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Sunless Tanning Lotion Reviews

Updated on May 26, 2011

Latest Sunless Tanning lotion reviews on the web

Do you want a sun-kissed look, a healthy and hydrated skin, silky and smooth, without paying a lot of money at the tanning salon, or exposing yourself to risk of skin cancer by using the solars or laying for hours under the Sun?

Why Sunless Tanning Lotion is the best option for a bronze skin?

If you would like to welcome summer with a healthy and beautiful tanned skin and sun or solar do not represent options for you, you chec the: sunless tanning lotion reviews,
to get a clear picture of which one is the best for you.

This type of product can be found everywhere, in an extremely wide range of varieties, types, textures and presentation options for full body skin or in the form of creams, sprays and moisturizing milk.

I made ​​for you a selection of the best products on the market, as well as some tips that will help you get a tan without unsightly spots.

Tips for a perfect tan

  1. Choosing the right sunless tanning lotion: All products in this range are usually presented in several variants: light colored skin, normal skin and dark skin. Do not venture to choose a lotion that does not fit the normal pigmentation of your skin. You risk getting an ugly and unnatural color.
  2. Peeling: To get the lotion of your choice, spread evenly on your skin, you should first use a peeling product. Do not skip this step, as it is perhaps the most important to avoid further blemishes. Peeling can be done either in a beauty salon, or, even easier, at home.
  3. Clean and moisturized skin: Skin hydration is also a prerequisite for reliable results, that will be envied. Insist on dry areas - elbows, knees - because if a part is drier than the rest of the body, it will absorb a greater amount of sunless tanning lotion, and, automatically, it's going to have a more intense shade of bronze.
  4. Lotion, spray or cream? Sunless body tanning lotion gives you a discreet bronze, close to your natural skin tone. Application is uniform, made in circular motion, over the entire body. For self-tanning lotions, follow the same principles as for the application of body lotions, taking care to distribute the same amount of cream over the whole body. For a more natural effect, insist on areas that normally tan most: forehead, nose, cheeks.

XEN-TAN Dark Lotion Weekly Tan, 8 fl. oz.
XEN-TAN Dark Lotion Weekly Tan, 8 fl. oz.

This is a highly moisturizing sunless tanning lotion, which is enough for a complere body and face tanning, for 5 or 6 times. It has a delicious coconut flavour, and it contains natural oils that nourish the skin.

It has a 5 out of 5 stars rating, and people say it's one of the best, at least for this price range.

Here are a few reviews from the users:

"This is the best tanning product I've EVER used and I've used most of them."

"Most Natural-Looking Self-Tanner"

"This product was everything that it said it would be.

The fake tan is excellent! "

Self Tanning Lotion Tan Overnight 8 fl oz - Medium To Dark Tan for Body and Face, Organic and Natural Ingredients May Be Sun Labs Best Self Tanner. Tanning Mit With Thumb Gives Instant Drying Tan
Self Tanning Lotion Tan Overnight 8 fl oz - Medium To Dark Tan for Body and Face, Organic and Natural Ingredients May Be Sun Labs Best Self Tanner. Tanning Mit With Thumb Gives Instant Drying Tan

This is a sunless tanning lotions that has a formula based on a sugar derivative, which will enhance the color of skin's pigment. Apply and wait for three hours to achieve a perfect, natural-looking tan. It hydrates the skin, it has a good price and has good ratings (4.5 out of 5).

Here is what customers on Amazon have to say in their reviews:

"I have been using this product for 8 years and it is one of the best on the market."

"I have invested lots of money in drugstore self tanners so I thought I'd try something a little more expensive. I am a pale red head and all self tanners look orange on me. I really liked the color with this product."



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