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Sweet High Heel Court Shoes For Men

Updated on March 30, 2009

The court shoe is now almost the exclusive domain of women, however during the Regency Period, men would wear dress boots during the day and court shoes in the evening. If it weren't for the whole pesky French Revolution and the demise of the monarchy throughout much of Europe and the British Isles, men today might still be enjoying the elegance of the court shoe in their daily lives.

Unfortunately the modern world accepts court shoes only as female attire. The styling has changed slightly, but the designs are more fabulous than ever. So go forth men and reclaim the style that was once yours, or at least share it with the ladies.

To help you in this quest I have compiled a selection of court shoes you'll find hard to resist. Picked from the impressive selection at, these shoes seem to have been designed purely to inflame the senses and the passion. 5'5 inch heels mean that you had better get some practice walking in heels before you go strutting down the street however, they may not be the highest shoes in the world, but they are more than tall enough to make for a twisted ankle if you're not careful

The first of my selections is this simple but elegant strapped 5'5 inch heel court shoe. The relatively chunky strap will look great on a masculine leg where it will appear to be relatively delicate whilst still providing a modicum of support for the shoe.

The classic pink court shoe is a little shorter than the 5'5 inch, but still has a noticeable heel. These candy cute shoes are sure to suit a beginner, or charm a more experienced wearer of high heels.

Did somebody say bondage? The straps get serious in this flaming red iteration of the innocent court shoe, transforming it from a sweet shoe into a red hot attention getter.

Those who are about to teeter out on these tiny stilettos salute you! Ever wanted to incorporate gladiatorial fashions with the sharpest of stilettos? These babies will make all your dreams come true. Be warned, these are not shoes for the unwary beginner, you'll want to practice walking in heels before you climb atop these seductresses of the sole.

Feeling inspired yet? Like what you see? Perhaps there are a pair of court shoes languishing in the back of your closet, or maybe it is time to make your first purchase and feel the combined thrill of a new shoe sensation and history itself caressing your feet.


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    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      Wow Hope! This is getting to be a "thing". A pair of black corts may be in order. I do still think boots are best--.

    • heels35 profile image

      heels35 7 years ago

      I have no problem buying women's shoes because I have a size 9 and I like the black, I have such a similar, but unfortunately I wear them only at home. How to work up the courage to go out in them?

    • profile image

      Wendygrrl 7 years ago

      Wow.. I'll take one of each... on black and red...I'd wear heel every day..

    • Histiletto profile image

      Histiletto 7 years ago

      Why is it so hard to accept that there are men who are just as much into wearing high heels as women are. As Hope has pointed out, men do wear heels, but due to some prejudicial mis-understandings, the sight of high heeled men has been scarce for some time and therefore, unfamiliar to the general public. Now many men are choosing to put heels back into their fashion selections. They aren't trying to be women, they are just trying to have more variety and they want to share in the great look heels often bring to outfits.

    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 8 years ago from Cabin Fever

      Thanks. :)

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Your random comment wins. ;)

    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 8 years ago from Cabin Fever

      LOL. Go ahead make my day. :)