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Lovely Supportive La Senza Men's Panties

Updated on October 21, 2009

These panties were recommended to me by a reader, who thought that they might be of interest to other panty wearing men, and I quite agreed with him. At first glance, these black microfiber La Senza panties (in boy leg or thong style,) don't seem like the typical panty wearing fare of a lingerie loving male.

Where are the frills? Where are the pretty colors? Where are the little details that just squeal in an oh so feminine fashion? They're not really here, but that doesn't really matter. Why? Because these panties are designed to be incredibly comfortable and when worn by men, will be very supportive of a fellow's unmentionables.

The same reader then suggested that these make the perfect panties to wear under looser, more frilly or otherwise more overtly feminine panties. That way you enjoy a nice firm supportive panty, but you also enjoy the feminine look of lace and color and frills and mesh and lions and tigers, oh my!

That's one way to wear these La Senza panties, the other way is to simply wear them on their own as something of a crossover panty. They're so very plain that it seems highly unlikely even the most lingerie shy woman is going to have a problem with you wearing them. These are win-win panties for men whose partners are not at all keen on seeing them in lingerie, they'll allow you the feel and the knowledge that you're wearing women's underwear without having to deal with the tear filled fight that proceeds being seen in them.

Should you go for the thong or the boy leg? Well, that very much depends on your own personal tastes. My money is on the boy leg, but I have a strong bias that way. I do imagine however, that for a man, a boy leg cut panty is going to provide much more support than a thong. It amazes me that men can wear thongs designed for women without having their bits and pieces sliding uncomfortably out.

Both styles have the cute little cut out at the back, a little, muted nod to some form of style. It's not exactly what I'd call saucy, but it is almost as if the panties were saying “Yes, we could be very saucy if we wanted to be, just get us alone with some candles and Barry White and see what happens.”

Oh if only panties could talk.


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    • profile image

      Chris 15 months ago

      Hey guys, ive just made the switch going from boring old boxers to mens thong underwear, but since reading this post its made my mind up and i just ordered some womens thongs =) now just the wait of 4 to 6 days for delivery lol. Has anyone had any backlash or stares in the changings rooms at swimming pools or gyms??

    • profile image

      Mikk 8 years ago

      V.S.'s PINK line has some EXTREMELY comfy selections in a wide variety of colors and patterns, a top recommendation from my "everyday" drawer.

    • profile image

      Panty Lover 8 years ago

      Cotton thongs are normaly large enough in front to support "The Boys" as long as you stay away from the low rise styles. I have worn V.S. cotton thongs daily for several years. The new V.S. "Undies" thong is even more comfy than the old cottons!

    • profile image

      TwoBits 8 years ago

      The trick for a men who wears thongs, buy them at least one size larger than other panties. This gives you more material for your, you know. Anyway just a thought. Personally I like the thong better than anything else. The one tought thing is lace, it is either too loose or too tight. Anyway just my two cents.

    • profile image

      hotpinkpanty 8 years ago

      I like the way they look and sound like they would be cofortable

    • profile image

      Gunnau 8 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      I may have to try a pair of my wife's. She has a number of La Senza bras that she just loves after discovering them in Toronto Canada last year.

      La Senza have some stores in Australia and sell over the web.