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Swimsuits - Summer's around the corner girls!

Updated on April 3, 2013


Last night I was having a conversation with one of my many beautiful girlfriends! No, I'm not just bias to say that they are beautiful, because THEY ARE... and they are in ALL shapes and sizes!

So men, if you're here to look at beautiful women, then stick around, but if you're out to gawk at stick figures, then go draw some lines on paper! lol... SERIOUSLY! TURN BACK NOW if that's what you expect!

Us women, as you NOTICED I'm sure, come in all shapes and sizes, summer is just around the corner, and some of us have been put down by you men who expect perfection in every woman, and are only looking for women who fit the description of a stick figure with breasts!

NOT NICE! A person's personality is what makes them who they are, beautiful or not! I personally have all beautiful girlfriends because they don't fall prey to being the "model" you only wish you had, but are stuck with the women who aren't obsessed with being rail thin!

If I could, I'd ask for your names so I could send you a copy of Shallow Hal! If you've not seen it, then you need to! Jack Black falls for Gweneth Paltrow, but doesn't realize she's overweight until a spell by OH, that famous guy I can't think of.. Oh Tim Robbins or something like that! Then he sees people for who they really are! I myself have met some really pretty women, only to find out, YUK their personality takes away from their exterior beauty! It's really actually sad!

So women or men who'd like to buy for their women, who are or aren't small, I'll tell you where you can find these flattering suits so you can have the beautiful woman at the beach! :)

The middle ruffle!

The woman above

Ok, she might not have as much to her as some, but the suit she's wearing is what my friend and I were talking about.

The middle ruffle IS IN this year, and even if you've got that baby pooch if you draw those ruffles to your hip line, a lot of these suits are a bit tighter at the waist and they have a built in bra for that lift that a swimsuit squashes down unless THEY AREN'T REAL!  It's true! Only those who you see are either 20 or have a built in bra!

I particularly love the cute ruffle skirt bottom! Bring that middle down and that ruffle is going to give another thing that is "in" this summer and that's a bit of booty! Yep, believe it or not, it's the "in" thing this year! Finally we don't have to worry about our bottoms like we used to.

Although LADIES YOU SHOULDN'T ANYWAY, remember it's who you are that make you beautiful or not! Don't be one of those beautiful women on the exterior only! :) I'd love this one in black or a silvery tone!


I've had some men be pretty honest with me...

One day I was at a male friends house. He had a calendar up with a girl, not one like this above, but very close! She too had on a one piece bathing suit! It was an older calendar, so they hadn't done any "computerized fixes" to her! Well, I pointed out her thighs... and while this girl is a bit younger, I noticed on the calendar girl, a few imperfections (in a man's eyes) and he took the calendar down and said "Thanks Kathy you ruined that for me"... then was asking me out the next week! LOL

But the point of it is, this girl does have some thighs most men aren't even going to notice when they realize they're paying attention to how cute her suit is! Or her hair, or even the cute ruffle around the top! I love this suit and would certainly wear it to the beach! It too has a built in bra and pulls in at the waist! Very cute, I loved this one!

Ah, the prints!

There's a few things to know about printed suits!

First of all, this girl can pull it off because she is thin!

But for those who aren't, you cannot wear a print like this and not make it look like you're thinner, in fact it'll make you look bigger! So watch out for those prints girls! :) This is a very cute suit, but unfortunately it is a model whose had a little help up top or this suit would put a little damper on her.. upper side! It is a cute one though, but like I said, beware of prints!


Aw, no real girl? lol

This is on a mannequin so of course it's thin. But girls with a fuller figure can pull this off easy! The reason is all in the lines you see in front! How they have the downward /\ it gives an illusion of more hips and less waist! I'm not sure if it's bra supported but you can always check them out! I think it'd be nice in black or another dark color or even this color with another color /\ to be more eye drawing to the girls face. I wish this one had of been on a model so it would show more of what I mean.

Men, just use your imagination lol ;P



I LOVE THIS.. It has the ruffles that would certainly do the trick of drawing the eyes where you want them and away from where you don't!

Notice how the front comes down to the top of the thigh, we saw these suits back in the late 40's early 50's! This girl is NOT rail thin, and she's still absolutely beautiful in this suit!


