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The Quickest and Easiest Ways To Do Foot Spa at Home

Updated on February 17, 2016

Your Happy Feet

After a whole day work, you deserve a pampering that you needed most. You may opt to watch movie or treat yourself in a fine dining. You may also want to go into the famous massage spa in your town. You may send yourself to a foot spa house or pamper yourself in the parlor.

Your feet deserves treat that it needs. It carries you almost all the times. It gets tired of course. Yes! Now is the right time for you to send your feet in to a foot spa session.

Caring Your Feet

Your feet encountered many bacteria and different kinds of germs in a day. This may cause fungal infections or some diseases that are harmful to you. It is very important to maintain the cleanliness of your feet.

Washing your feet several times in a day helps you eliminate the possibility of having fungal problems. Pampering it will also relieve your tired feet. But you do not need to be extravagant in pampering yourself. You can foot spa at home and pamper your feet in lesser expense.

DO-IT-YOURSELF Foot Spa is made easy.
DO-IT-YOURSELF Foot Spa is made easy.

Foot spa can be done at home by following these easy steps. Things you need:

Tub or basin
Liquid soap and antibacterial soap
Luke/ warm water
Pumice Stones or stone fil
Nail cutter
Foot scrub
Nail polish

1. Preparing your feet.

Remove your nail polish thoroughly. Clean your feet by washing it with an antibacterial soap. Wash your feet properly to remove all the dirt in it.

2. Preparing the spa lotion.

Add the Salt and liquid soap to the warm water in the tub or basin. Dissolve it properly until it became foamy. Salt will help your feet reduce the swelling. You may also add Rose water to freshen up your feet.

3. Soaking

Soak your feet in the spa lotion 10-15 minutes. While waiting for the time, relax and enjoy your spa session. This part of spa can give you time for yourself. You can also read books or watch TV.

Using Pumice stone to eliminate dry skin and callos.
Using Pumice stone to eliminate dry skin and callos.

4. Exfoliating.

This is the most important part. Using the pumice stone, remove that dead skin in your feet. This helps remove the callous I your feet. Apply the foot scrub in circular motion. Massage your feet. You can also make homemade foot scrub by using sugar. This is easy to make.

If you have crack heels, exfoliate it carefully to avoid wound. You also need to apply cream suitable for this time of feet.

5. Cutting and Polishing.

The final step is to cut your fingertips in your toe. You may opt to put nail polish that will add color in your nail. Choose the right color that you like.

Take good care of your feet. Now that you can do foot spa in your own, you will now find time to do it more often. Your feet are your best friend. Always remember to give extra care to your feet. It is a very sensitive part of your body.

Enjoy and relax!


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