflower Oil Recipes

Sunflower hair conditioner: Mix one cup of wheat germ oil and one cup of sunflower oil. Warm the mixture and massage it into your hair. Leave on for one minute then wash with lukewarm water and one tablespoon of lemon juice.

Sunflower face mask: Mix ½ cup of plain yogurt (for exfoliating), with ½ cup sunflower oil (to seal in moisture), with one tablespoon of lemon juice (to naturally whiten and prevent age spots). Blend together and smooth on face. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.


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