The ruffles around her breast line give her more of what she has up top, and the straps to hold what she does have! But note how they go out on the sides it makes her waist appear thinner than they are, and the way the suit goes in after the hip, makes her appear more curvy! And come on, what man doesn't like a little curve to their women! (Ok yeah there's a few judgmental men out there, but kick them to the curb ladies, like I said, CARRY YOURSELF AS IF YOU KNOW YOU'RE HOT)


Just because she's thin, means nothing!

Not to this suit!

Here's why ladies you shouldn't pass this one up!

Note the little strings on the hips? You can take them however you want!

My good educated guess is that if this girl wasn't posing like this she's have NO figure! And she'd not have that flattering behind nor nothing up top! I think ANY woman of any size could pull this off and remember, the "over the suit pull overs are IN" This year, there's a lot to remember about what we're getting away from, and making teens too self conscious about their bodies! If someone told this girl she was too thin, (or fat) she'd not carry herself with pride.

Obviously she does look dazzling in this print for a small girl, most likely younger than 30, but just because she's pulling it off wearing a dotted print doesn't mean you can't! :)

Brown isn't my favorite color but.....

A beautiful PLUS SIZE GIRL!

She also has it going on with a bit of jewelry that matches her suit! Her slight tan go great with the color brown and her hair appears more blonde as well!

I LOVE the criss cross top, it not only gives her a fuller top look, but the skirt let's her relax and be herself and she's also standing as if "so what if you don't like me not thin as a rail, then don't look"... she's got CONFIDENCE in her appearance and it means everything girls!

I would wear this too in a heartbeat! I'm not for wearing jewelry to the beach, but she could be going on a boat or just sitting out to get a little Vitamin D.. which we all get from the sun and just a bit of it is healthy! Use a sunscreen if you're light sensitive, but back to the suit!

Who can say this isn't flattering? I think it's super, and love her sunglasses, although I'd go for more of a cateye sunglasses! And maybe more straight earrings! Overall very nice!

Double the wear!

She's saying more than "look at me"


Pay attention to her stance! She came right out of the plus size category, but I would bet money although she's got on a swimsuit, she can go sit at the snack bar and appear as if she's just wearing a flattering sundress!

I don't know how many people reading this will remember back in the late 70's "Sizzler dresses" were ALL THE RAVE! This fits that same description with a twist! Rather than having those 70's puffy short sleeve, it has normal straps suited for a swim suit or a sun dress! I love this, and rather than bangles I'd probably paint my nails one of the colors to match the swim suit!

Probably I would use more colorful sunglasses as well! A bright yellow rim or even red! The skirt on this just has more than swimsuit written all over it, as does the model! She's poised and ready to be seen anywhere (appropriate) but definitely at a beach club or even just one of those sitting aside a pool! PERFECT! I love this suit!

Back to some PRINTS!

This girl can pull of the prints because.....

She's thinner! Normally at this weight one of the women above wouldn't wear a horizontal print! Now if they made this suit in a print that came vertical, I'd say go for it!

Vertical lines are eye drawing to a shape!

Again I would not be wearing that necklace, for one thing if you're going to be in the sun, some jewelry gets hot and can burn you or leave a suntan print! Oh my LOL then you'd be stuck wearing it until it faded out!

But what's good about this suit is that it has the pulls in between the breast line! It gives the illusion of having a bit more up top than one might have! The vertical stripe also helps with that! I like this suit, I wouldn't prefer it on me, but the right shape could wear it well! I too would go for some hot pink nail polish and maybe some sunglasses with a brighter colors, maybe a yellow or pink! IF I were to wear a necklace though, I would definitely go for something more subtle like a chain or something not quite so big. Winter also can make jewelry cold to wear, so us women have to even be weather conscious of our jewelry!

There's that walk of CONFIDENCE!

Having suits altered is also a thought!

Now while this girl carries herself with confidence, we can always try that, but another way to do this with a suit you love but aren't quite so daring, the top part is great, but look back above to the ruffles around the leg or sides of the legs! It doesn't cost much to have a seamstress add those on! and maybe with a shimmery black that adds to that hip and gives the illusion of a nice hip area with great curves!

