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Taking Care of You Skin While Traveling

Updated on March 10, 2017

Traveling is wonderful; who doesn’t enjoy exploring new places, visiting different cultures and meeting interesting people? I think we all do! But beyond preparing your luggage and getting everything ready to go there is something you should not overlook: your skin care.

During your flight

Have you boarded a plane looking fabulous when you land it seems as if you have aged ten years? Well, you're not alone. The aircraft cabins have very low humidity, which can cause our skin to dehydrate quickly. The dry, recycled air is looking for moisture, and when it finds it in your skin and it leaves it drained. Not only will dry skin will become dryer, but oily skin may become even oilier. Sounds crazy but it's true. When the skin loses water, it tends to produce more oil to compensate for the loss.

Bring your travel kit

First of all, find out in detail what you can and cannot bring on the flight. Pack a small transparent zip-lock bag with all your travel essentials, including an antibacterial gel, moisturizing cream, and lip balm. According to FTA regulations, the maximum size you carry is 3.4 ounces (100 ml) of each product. It is essential for your skin to have your favorite products available to apply throughout the flight, so remember to plan ahead.

Moisturize and protect your skin

Just putting on some cream after you are seated will not be enough. The longer the flight, the greater the frequency with which should moisturize: your skin will thank you.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Having to be concerned about the sun while we are sitting on a plane might sound ridiculous, but unfortunately, the windows of the aircraft are not able to filter all harmful UV rays. So, use your moisturizer with SPF, close the window curtain and pick, if possible, an aisle seat instead of a window seat.

Stay hydrated and drink

And I don’t mean alcohol! It is easy to avoid the fear of turbulence with a glass of wine or two, but water is essential to keep our body hydrated during the flight. To prevent further dehydration, avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water. A cup of water for every hour of flight is recommended.

These tips will help your skin stay hydrated and fresh until you arrive at your destination. But once you arrive, what's next? Well, it depends on the climate you will be experimenting during your travel.

Taking care of your skin on hot climates

If you are visiting an area with a warm environment, wearing makeup is not recommended for women. Makeup will be susceptible to melt on your face, leaving you with lots of shine due to excess oiliness. If you’re a man, skipping a shave or two can help you avoid skin irritation

If you’re going to the beach, here are some tips to take care of your skin:

Use sunscreen

We can’t start a tips list without starting with the most obvious one. Many people tend to apply their sunscreen only when they arrive at the beach since they think that will protect them all day. But the reality is different. If you go to the beach or you'll be doing any activity under the sun, apply an SPF of 50 or higher sunscreen and reapply it every 80 minutes, or as directed by the instructions on it.

Cover yourself

If you’re spending your day at the beach, it doesn’t mean that you need to sit all day under the sun until your skin is boiling. Take some breaks and go rest under a palapa, or put on some lightweight clothes.

Check the time

It is recommended to stay under the shade between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm since during those hours the sun's rays are more intense. If you have no choice but to remain exposes, apply enough sunscreen and don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses.

Drink some water

Drinking water is critical because it helps you keep your skin flawless. Not to mention that in the heat of the beach your skin tends to become dehydrated faster.

Taking care of your skin on cold climates

If your destination is a cold and windy place, you must also take special care of your skin. The colder the weather gets, the drier it becomes, and that can wreak havoc on your skin.

If possible, use a humidifier near your bed or desk to put some moisture in the environment. Sleeping with the heater on is like being in a low-temperature oven that slowly takes away your skin’s moisture. Turn off the heat and grab yourself an extra pair of blankets.

Sun protection must not be neglected, the sun is always present, even on cold, cloudy days. You won't need the same SPF as the beach, but you still need to use some sunscreen.

Protect your lips. They have one of the thinnest layers of skin on your whole body, which suffers a lot when you're in cold weather. It dries up and can start to crack. Don’t leave home without a good lip balm with sunscreen.

Moisturize your body. Even though you are wearing a coat and have your body covered, the cold penetrates your clothing and may cause more dryness in your skin. Always use a body moisturizer, with particular emphasis on the knees, elbows, and feet.

Take warm showers. Yes, there is no better feeling in cold weather than jumping into the shower and getting blasted by hot water. The problem is, this is very harmful to your skin since it removes the hydrolipidic layer from the skin. This is a protective layer used to maintain hydration, so taking hot showers will leave your skin dryer than before.

Have fun on your trip, take lots of pictures, but always take care of your skin. And when you're back home, why not pamper it with a good exfoliation? This will get rid of dead cells, and your skin will be softer than ever.


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