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T.J. Maxx Shopper

Updated on June 2, 2010
Kenneth Jay Lane Fashion Earrings & Necklace  $44.98 compare at $73.00
Kenneth Jay Lane Fashion Earrings & Necklace $44.98 compare at $73.00

Fashionista Stomping Grounds

Talking about one stop shopping!  This is it!  I've made my usual Saturday morning visit to my favorite T.J. Maxx store in my town.  I also make a point of stopping by T.J. Maxx when I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina visiting my sister!  It's usually one of the highlights of my visit with her and my nieces.

This is a costume jewelry necklace made out of hammered gold medallions with matching earrings! A must for a fall wardrobe. It's items like these that keep style fashionistas, like myself, coming back for more!

T.J. Maxx jewelry counters are filled with jewelry designed by Kenneth Jay Lane, Movado, Hilfiger and the like.  They sell high-end cubic zirconia studded earrings and rings.  Their selection of natural gemstones are to die for! 

I'll let you in on a little secret...I caughr my jeweler shopping T.J. Maxx's jewelry counter!  I was simply shocked and had to let her know that I saw her.  After all, she's in the business of selling gems in the thousands of dollars!  A fashionista must know what drew her to T.J. Maxx to shop for jewelry!  Of course, she didn't like the fact of being approached but to my surprise there were a few other of her customers who noticed her appearance at the jewelry counter!  We were all vying to see what she had her eye on!

T.J. Maxx have outrageously beautiful natural stone pieces made out of turquoise, carnielian, and amethyst!  Sterling silver bracelets, bangles, and necklaces abound in large measure.  They also will cater to the taste of the genuine 14kt gold lovers!  You will also find gold bangles with stones and gemstones adorn the glass counters.

My favorite spot at the jewelry counter was the clearance showcase.  Full of beautiful genuine gold and silver necklaces, rings, earrings, watches and pendants are a choice eye candy!  In fact I bought my solid gold and diamond watch from that showcase.  It retailed for over $800 dollars and I paid just over $200!

Their stock of handbags run in pricing from $19.99 to over $150.00 and include designers such as Dooney and Bourke (my favorite), Expressions NYC, Matt and Nat Juicy Couture.  I also like the fact that my store location separates the handbags and briefcases according to shades and colors!

Expressions NYC Silver Purse  $19.99 compare at $32.00
Expressions NYC Silver Purse $19.99 compare at $32.00

This silver sequin find can be worn over the shoulder or the chain strap can be easily hidden inside the pocketbook and used as a reflective clutch-style evening bag.

Expressions NYC Clutch Bag  $16.99 compare at $28.00
Expressions NYC Clutch Bag $16.99 compare at $28.00

If the Glove Fits! You Must Commit!

Fownes UltraNaturals Leather Gloves  $19.99 compare at $40.00
Fownes UltraNaturals Leather Gloves $19.99 compare at $40.00

Each season that I purchase a pair of gloves, T.J. Maxx has been the store of choice. Their selection of both men and women leather accessories are exquisite. The color variety helps to fulfill the fashionista's desire for all things beautiful.

Check out the link!

I enjoy the fact that I can buy such a resonably priced item for my sister, girlfriends, and family.  You will also find a large selection of men scarves, ties, and belts. 

With so many different and specal items housed under one roof, I'm always able to find a lovely gift-giving item when I'm in a hurry or when I've simply forgotten an anniversary, birthday, or a thank you gift.

I hope you've enjoyed my hub!

TJ MAXX offers great deals on apparel, shoes, and other accessories. Well, I'm off to survey what's new at my local TJ MAXX!

Until next time...

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