Again I'm not a fan of Jewelry at the beach, but some women are! I would of dressed her with a smaller bangle one white one black to match the suit. The bow is also something that screams to the men "look at my breast not my thighs" and THEY WILL. I know a guy who has a tshirt that say's "You don't need glitter on your cleavage, we're already looking".. I thought that was funny because men can be overly truthful sometimes! So, with this suit that's where the eyes are going to go even if she didn't have the bow.. it HELPS :)

Plus, noted is her nail polish... WHITE... to also bring attention to her nice nails that match the suit!

She's TOO thin for this suit!

While it's a very pretty suit...

I wish since this was in the plus size model's they should of put a plus size girl in it, but I think the point of it is MAYBE WE DON'T SEE HER AS SHE REALLY IS???

The midriff ruffle is  perfect and the skirt, a bit long for a thin girl, but if she had more weight on her, we wouldn't know! I LOVE this suit! I think it's a great pool side suit and maybe a cute chain necklace would go good with it!

I'd like to see it in another color, and maybe on a blond or redhead. I think this suit would look great in another color, although I still like it either way. The model they're using just isn't holding herself with the confidence I see in other of the photos above! Also maybe some dangle earrings to add more zest to the suit. I love the material it seems to be made of!

And LADIES DON'T FORGET if you do get a suit like this, and you'd like more "hip".. then there's always that seamstress that can add on a tiny ruffle under the skirt to give it a bit of poof so you have more hip, thus, more CURVES! :)


The headless model! LOL

I had to show this suit! While I was looking at suits online with my friend, we agreed this was amazing! It has all that mid ruff that we trick you men with :) lol, but it has the built in bra! Plus, it has those heavier straps to hold up what we do have up top! The sides pull in and the legs are great for not making us appear like we're showing too much.

Plus, this suit has the option of sliding down those legs with that 30's-40's type bottom front!

After all the men I've gotten honest opinions from, they like a little left to the imagination! I think this suit does it! With just one of those silk beach robes, a short one that matches, and maybe a colorful hat or sunglasses, it would set this off! Rail thin NOT this suit is IN, AND HOT this summer!

I REALLY LOVE THE COLOR! AND THE MATERIAL! It will give light reflection in ALL the right places! As you can well see! :)

For the fuller figure...

This girl has the perfect FACE...

She's looking at the water, and is ready to take the plunge! And she's going to have FUN!

She's carrying herself with confidence and not a care to what anyone thinks!

I like the cute button on the side, but I really think it's be cute with a trim of color, or maybe even a white button! A built in bra is obvious to her size, as it's giving her lift, even after her swim! Not only that the skirt is kind of "fly away" so it'll dry fast when she's ready to sit on her beach towel or go up by a beach side place to sit and lounge out of the suns harmful rays!


I'D REALLY LIKE SOME FEEDBACK FROM YOU MEN ON THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR! The reason is because of her air of confidence she's giving off! DOES IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE? She's a very attractive lady, and she's showing very nice fashion sense! some lavender nail polish would be perfect with this suit! I have to say again I love her smile as she looks like she's dying to get in there and swim! Or maybe just take a beach walk with her man, either way, she looks LIKE SHE'S ENJOYING being at the beach! :)


  1. Another great place to look for these:
  2. And EVERYONE loves Zappo's!
  3. The Swimsuit MALL (who don't love that?)
  4. And that purple you can find at:
  5. For all fashion plus swimwear for this summer's latest fashion
  6. And ladies LOVE our Nordstroms for ALL clothing and accessories!


I've displayed both thin and full figured women, you have to admit, they're all flattering right?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      good ideas on how to look your best and show people you care about your self and how you look in public.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I find that the suits nowadays are so much more stylish! To think of what my mother used to wear, no wonder she never went in the water!

      Love for ideas and suits...they have great selection and I've used them often.

      I also used at one point and thought their site was helpful too!

    • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Lost in America

      Hi Joan, thanks so much! I see I have changed at least one male's view on women from my poll! I really think a lot has to do with confidence and how one carries themselves!

      I liked the brown one myself! And you've brought up a great point as well, a size larger than you are! That way you have some material to work with, to add some ruffle to enhance where you want to draw the male eye too and feel more confident! Thanks for the post! :)

    • Joan King profile image

      Joan King 

      8 years ago

      Love the swimsuits with lots of ruffles. I wore one similar to the brown on my recent cruise. It was even a larger size than I normally wear but if looked perfect and I felt comfortable and sexy. Great job with this hub!


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